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About Lori Urbaniak Gordon

Lori has unique gifts--extraodinary warmth and friendliness to coax a smile out of just about anyone, a photographer's eye to know the moment, and the experience and skills to turn a good photo opportunity into a keepsake photo treasure. In addition to Circus photos, Lori is available for senior class pictures, babies and children, private moments, and special events. When Lori takes a picture, it's not just photography: it's LORIOGRAPHY. Contact Lori at

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LocationSaint Paul Minnesota, United States

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PASSWORD HINT: someone whose child is a "CircusKid" must be a ____________

As Circus Parents ourselves, we understand how important it is to have great pictures of our young performers. We try our best to get photos of every performer and every act. As a result, we take thousands of pictures at every show, and then go through them to select the best ones to edit. Then, we hand edit each picture in Photoshop before we post them. This process is time consuming, and unfortunately results in delays between the shows and our posting the pictures. We hope you will find the wait worthwhile. We try to keep our pictures affordable--$1.79 for a 4 X 6, for example. If we have posted pictures of your child's act and you don't see any of your performer, send us an e-mail. Unfortunately, a number of students have taken the thumbnails from our website and posted them on Facebook, even with the "Fototime" watermark on them. Please encourage your kids not to do this. If the watermarks obscure the pictures such that you cannot adequately see them \ please send us an e-mail and we will set up a meeting with you to view the pictures without watermarks--please do this only if you have a serious interest in purchasing pictures.

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