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The Femaru Model 37 was adopte
The Femaru Model 37 was adopted as the standard military sidearm of the Hungarian military before WWII. The Hungarian model was in caliber .380, or 9mm Kurtz. Hungary was an allie of Germany in WWII. The German military did not use the .380 as a standard caliber so they contracted Femaru, the Hungarian national Armory at Budapest, to build the guns in 7.65mm caliber. The Germans also specified the addition of the the thumb safety. The Germans designated this version of the pistol the P.37. The mecahincs of this blow-back design are a derrivative of John M. Browning's classic Model 1903/1908 and with the addition of the grip safety and exposed hammer of Browning's Model 1911. 150_IMG_3341.jpg
Keywords: 7.65,femaru,german,germany,hungarian,hungary,nazi,p37,waffenampt,ww2

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