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20 - On our second day of the
20 - On our second day of the meet, I didn't have any events, so Bruce and I played "tourist" and spent six hours walking all over Montreal. Included in our registration was a 9-day metro pass, so Bruce and I got around the city by train. As we were about to embark at one of the stations, we noticed the train cars were less crowded at the other end of the train from where we had been standing, so we quickly ran to get in a less-crowded car. Imagine my surprise when I jumped in and saw my teammate, Ed Saltzman standing there with a smile on his face! He had all of the team shirts, so he quickly reached into his bag to try to find mine. He thought we wouldn't be on the train together long, but as it turned out, I asked him which station he was disembarking at, and it was the same as ours. Whewww! We took care of business in the station instead, and we marked the occassion with this photograph pointing to the station's location.

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