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Not a great picture, taken wit
lucky after bath.jpg
Not a great picture, taken with an old camera of limited settings before digital, and scanned.

This is our Lucky as a wee kit, just out of her bath... her eyes only just open, and her little feet beginning to heal.

When hubby cut through a hollow cedar log at the mill, a nest of kittens went through the saw as well unfortunately, so sad it was.. Bob came right home with this little one which he named Lucky, so named as she was the lone survivor of the batch. Her eyes were not yet open, she was so young. She lost some toes and had some nicks here and there, but she survived and thrived on all the attention.

Since I was her surrogate mother, I had to make a pouch to hang on my shoulders and carried her around with me so that I could feed and tend to her needs wherever I went...Previous to this experience, I thought that the mother cat was keeping the kittens and the nest clean, by licking them and cleaning up the fecal matter and urine. I had not realized that in fact t
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