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About John Glascock

Avid amateur photographer since 1938. Well traveled in all fifty states plus over sixty countries. Biography - childhood in the Roaring Twenties, youth in the Great Depression, Army service in World War Two, college under the GI Bill, career - Professional Engineer, marriage to Janet Anderson, retirement hobby - photography and website construction. - - please send comments directly to john at jajg dot com - in the normal format.

My Photos
LocationSan Diego California, United States

John Glascock's Albums

High resolution bird pictures by John Glascock - This Gallery contains over 350 bird pictures of over 170 bird species.
CA Huntington
For more albums - click "Albums" above.
CA Los Angeles
Los Angeles & Hollywood views
CA San Diego
CA San Francisco
San Francisco views
CA Yosemite
Our pictures from one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Baja California
This gallery contains the combined photographs from several expeditions to Baja California.
Gallery updated December 2008 - Related galleries are - Hong Kong and Tibet
Congegrational Church
Easter Service 2011 in La Jolla
Mainly Mozart Trip to Curacao
Viking River Cruise - Danube - 2004
East Coast
Gallery updated November 2008
Fine Art
Paintings, Statues,Fine Art,Gallery - High resolution photos of art in the public domain.
We visited the Galapagos Islands in 1990 and again in 2008
Galleta Meadows
Galleta Meadows - Borrego Springs, California
Road Scholar trip to Berlin, Germany - 2011
A tour of Greece 2007
Hong Kong
Hong Kong in 1957 and 1995
Jacque Delos Glascock - 1926 - 1994
Japan Now
Pictures from business trips in 1978, 1980. And a one month visit in 2000.
Photos taken while working and living in Japan from Jan 1952 to June 1954. And a visit in 1957.
This album is a photo biography of Janet Anderson before she met john Glascock in1972
Janet Awards
Janet Anderson has received many achievement awards over the past few decades, and continues to do so.
John & Janet
John and Janet Gallery - Pictures and Biographical Information related to Janet Anderson and John Glascock
John - Bio Docs
Awards and Career highlights
John's Projects
This gallery presents some of the more interesting projects that I completed in my spare time over the past several decades.
Living Desert
The Living Desert - Palm Desert, California
Visit by invitation to veterans of the liberation of Luxembourg 1944-1945 from the people of Luxembourg.
Mainly Mozart
Mainly Mozart Club Amadeus events
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn monroe - 1926 - 1962
Views of Mexico - Including our Airstream Caravan to Yucatan to see the Mayan ruins.
New York
New York City
Panama Canal
Pictures from our cruise from San Diego past Mexico and Central America - through the Panama Canal - to Florida. 2011 February.
Red Moon
Red Moon over San Diego - 2011-12
Rhine Castles
Southern Africa
Wildlife Adventure in Southern Africa - 1997
Washington DC
Picture from our nations capital
Waterfall pictures from selected places.
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting - BSWT - 1996 to 2006
World Views
World Views Gallery - Our best views from around the world. - - Click on "Albums" above, or select an album at left for more views.
World War Two
This is the most complete WWII Gallery
Atlas Condo
Our new condo in escrow