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About arran stibbe

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Welcome to Arran Stibbe's Pictures

There are broadly four kinds of photos in this collection:

The Edible Garden: images of the Edible Garden at the University of Gloucestershire, where plants are grown organically, according to their nature, as part of a living, edible ecosystem.

Chance Encounters: Japanese haiku tell of encounters not with rare or magnificent animals and plants but with the ordinary Nazuna flower by the side of the road or a butterfly flitting before, behind and after. Many of these photographs record my own chance encounters in the mountains of Southern Japan.

Interactive landscapes: Not all encounters are entirely by chance - in many landscapes the intertwining of skilful human stewardship and natural ecosystems has allowed both people and other members of the biotic community to thrive. Examples are the moss garden in Komyozeniji temple.

Encounters of a different kind: Chance encounters can be inspiring or poignant. The collection includes pictures where the activity of humans has led to situations where plants and animals can no longer thrive, and, ultimately then, nor can people.

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