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About Duane Whitsett

I've been doing event photography for 30 years! Enjoy my pictures and email me if you'd like for me to photograph your event.

My Photos

Welcome to Duane Whitsett's Pictures

FOTOTIME offers SECURE purchase of these outstanding photographs. Use your credit card with confidence!

These pictures won't be posted forever. Don't forget your scrapbooks and ORDER NOW! I can do any custom work you need - like adding graphics, logos, names, and custom collages.

Please email me at to arrange your special event photography. I not only do sports, but family reunions, festivals, parties, corporate events, and casual portraits for a great price and awesome quality!

I can password protect your album so only your group can view the pictures.

Duane Whitsett's Albums

2015 Garrett Bennett Golf Tourn
Jenks Football
2014-2015 Jenks Basketball
2014 Jenks Football STATE
2014 Jenks Football Game Posters
best printed at 16x20 except for state poster which is 20x30.
2014 Jenks Football Owasso Playoff
2nd round of playoffs. Take State!
2014 Jenks Football Southmoore
1st round playoffs
2014 Jenks Football Edmond Memorial
at Jenks
2014 Jenks Football BA
at BA
2014 Jenks Football Edmond SF
At Edmond
2014 Jenks Football Westmoore
2014 Jenks Football Norman
at Norman
2014 Jenks Football PC
Putnam City at Jenks
2014 Jenks Football Owasso
at Owasso
2014 Jenks Football Backyard Bowl
Union at TU
2014 Jenks Football - Bixby
at Jenks
2014 Garrett Bennett Memorial Golf Tourn
Jenks Football
2014 Jenks Spring Football
May Spring Scrimmage
2013 Championship Ring Ceremony - Mar'14
picture will be retouched and cropped and custom graphics added when you order
2014 Jenks Basketball
Jenks Varsity Basketball and some Cheer
2013 Jenks Football - Westmoore Playoffs
@ yukon
2013 Jenks Football - MWC- Playoffs
Midwest City
2013 Jenks Football Owasso Playoffs
at Jenks 14-10
2013 Jenks Football - Putnam City
at Jenks
2013 Jenks Football - Bixby
at Bixby
2013 Jenks Football - Edison
at Jenks. 41-14 Trojans!
2013 Jenks Football - Owasso
at Jenks
2013 Jenks Football - Trinity
Football in Texas and Jenks comes out on top!
2013 Jenks Football BTW Scrimmage
Jenks Football BTW Scrimmage
2013 Jenks Football Game Posters & Stuff
game posters and special projects and requests
2012 Jenks Football Game Posters
Game posters. They print best at 16x20, but can print at 8x10. Championship poster is best printed at 20x30. smaller versions will print with some white space. Individual posters will print great at 8x10 and 16x20.
2012 2013 Jenks Basketball
2015 Jenks Basketball Program
page proofs
2015 jvb program
Jenks Volleyball Program
Mel & David Goralczyk Family Album
Kyle band madness. Race for the Cure, Rehearsal and dinner Friday night and receptionship following the wedding on Saturday