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Arres, Sword, Cavers and Kirkt
Arres, Sword, Cavers and Kirkton Parish Church, Scottish Borders, 4/2006 Sacred to the memory of Robert Arres who died at Bourtree Cottage Hawick 10th April 1902 aged 81 years Elizabeth Sword his wife who died at Alton 29th November 1871 aged 50 years Also their children John Arres who died at Orchard Cottage 31st July 1851 aged 2-1/2 years Also Elizabeth Arres who died 27th October 1863 aged 3- 1/2 years And Helen Arres who died 2nd December 1867 aged 17 years Also Jemima Arres who died at Alton 24th April 1871 aged 8 years and 8 months 'Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord'
Keywords: arres,cavers,"cavers and kirkton",cemetery,churchyard,grave,graveyard,headstone,kirkton,"monumental inscription",sword,tombstone

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