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Don Nelsen's Albums

Archer with Webfoot, 100318
P 4020 & Siouxon Peak etc. 092818
Third time's the charm! Finally tagged the true summit 4020 west of Huffman. Also climbed all the rest of the bumps along the ridge leading to it.
Boeing Museum of Flight 092618
Heliotrope Ridge - Mt. Baker 092518
Siouxon Peak et al, 092118
Rolling Tire Mountain 092318
Crazy Hills 092018
Kalama Spring
Mt. Margaret, Mt. Tomroy 091818
Piety Island/Piety Knob, Detroit Lke Oregon
Mt. Bailey, etc. 0827, 28 2018
P 3909 & P 4100
P 4500 & P 4500 s. Of FR 99, Mt. St. Helens area
Dome Peak 081918
15.4 miles RT and 4,051' EG to Dome Peak and Mt. Margaret. Aug. 19th, 2018
P 5012, NE of Panhandle Lake, Mt. Margaret back country
RR artifacts on Larch Mt.
Coldwater Peak et al, 080718
P 4660 along the Green River, Skamania County, WA
Goat Mt. & Goat Ridge, 072518
Central Oregon Adventures July 20-22, 2018
Greenleaf Basin with Suz and Rudy 071418
Langille full resolution
McCoy Peak - Langille Peak. Dark Divide 071218
Green Canyon Trail, Hunchback Mountain 070918
P 5580 in the Dark Divide 070718
Indian Mt. & Chinidere Mt. 070518
Silver Star, 070418
Benson Plateau via Herman/PCT to Camp Smoky
Tam McArthur Rim, 062518
Herman-Nick Eaton Way-Gorton Cr. 062718
Nick Eaton 2007
Herman - Nick Eaton - Deadwood
Memaloose Lake and South Fork Mt. 061718
PCT south from BotG
Indian Pt.-Nick Eaton-Casey Cr. Herman loop 061518
Table Mt. from the north TH 061418
Collins 052818
Collins Point 052618
Defiance, 052318
Silver Star from Grouse Vista TH 042518
Larch Mt. WA 042218
Table Mt. from the Bonneville TH 042318
Wygant, 041718
Prindle, 041518 & 041918
Coyote Wall 041118
Dog Mt. 033018, 040618 and 041818
Dog Mt., 032418
Silver Star 030518
Silver Star from the north.
Sutter Buttes south peak 022418
A trip to the HP of the Sutter Buttes, highest point of Sutter Co. CA. Later, 10 of us went to the HP of Yuba Co. as well.
California redwoods, 022618
Broken Top from the south side TH
Larch Mt. - Clark Co. 011418
2017 hiking highlights
Lummi Island, 102217
Prindle to Pancake Ledge 122317
Archer 122117
Table Mountain in the snow 122017
Giant Forest and Chanterells
Table Mountain
A quickie trip up Table in the spring snow
Archer Scott Point 120517
Mount Daniel - King & Kittitas County, WA, high po
An arduous hike/climb in magnificent weather - 16 miles and 6,000 vertical feet in 11 hours - then a 5 hour drive back home (!) whew!
Jumbo Peak & Sofibida Peak 090815
Prindle 121117
Greenleaf Peak, 121217
Prindle 120917
Return to Archer Mountain 110717
Kirk Rock re-con 102617
Kirk rock re-con 100417 W Kelly Wagner
Howlock 092717
Archer Mountain explorations 111917
Gorge fire photos 2017
P 2700 or maybe P 2664? 090817
The first few photos are of the cemetery where at least 15 of the victims of the1902 fire were buried. Most were buried in "unknown" plots. The rest of the photos at on the P 2700/P 2664 hike.
Archer etc. 091217
Gorge fire, 091017
Ice caves at Big Four Mountain
Table Mountain, P 5620 etc. Mt. Baker Area
Eclipse hikes - Dome Rock & Sardine Mountain - Aug. 20th & 21st, 2017
Shark Rock, Skamania County, 081817
P 4220, Cougar Rock & Tatoosh Hills East - 081717
Maple Pass Loop, North Cascades 081017
Quartz Creek Butte
Snagtooth Mountain and Hat Rock 072717
5021 etc. attempt 072117
Howlock Mt. 091716
Marion County high point - 9,000 foot level on Jefferson's north ridge
Horsetail-RofA-Oneonta Loop 060317
Bronco, Allie, Justin, Jamie & Don - 12 miles +/- and ~ 4,000' EG
Archer 042917
Horsetail/Russ Jolley/RofA/Oneonta Loop with Paul
Black Butte, CA, 092616
CA, NV & AZ trip, April, 2017
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum
Hardy-Hamilton 0331217
Silver Star 031917
Triple Falls 031017
Whipple Cr. County Park, 030517
Dog Mountain 030317
CRSH ice photos 2017
Eagle Creek to just past the Tish Creek bridge 030117
Eagle Creek - 021717
Herman Creek 021217
Two Chiefs Trail - Table Mt. 021417
Oneonta + BV Plateau 021017
Yet another ice storm in the gorge. Vista House, Feb. 9th, 2017
Eagle Creek, Feb. 8th, 2017 with a few comparison shots from earlier trips.
An encumbered Eagle Creek trail complete with freezing rain, ice pellets and a little snow.
Eagle Creek comparison photos, Jan. 2017
Eagle Creek, jan. 30th, 2017
A look at the first half mile of the EC trail as the ice very slowly melts.
Columbia gorge,1-22-17
Damage in the gorge Jan. 2017
Rodney Falls, Jan. 15th, 2017
An Icy Vista House and a still frozen Latourell Falls 011917
Eagle Creek and Wahclella 011316
A nice hike to Punchbowl Falls and also a hike to Wahclella Falls, Jan. 13th, 2017
A week on the Eagle Creek Trail
Shepperd's Dell, Larch Mt. Trail & Eagle Cr. in the snow 121716
Photo submissions for 2017 calendar
Old growth grove near Triangle Pass
Wo-Mann return, 102216
a recon on the mysterious rock face and some more photos
Wo-Mann butte 100615
Hamilton Creek 061106
Jefferson Park 072514
Into the Heart of Darkness
Kelly, Don & Jamie hike P 4589 & Dark Mountain 073016
P 5245 & P 4581 072716
Dark Mt & Hat Rock re-con 072216
Claire plays dress up
Siouxon Peak the short way 063016
Siouxon and Mt. Mitchell area on a very cold June day
Mt Mitchell & Sugarloaf ridge w akguy80
A bit of trail clean-up and some geocaching along the "new" Mt. Mitchell route
P 3726 on 4-18-16
Wygant and Chetwoot Loop 032915
A few scenes from the 2016 swap meet at Expo
Norge47 & Wolffbudz do the Bridal Veil Plateau and tag some Geocaches 0310 and 0319 2016
2015 in review
Safford Peak, Tucson, AZ 121015
Picacho Peak and Razorback Ridge, Picacho State Park 120915
Wasson Peak, Saguaro NP, Tucson, AZ 120815
Tucson - Marsall Peak on Mt. Lemmon 12-07-15
Goat Marsh loop, 112915
An epic loop around goat marsh on a 25 degree winter day. 7.5 miles, 1,000 vertical feet
Butte Camp Dome from Red Rock Pass to Loo Wit trail in the snow 112515
The Plains of Abraham MSH 110415
Romancing the cone - part 3 - times 3
An epic trip into three - count-em, three, volcanic cinder cone craters with Jamie, Oct. 25th, 2015
Hoover Dam 101615
Valley of Fire State Park 101515
Red Rock Valley - Calico Hills - Las Vegas 101415
Alien landing pads in Skamania County
Big Lava Bed Crater with Guy, Jamie, Chiyoko and Chizuru - 10-11-2015
An awesome trek across some seriously unforgiving terrain but so unique and so beautiful as to almost defy description.
Mount Tomroy memorial hike & Mount Margaret
A hike with 19 other friends to christen Mount Tomroy and memorialize Tom Duhigg - 100315
Bismark Mountain et al 092915
Big Lava Bed's "Crater" benchmark with Jamie. 092715
Dark Divide P 4973 & P 5360 091315
Quartz Creek Mountain & Table Mt. 090915
New Palmer Mill ruins
Sunrise Peak 090415- first tracks in the snow for the season!
Loowit trail 360, August 26, 1995
An epic CCW of the Loowit from June Lake TH in 7 1/2 hours
Strawberry Mountain in Skamania Co. WA
A nice ridge hike NE of Mount St. Helens on a beautiful day
Badger Peak + Kirk Rock & Shark Rock fail 0819, 0820 2015, 60, sun
Monte Cristo Range - Skamania County, WA
Viking Camp 2015
An epic 30 mile round trip hike to Long Lake and environs in the Wallowa Wilderness - Aug. 6-9, 2015 with Don, David, Carl, Paul and Kevin
Suz and dad go for an exploratory journey
DC 9 crash site + Alien landing pads in Skamania county
Castle Peak and a few other bumps along the way 071915
A 24.3 mile, 6100' vertical hike with Peder and his daughter, Andrea.
DesolationValley, 080904
Wallowas, September 3-5, 1983
Don, Dave, young Dave, Douglas, John Whalen and Rob Wasserman do the Wallowas, 1983
Twin Rocks are really triplets
A visit and exploration of Twin Rocks and adjacent peaks and craters 071215
Silver Star and Sturgeon Rock with Jill & Dave
Butte Camp Dome 070315 with Kelly & Peder; 62-88 degrees, sun
E. Twin Butte, W. Twin Butte, Squaw Mt. & East Crater
Lemei Rock & Bird Mt. 062915
Windy Ridge, Mt. St. Helens area 062315
Kawaikini Trek Feb 10th - Feb 14th, 2006
An expedition to the summit of the county and the Island of Kauai.
Kamakou, HP of Molokai 011013
A Molokai jungle deathmarch to the highest peak on Molokai - 15 hours 40 minutes, (17 hours for the final group). (Also note - time after photo date is PST so deduct 2 hours for correct Hawaii time.)
Hood in August
Hayrick Butte & Hogg Rock 090414
Another exploration of Oregon's two tuyas (and the USA's only ones.)
Hawaiian Prominance Peaks
Views of fifteen of the 20 most prominant peaks in the Hawaiian Islands
Hawaii maps
Government Camp snow
A few pics taken on a trip to Bend last week
Flattop Mountain, Anchorage, Alaska
Dec Snow storm misc. pics
Cool paint jobs seen around town
Craggy Peak 031915
A great day on the trail with Kelly Wagner. About 9 miles RT and 3K vertical gain. Took us 7 1/2 hours due to lots of off-trail and snow but we got the job done!
Columbia River Gorge 121209
A quick trip up the gorge to check out the ice before it's gone
Castle Dome Peak, AZ
Cars in the creek 012615
Documenting some of the possibly recoverable cars dumped in Bridal Veil Creek
Cars in Bridal Veil Creek 022214
A collection of presumably stolen and dumped vehicles in or near Bridal Veil Creek off Palmer Mill Road
Car recovery from Bridal Veil Canyon 011515
One less stolen and dumped car in Bridal Veil Creek - 13 to go.
Car recovery 022415 Bridal Veil Creek
Cactus-to-clouds-trail -041208
Rob and I do the first 1,200 vertical feet of one of the toughest trails in the world. We are such wusses!!
Bear Mountain Del Norte COHP 091909
A fast trip up CA's Del Norte County HP in perfect weather.
At the edge of the abyss
A return to the Greenleaf landslide with a climb up the east side of Greenleaf Creek to the Greenleaf Basin and the top of the slide.
A visit with Eran Howell
Whitehorse Mountain
Weather, etc.
Thomas Egenton Hogg's Great Adventure
The Abandoned Cars of the Columbia River Gorge
Some were stolen, some were simply abandoned but all have at least some redeeming value due to their location in the forest
Susan goes exploring
An epic search for industrial age relics in the gorge
Resized best photos of 2014
Perdition '91
P 4620 & P 4525 NE of Goat Mt, Cowlitz Co. WA
P 4340, Lame Peak, Little Lookout Mt. + 3 more
The 3 more are: The Nipple, Lookout Mt. and McKinley Ridge
P 3961 SE of Goat Mt., Cowlitz Co. HP
Off-trail exploration of the end gendarme of the se Goat Mt. ridge.
P 3473
A hike to point 3473 via old logging roads, new logging roads and a bushwhack - 030915 8.9 miles
P 3279 & P 2860 - fail
P 2900, P 2860 & P 2868 052515
P 2785 & P 2550 030615
OR & WA maps
Maps of hikes in Oregon and Washington
Mt. Hood climb Oct. 10th, 1979 with David
Misc. pics, etc.
Pics for links
Misc. Pics IV
Misc. Pics III
Misc. pics II
Misc. pics V
Mega loop around Broken Hand and Tam McArthur Rim
McKenzie Pass, Oct. 8th, 2014
A hike to Yapoah Crater, 12.6 miles in the Three Sisters Wilderness
Maps of hikes not in OR, WA or HI
Maps of hikes outside Oregon, Washington and Hawaii
2010 hiking log
3 Sisters from the north side 081914
Mostly off-trail adventure taking in Collier Cone, Collier Glacier and Little Brother
3 Sisters loop around upper Chambers Lakes 081514
21.4 mile day hike to explore the NE side of the South Sister
3 Sisters mega-loop 072313
A 38+ mile loop around the North and the Middle Sister CCW from McKenzie Pass via the PCT, the saddle between the S. Sister and the M. Sister and returning via the trails on the east side and the Scott trail. 15 hours, 6 minutes.
A 6/29/2006 visit to New Palmer and other sites
More explorations on Larch with Bus Gibson
A giant loop around Hamilton to toughen up Ardith
A grand tour of Eastern Oregon
Four county high points in three days to (almost) complete the counties of Oregon.
A more difficult but perhaps more rewarding way to
A thorough thrashing on Larch Mountain
Bus and I spend a very full day on the lower slopes of Larch mountain doing research - 9 hours, 52 minutes, 14.9 miles and 1,377 vertical feet - quite the "feat"! (Or was is "the agony of de feet")
A visit to Bonneville Rock and Mona Bell's mansion
A weekend in the Gorge
Saturday with Ardith and Sunday with Susan
A weekend in the gorge 9/30 and 10/01 2006
A weekend on the BV Plateau, Feb. 15 and16, 2014
A rainy, windy and cold couple of adventures on the Bridal Veil Plateau
Alakai Swamp Adventure May, 2005
An attempt to hike to the summits of Mt. Waialeale and Kawaikini, the highest peaks on the island of Kauai, May 17th, 2005
Alameda Ridge 041211
Aldrich Butte and Cedar Falls 103006
Aldrich Cedar Birkenfeld 062913
Aldrich-Cedar Falls-Hmltn RR grd-Tbl-PCT lp 070311
Alex and Don spend a couple of hours on Larch
Another car in Bridal Veil Creek
Another short trip up the Larch Mt. road
Archer - Lower Greenleaf - Multnomah on ice 120813
Archer 041110
Ardith, Jane, Alice, Terry, Mike, Hank, Dean and Don hike Archer Mountain
Archer 112413
Archer and Duncan 052911
Archer Mountain Sunday 12-17
A short hike out to a viewpoint for Columbia (Archer?) Falls.
Archer Mountain: Saturday, March 9th, 2008
Ardith and Don spend a day on Archer Mt.
Archer Mt. in the snow 022612
Ardith and Don do the auto show then Eagle Creek.
Ardith and Don on Table Mt.
Ardith does Hardy Ridge - Again!
A quickie trip up Hardy Ridge from the west side.
Ardith does Pancake Ledge
Arizona 042010
Arizona 042110
We left the motel at 5:15 for a quick hike up a mountain (Piestawa Peak - formerly known as Squaw Peak) on the north side of Phoenix - Mark Kush takes the lead and takes the title for fastest hike from Don - Good work Mark!!
Arizona trip - Dec. 2005
A trip to AZ to meet the guru of Kauai's Alakai Swamp and also meet and climb with Bob Packard and bag a few AZ HP's.
Arizona update + Hamilton/Hardy bridge
At the last house on Toll Road, Larch Mt. area
AZ Jan 2010
Major storm in arizona week of January 18th, 2010
AZ June 20 to 24 2009
Back to Larch Mt. with Larry - July 4th, 2006
A few new finds on Larch in Sec. 19 and 20.
Bend, etc. + Tanner/Eagle Loop
Benson Plateau 100610
Best photos of 2014
Bingham Ridge 071705
A trip up and over Table Mountain, over Birkenfeld and back to sea level. 5,656' vertical and 17 miles total.
Birkenfeld - 060108
Birkenfeld 053010
Birkenfeld 080207
Birkenfeld with Susan and Ardith 101108
Black Butte fire, etc.
Blue Lake TH to north side of Toutle River 072509
Bonner County HP, Idaho
Bridal Veil Falls and Misc. views on Larch Mountai
Some views of Bridal Veil Falls, some pics from a short trek along the old RR lines on 7/20 and some photos from a couple of trips in winter.
Bridal Veil Plateau 031814
A grand loop from the Bridal Veil TH, up Pablo's ridge and then to the Multnomah Basin Road and back on Palmer Mill Road
Bridal Veil Plateau 2014
A few of the treasures found on the BV Plateau
Bridal Veil Plateau cabin hunt 011214
Broken Top
Buck Peak Avalanche 081208
Buick motor found!
A quick trip up Elevator Shaft and a fast gridding around the 31 Buick to locate the motor lost in 1968
Bunker Hill & Trout Creek Hill 031215
Burdoin Mt etc 011108
Bushwhack to Tanner Creek waterfalls 051007
Cable Creek Waterfalls with Lyn and Diane 030407
New photos and new routes on Cable Creek
Cable Creek, February 17th, 2007
An exceptionally difficult bushwhack rewarded us with surprising finds above the main Cable Creek waterfall.
Cable Falls with Jim Feb. 12th, 2007
A fortuitous meeting resulting in a trip to one of the Gorge's hidden gems.
Camp Creek waterfall survey et al 020710
Multi-tasking in the Herman Cr. area
Cape Alava adventures 082009
Cape Horn Trail 011307
Cape Horn Trail March 25th, 2006
This 6.6 mile loop route consists of 4.9 miles of trail, 1.3 miles of (nearly deserted) paved road and .4 miles of gravel road.
Cape Horn Trail with lots of friends 110309
A delightful outing on election day, 2009 with Jane, Jane, Jim, Joseph, Renee, Ryan, and Cathy.
Cayuse Sisters
Cedar (Aldrich?) Falls with Jim - 12-19-06
A nice hike in dry cold weather to get the trail system documented on GPS and wear out poor old Don.
Cedar Mountain Trek
CG 2020 and CG 1400 conditions on June 18th
Chameleon's petrified tree 021111
Chimney Rocks east of Silver Star 011009
Chimney Rocks on east side of Silver Star 082308
Crater Lake 082810
Crater Lake NP, 080911
Crescent Mountain with Ardith, July 2nd, 2006
A surprise find in the Cascades on a near perfect day.
Crown Point Rd. + Larch ramblings 123113
Daniels Pass, Utah, Jan. 22nd. 2007
A little snowmobile fun in Utah. When the boss says to get up at 3 am to catch a plane to SLC, dress for 0 degrees you just do it and hope for the best!
Daring a Double Defiance
Two Mt. Defiance climbs, back-to-back and some great Fall foliage.
Deirdre and Neil on Table Mt.
Devil Canyon with Tom, Jamie and Ted
Devil's Rest via Angel's Rest/Primrose Path
A late afternoon trip up to Angel's Rest in an ice storm and on to Devil's Rest via the Primrose Path. The news said there was freezing rain and winds gusting past 60mph in "exposed areas". Perfect!
Diamond Peak Sept. 29th, 2011
A 26.6 mile trek from Willamette Pass summiting Diamond Peak and a side trip to the base of Mt. Loran. 11 hours 45 minutes and >5,600 vertical feet climbed.
A loooong day at Disneyland with Kari, Paul, Dave and Heidi - April 21, 2007
Dog River Trail 012715
A trail I had never hiked before - in January, no less! The snow should have been six feet deep in a normal winter!
Don and Susan visit the slide on Rock Creek
Don, Dan and Ardith Bushwhack Prindle to Archer
Duncan Creek and more, 040608
Duncan Creek with Jim
Duncan Creek with Zacary and Ardith
Eagle Cap and Glacier Peak, Aug. '04
Eagle Creek 011908
A quicky 9-mile out and back to 4 1/2 mile bridge on the newly re-opened Eagle Creek Trail.
Eagle Peak, Modoc county, CA
Eke Crater attempt - Maui
A hot, humid slog through serious vegetation in the West Maui highlands
Eke re-do, Feb. '09
Elevator Shaft
A few photos taken over the years along the route we traveled Tuesday, 4/25
Elowah Falls
Expedition to the Mummy's Tummy et al
A fast paced couple of days in and around Las Vegas, March 9th and 10th, 2007
Explorations below Crown Point
Explorations near Green Mt. 051715
Famous Sitka Spruce Falls
Five Mile Ridge west side of Eagle Creek
22 miles + 6,000' vertical up Eagle Cr., up the ridge at MP 5, to Tanner Butte and out via Tanner Tr. Guy, Pablo, Ben, Nat, Peder and me 061513
Flight to Arizona, 022210
Fort Cascades + Misc. pics
Geocache adventure across the Greenleaf Basin
Geocache Maps
Geocaching Table Mt. area
Geysir, Strokkur and Gullfoss
Gibson goes deep at Hamilton Creek
A fast paced four fours in Hamilton Creek basin with some major discoveries.
Goat Marsh & Marble Mt. 050715
A little off-trail hiking and a few odd things found in the woods.
Gorge snow 12 26 08
Gorton Cr. Falls + Wyeth 020611
Gray Wolf Ridge - Clallam County WA high point
11.7 miles and 5,700 vertical feet of adventure in the Olympic Mountains
Green Point Mountain 080510
Greenleaf and Larch RR finds - 6/17 & 6/18 2006
A productive weekend in the Gorge
Greenleaf Basin and Table loop 071207
Greenleaf Basin Exploration April 23rd. 2006
More explorations in the Greenleaf Basin
Greenleaf Basin historical photos
Greenleaf Basin in the snow
A few hunches explored and a great hike in the snow
Greenleaf Basin RR artifacts
Greenleaf Basin finds, June 3rd and 4th, 2006
Greenleaf Basin with Bus and Larry 080606
More new finds in the basin.
Greenleaf Basin with Suz
Greenleaf basin, June 8th, 2006.
A quick re-con to check out some previously spotted artifacts and explore some more areas.
Greenleaf Falls - up one side and down the other
Larry and Don explore the slide and hike up the west side of the falls and back down the east side - 020109.
Greenleaf Peak 051808
Greenleaf Peak on a winter's day
Greenleaf slide with Susan - 031608
6.6 miles and 2,250 vertical feet all the way into the Greenleaf Basin.
Greenleaf with Guy 021311
Greenleaf/Table/Birkenfeld June 25th, 2006
Don, Larry and Paul go on an adventurous series of hikes on the hottest day of the year (so far).
Haleakala from Poli-Poli Maui - May 13th, 2012
Half way around Mt. St. Helens - 072209
Hamilton Cr. RR grade loop 032209
Hamilton Cr. with Jim 021710
Hamilton Creek explorations 030610
Hamilton Creek finds, August 5th, 2006
More artifacts on the west side of Hamilton creek and evidence of the logging railroad crossing south of the powerline.
Hamilton Creek new RR finds 050110
Hamilton Creek Valley May 27th, 2006
A bushwhack in the rain to further explore the Hamilton Creek area.
Hamilton Creek with Bus and Jim May 8th, 2010
Hamilton Creek with Jim
Hamilton Creek, May, 2006
Hamilton mountain in the snow - Feb. 9th, 2008
Hamilton Mountain talus-cliffs-bushwhack loop
Hamilton RR grade finds 08/2006
Hardy Ridge
A few views of Hardy Ridge and adjacent peaks
Hardy Ridge 050910
Hardy Ridge 123112
A short but epic snowshoe up Hardy Ridge on the last day of 2012.
Hardy Ridge in the snow 033008
Harquahala Mountain, HP of La Paz Co. AZ
Hawaii - June 1st - 9th 2007
Ardith and Don explore The Big Island
Hawaii - Nov. 14-23, 2011
Hawaii photo albums
Trips to Hawaii over the years
Hawaii, June, '08
Herman - NIck Eaton - Green Point-Cedar Swamp loop
Herman - Nick Eaton - Indian Point - 062010
Herman Creek 012810
Herman Creek 030710 with Suz, David and Ardith
Finally, we get a good figure for the height of the lower two falls and also get a good view of the falls on the main stream in the hidden canyon.
Herman Creek Falls 011710
A supremely wet and arduous trek to find the elusive Herman Creek Falls
Herman Creek re dux 012310
A quicky repeat of last weeks trip to the falls on the east fork of Herman and a side trip to document the mysterious pipeline below the start of the trail.
Herman Creek with Jamie
Herman-Cedar Swamp-Mud Lake-Chndr-PCT loop 071911
Herman-Indian Point-Defiance-Herman Loop 082011
Hogg Rock RR grade and Hayrick Butte, Santiam Pass
Hogg Rock, Santiam Pass area, 051608.
Horsetail Creek 032208
Up the west side of Horsetail Cr. on the Russ Jolley trail and back down via the Rock of Ages Trail
Horsetail Creek Canyon - 042608
A trip to find and document the "lost" cabins of Horsetail Creek.
Horsetail- Rock of Ages- Oneanta Ridge mini Loony
Humphreys Peak, Highest in AZ 072909
Hurricane Creek recon 101211
Ice Lake-Matterhorn-Sacajawea Peak 090111
In memory of my auntie Ruth 10/29/30 - 11/9/09
Auntie Ruth passed away Nov. 9, 2009. Here are a few photos I have of her. She was a wonderful lady and has been and always will be in my heart. Rest in peace, Ruth, we will meet again.
In search of Eyjafjallajökull
Plan "A" was to go check out the current erupting Iceland volcano,Bárðarbunga, but it turned out to be too far away to do in the short time I had. Eyjafjallajökull is the one that erupted in 2010 and fouled up air traffic in Europe for days. That eruption is over but it was a good plan "B" hike.
In search of Kathrine
A trip using Kate Huether's route to determine times and distances plus a very close look at the viewpoints and the cliffs.
Indian Mt. / Wahtum Lake area 072411
Indian Point - Deadwood - Nick Eaton - Casey loop
Jamie, Andy and Don do Tanner, Dublin and Wauna
Jamie, Janet and Don hike to Elk Cove
Jen's Wedding
Jennifer Nelsen and Steve Maher's wedding in Newport Beach, CA, April 20th, 2007
Jim made me do it!
A giant loop up Hamilton Creek and back via the PCT. Trip stats: 23,873 steps; 10.05 miles; 5 hours 24 minutes; six million waterfalls; 4,467 calories burned.
Joshua Tree, 041008
Joy's 80'th birthday - 041108
Ka'ala, HP of Oahu, Hawaii - May 13/14 - 2005
A hike to the highest peak on Oahu.
Kahakuloa Head and Kahekili's Leap, Maui, 01 17 11
A short but exciting hike up the 636 foot high pinnacle towering over Kahakuloa Village on West Maui.
Kathy, Dan, Ardith and Don hike Silver Star 052309
Kendrick Peak, AZ - 070709
Klickitat COHP
A long drive (~20 miles RT) on a horrible road for a short hike to the high point of Washington's Klickatat County - June 9th, 2005
Klickitat COHP re do
Bob, Ardith and Don go the extra mile to find out where the Klickitat Co Hp really is.
Kohala Mountain adventure, June, 08.
Kohala p2k + AZ adventure on Mt. Lemmon 121109
A vacation in Hawaii followed with a business trip to AZ with one day off for hiking.
Konahuanui, highest in the Ko'olau Range of Oahu
Jan 8th trek in Hawaii
Larch exploration with Bus 101110
Larch Grades 061313
A wet trip to Larch Mt. to check out some old grades
Larch in an arctic monsoon
Larch June 21st, 2006
More treasures found along Larch Mountain's old logging RR lines.
Larch Mountain
Larch Mountain 011315
Larch Mountain 062008
A quick afternoon trip to check out the road and trail condition and guage the amound of snow left to melt.
Larch Mountain 101711B
A quickie after work hike up Larch Mountin to check out the views on what will be one of the last really nice days before the rains set in.
Larch Mountain explorations, 6/23/06
Yet more treasures discovered on the NW flank of Larch Mt.
Larch Mountain finds in the woods
Larch Mountain new finds
Larch Mountain RR grades old trails and skid roads
Larch Mt. area logging history
Historical steam-era logging relics on Larch Mountain
Larch Mt. from the Snow Gate with Jeff & Cindy
A serendipitous hike with Jeff and Cindy with some off-trail forays onto old steam-era RR grades 011915 - 38 degrees, some wind, some sleet but mostly pretty good weather.
Larch Mt. in Junuary 013015
Larch Mt. Trail, Jan 3rd, 2009
Larch Mt. Trail, winter of 03/04
Larch off-trail and a surprise find
Larch road on May 9th
Larch with Cowgirl and Guy
Exploring old finds and finding new on Larch, 050210
Larch, 061813
Las Vegas Hikes and Trade Show Pics
Three Las Vegas hikes in '05 and '07 plus a few Trade Show pics from 7/07
Las Vegas, March 16th, 2006
A nice little hike with Bob, Kit and Rich to overview spots above Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas.
Lily Pad Lake camping June 27th 28th
Lindsey - Starvation - Shellrock etc
Lindsey Creek - Defiance trail loop 070310
Linking Hardy with Hamilton
A great afternoon investigating new trail and new route options on Hardy and Hamilton
Lolo Pass to Indian Mt 072611
A 30 mile out and back to get a few miles in.
Lolo Pass to Sandy river crossing 072811
Lone Butte adventure 030315
A rare winter climb of nearly snowless Lone Butte
Looking for bodies in all the wrong places ...
Seeing if I could locate either of the two unfortunate climbers who were lost on Mt. Hood last December
Loowit trail 360 fail - 111114
Loowit Trail from Blue Lake 110514
Loowit trail to Studebaker Ridge and Butte Camp Dome re-con 052115
22 miles or so and about 4,900 vertical mostly in light rain but with some nice sun breaks, too.
Lower Herman + 400 east 020610
Maps and pics for Kelly
Marco Island Mirka pics
Marion Co HP, 070905
Massive landslide on Greenleaf Peak
Sometime prior to 1/06/08, a huge section of cliffs on the south face of Greenleaf Peak fell over 1000 vertical feet and nearly a 1/2 mile downslope. The slide is over 750' wide in the middle of its run and covers about 38 acres.
Maui Dreams 020209 to 020909
McNeil 073111
McNeil Point 072609
Mcneil Point and Cairn Basin 080411
Meet-n-Deet 051510-051610
Memorial Day weekend - New Palmer, Etc.
Two trips to the New Palmer area to see what the recent logging has done to it.
Middle Bridal Veil etc. 051207
A dual trip to Middle Bridal Veil and Upper Oneonta with Ardith, Paul, Larry and Tom
Middle Greenleaf Falls via the Two Chief's Trail
Heavy Rain, a little hail, wind now and then - a perfect day in the woods!
Minnie Peak 091014
Minnie Peak hike and climb - 20.8 miles and 5,700 vertical feet, 11 hours, 33 minutes - Sept. 10th, 2014, Don and Peder. (>>Note: date stamp on pics is PST<<)
Mirka salesmeeting , May, '07 and old pics
Misc. historic pics and historic logging info
Molokai and Kalawao Co. high point.
A visit to Molokai to dive, explore and bag the high point of unique Kalawao County, Hawaii. This is the smallest US county at just 13.2 square miles. As of 2004, there were 126 residents with an average age of 59 years.
More goodies found in upper Hamilton Creek.
A very quick trip up Hamilton Creek - Late afternoon 073007
More Hamilton Creek discoveries
A trip up Hamilton Creek and the old railroad grade on June 11th, 2006
More Hamilton Creek finds
Breakfast at Camp 18 on Saturday, 8/19 and a trip up Hamilton Creek on Sunday 8/20.
More Table Mountain RR finds 072907
Ardith needed some off-trail abuse so she got what she bargained for! - Then she showed me up by finding some real treasures.
Mount Defiance, June 24th, 2006
Ardith and Don tackle the Columbia gorge's highest peak on a 95 degree day. (This is Ardith's birthday wish - go figure!!)
Mount Grant, HP of Mineral Co. NV 091111
An epic trek up the highest mountain in Mineral Co. NV that has been off-limits due to security concerns following the events of 9/11/01. Mount Grant is located entirely within the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot so this race/hike/climb was a unique opportunity to scale an incredible mountain and participate in a wonderfully concieved memorial event honoring the victims of 9/11/01.
Mount Hood
A few views of Oregon's premier mountain taken on three separate climbs last winter.
Mount Jefferson - July 29/30 2006
Summiting Oregon's toughest (and arguably most scenic) mountain with Adam Helman, Greg Slayden, Duane Gilliland, Richard Carey, Edward Earl and Don Nelsen
Mount Saint Helens, July 27th, 2006
A quick afternoon climb of Mount Saint Helens and a "Find Waldo" exercise for viewers.
Mt Hood via Cooper Spur, 071007
Taking advantage of the hottest day of the year so far and cooling off at 9,000 feet
Mt Hood with Michael, June 9th, 2006
An arduous climb up Oregon's premier mountain, mostly in a white-out.
Mt Thielsen, Douglas CO and Klamath CO high point
A late afternoon dash to the summit of Mt. Thielsen.
Mt. Davidson - HP of Storey Co. NV + Virginia City
Mt. Hood adventure, Oct. 5th, 2014
Mt. Hood with Guy, Chiyoko, Chizuru, Tyler, Susie and Phil.
Mt. Ingalls, Plumas Co. CA high point 090711
Mt. Jefferson - July 20th, 2005
Mt. Lola - Sierra & Nevada Co.'s CA HP 090811
Mt. Olympus 081509 to 081909
An epic trek to Mt. Olympus, high point of the Olympic Mountains and Jefferson County, WA with Dave Covill, Adam Helman, Richard Carey and Ken Russell. August 15-19, 2009. All parties: ~48-50 miles, Ken; ~53 miles due to side trip with Don, & Don, ~62 miles due to portaging Richard's pack due to Richard's sprained ankle injury.
Mt. San Jacinto via tram - 041108
A trip to the top of the tram at the 8,500' level of the mountain.
Mt. St. Helens climb, 091108
Jamie organized this great event (and picked the best possible day for it!!). He and his sister Kristin, me and son Paul, Andy and Lindsay, plus Don, Dane and Greg conquered Mt. St. Helens on Thursday, Sept. 11th, 2008.
Multnomah - Wahkeena loop on ice
Multnomah - Wahkeena-Nesika-Buick loop 020714
First tracks on 5 to12 inches of fresh powder on an epic loop hike. Wind, cold, snow - a perfect day!
Multnomah Basin hike 100409
Portland Hikers meet-n-deet event
Multnomah Nesika Wahkeena loop 012612
A few miles hike to document storm damage and take advantage of a pretty nice day.
Multomah Falls - Multnomah Basin 123011
Munra Cr. falls
Munra Creek waterfalls
Munra Moffett Tanner loop 052712
An epic trail clearing project with Adam, Guy, and Chase with help from Romann. JoJo Machine and Sean.
Mushrooming on Larch Mountain
A couple of trips in the past couple of weeks to gather chantrelles
Mystery Trail 011107
A visit to some of waterfalls along the mystery trail in the Gorge.
Necktie Falls on ice 123012
Nelsen Family Annual Christmas Party 2009
The usual bash with the usual suspects.
Nesmith Ridge loop 062611
Nevada RR museum and the drive to Hawthorne
New Palmer and area
Bus, Carole, Jim, Cloudy, Sue and Don hike 9 miles + to New Palmer and enjoy a great day in the woods.
New Palmer and more
New waterfall west of Hardy Ridge
A miserable day for a hike but a nice waterfall found.
Off-trail in the gorge on a winter's day 012015
Opal Creek Falls
Two epic treks to find and old trail and document the falls along Opal Creek
Oregon Coast, 082607
Pancake ledge - 090107
A quicky trip up to Pancake Ledge
Paradise Park and Sandy River canyon falls 080211
Paradise Park from Timberline 071609
Paradise Park, Mt. Hood, 080209
Paradise-Mississippi Head-Timberline Loop 082111
Paul's Triathlon - Hagg Lake, 052007
The start of the tri season, 2007
PCT fromSantiam Pass to TFJ
Pepper Mountain & Larch Mt. Cabins 0510
Two hikes in the Larch Mt. area - A view of the old cabins and also a trip to the summit of Pepper Mountain and exploration of the area surrounding
PH entries for 2010
Pics from planes
Placer Co. CA HP 090911 + Mt. Baldy NV
Portland hikers Meet n Deet + Russ Jolley Nesmith
A fine evening with the Portland hikers group then a fine hike up Horsetail Cr. Canyon's Russ Jolley Trail, over to Nesmith Point and a return via 400. Adam, Chase, Scott, Elizabeth, Guy, Rachelle and Nat.
Portland Swap Meet at Expo - April 4 & 5, 2009
Prindle 102308
Prindle Falls with Dan and Jim
A bushwhack hike up to Prindle Falls and along the top of the ridge 043007
R o A loop and horsetail 122809
Rail logging museum photos
Views from Chiloquin and Snoqualmie
Requiem for Kathrine H.
Kam, Susan, Ardith and Don hike up Table Mt. to place a few flowers and contemplate.
Return to Linnton, 0423 and 042411
Return to Ruckel Creek 030908
Linsay, Andy, Jamie and I go on an expedition to further document and photograph the upper Ruckel Creek waterfalls
Return to the Greenleaf Slide 013009
Dan, Kathy and Don take a new look at the slide and explore all the new ATV trails and bootpaths newly constructed.
Rock of Ages - Oneonta loop, Jan '07
12 degrees on top and a 14 mile loop in the snow
Rock of Ages Ridge 011407
A quick trip up the Horsetail Falls Trail and then Rock of Ages Ridge and a clock-wise loop back down to the Oneonta Trail and out.
Rock of Ages Ridge/Russ Jolley Trail 122809
Jen, Don, Jamie, Tom and Mark trek through wind and snow and a beautiful landscape to explore the upper Horsetail Creek Canyon et al.
Ruckel - Benson - Wahtum - Eagle loop
A wet, cold day in the woods
Ruckel Creek 022109
Ruckel Creek trail and new waterfalls
Ruckle Creek Falls
All three (or are there more?) of the waterfalls on Ruckle Creek - with Matt, April 24th, 2007
Rudolph Spur, Benson, eagle Cr. Loop 081111
Rudolph Valentino does Larch Mountain
Suz, dad and Rudy go on a snow hike
Russ Jolley - Keuffler to Duncan
Russ Jolley Trail up Horsetail Creek Canyon 051008
Sacajawea Peak 101311
San Francisco 041808
San Jacinto, August 4th, 2003
A loooong day on the trails of Mount San Jacinto. 14 hours (+/-), 30.4 miles, 11,239 vertical feet
Scott Lake - Hand Lake & Mckenzie Pass snow
Last man standing on McKenzie Pass in 2014
SEMA show - Las Vegas
The cars, the zombies, and etc.
SEMA show - Las Vegas - The motorcycles
Just a few of the wild bikes at the show Nov. 5-7, 2013
Shellrock Mountain Powerline Trail
Shellrock Mt. and the old wagon road Feb. 2008
Shellrock Mt. powerline tr. - Shellrock point 1776
Signal Buttes with Jeff and David
Another rainy, cold and blustery day in june
Signal Peak, HP Yuma Co. AZ
Silver Star 011010
A nice outing on Silver Star and a surprising lack of snow for this time of year.
Silver Star 071110
Silver Star from north ridge 011415
Silver Star in the snow 031911
Silver Star in the snow 040508
Silver Star in the spring....!
Silver Star Loony hike 121711
Loony hike with some of the usual suspects - arundodonax, Don Nelsen, Born2bbrad and Eric Peterson.
Silver Star Mountain 12/9/07
A snowy hike with Ardith.
Silver Star on the last day of April
Silver Star snow shoe adventure II - 043011
Silver Star Twin Falls and Great Chasm - 072008
Silver Star twin falls and more
Silver Star with Guy, 041512
A fun hike from Grouse Vista, over Pyramid Rock, Silver Star, Star Falls in the north canyon, Sturgeon Rock and back via the Tarbell Trail. 9.6 miles, 3,104 vertical.
Silver Star with Rob - 100808
Silver Star, Chimney Rocks, Huckleberry Bonanza
We picked about two gallons of berries on this trip!!
Silver Star-Sturgeon-Indian Pits Loop 070911
Snow Valley Peak on the way to Yuma
High point of Carson City Co., NV
Soda Peaks 030215
A rare opportunity to hike Soda Peaks during winter - I like this "global warming" thing!
Sogndal Fjord
South Hardy Ridge with beag & -Q-, 011015
Southern CA hikes
Spider Woman does Brown's Peak AZ
Star Falls on Silver Star 070608
Steve and Don in Phoenix
Trail runs/hikes on Squaw Peak and Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ, September 17th and 18th, 2007
Sturgeon New pics
Sturgeon Rock - Clark Co. Wash. high point
The highest point of Washington's Clark county lies about half way up the ridge on Silver Star Mountain's Sturgeon rock. Here are a few photos of the area.
Susan and David's wedding 071909
Susan and Jaimie see the Archer Mountain area
Susan tries snowshoes for the first time.
The east side of Greenleaf Peak on a very cold and rainy day.
Table - Greenleaf Basin loop 102313
Table - Two Chiefs summits 070111
Table hamilton RR grade etc. 043013
Table Mountain adventures
A quick late afternoon trip and some surprising discoveries NW of Table Mt.
Table Mountain in the Snow - 12/27/2007
Table Mountain views
Table Mountain with Anna, Scott and Andy 051610
Table Mountain with Dan, Al, Brian and Troy
Table Mt 012008 - Dan's Pics
Dans photos of our trip with David, Kathy, Don and Dan on 1/20/1008
Table Mt 012008 - Don's Pics
Third time's the charm! - A successful summit of Table Mountain in the snow with David, Dan, Kathy,Don and Kodi the Wonder Dog. (Third time try for Don, that is - the rest of the crew only needed one try!)
Table Mt adventure with the Looney bunch
An epic trail and off-trail trek in the Gorge
Table Mt. and lower Greenleaf Falls
Table Mt. cliffs
Table Mt. Loop, 012911
Table Mt., up Heartbreak Ridge, across the top to the view point and down the north side returning via the PCT.
Tanner Butte
Tanner Butte - Eagle Cr. Loony Hike 121011
The Loonies bag Tanner Butte, freeze their hinies off and return on the very icy Eagle Creek Trail.
Tanner Butte 070308
Tanner Butte 070910
Tanner Butte 101012
Tanner Butte attempt on snowshoes 010513
Tanner Creek's elusive Trail # 436
A cursory exploration to see what remains of the long abandoned trail # 436
Temp album
The 853 stairs of Linnton
The 969 stairs of Mt. Tabor
The bros do a weekend at Manzanita
Donald, David, Douglas and Carl and nephews Paul, Dave and Scott with friend Rex meet for a weekend get-a-way at Manzanita.
The Flood of 2012 - and '96 and '64...
The Gorge in the snow 011607
The city was a mess so I opted for a nice drive in the Gorge - up SR 14 to The Bridge of the Gods and back on I-84.
The gorge survives another big storm Feb 13, 2014
A few pics post Feb storm
The lost logging camp north of Greenleaf Peak
The many stairs of SW Portland and Misc.
The ridge between Tenas Cr. and Opal Cr - 061612
An epic ascent with Guy, Peder, Nat and Eric
The road to Lily Pad Lake, June 18th, 2008
A record winter snowfall lingers above only 3,100'.
The Usual Place, 101508
Theilsen 072004 & 080504
There's treasure everywhere! Larch Mt. area finds
A sampling of things found in the woods in east Multnomah County over the past six to eight years.
Things thrown off and blown off Crown Point
Thomas, Fred and Don hike the Benson Plateau
An 18+ mile loop via the PCT then around the Benson. Temperature: 21 degrees, Windchill: As low as 6 degrees - Brrrrrr....
Three Corner Rock Trail
A recon and then a successful trip to Three Corner Rock via the Three Corner Rock Trail. 17.6 miles round trip and a total of 4,565 vertical feet.
Three Sisters area Sept. 1979
Tilly Jane - or is it "Toasted" Jane! 080809
Timberline Tr. to ZigZag Canyon + misc. 090511
Tom dick & Harry Mt. loop 070611
Trail 400 & Dry Cr.
Trask Mountain redux 110109
A re-do for me but a first for Edward Earl as we trek to the elusive summit of Yamhill County's highest peak.
Triple Falls on ice 111614
A quick hike to Triple Falls and some pics of Multnomah Falls and Horsetail Falls along the way
Two Dog day + Wind Mt. 033013
Two laps of Dog Mt. plus one on Wind Mt. - just to cool down
Upper Horsetail and new waterfall 102111
Viento Ridge 040815
A mostly bushwhack hike on ancient logging roads to the summit of Viento Ridge, returning via the Starvation Cr. Trail
Views of Greenleaf Falls
Many views of Greenleaf Falls taken on three different trips in 2006
Views of Mt. Whitney and Death Valley, 112614
Von Ahn Rim 070309
Waclella Falls Trail 011208
This is just a short two mile out and back but we were treated to many ephemeral falls due to the recent rains.
Wahkeena Devils Rest area
Waihe'e Ridge Trail, Maui, 01 19 11
A nice hike up a ridge with stunning views of the West Maui Mountains on an unusually clear day
Waterfalls on ice - 012508
Waterfalls west of Hardy Ridge - 041308
Wellton and return from AZ
Wet and soggy at Cable Falls
Wind Mountain 040812 etc
Mt.Mitchell new route 050116
A new route to Mt. Mitchell from the west
Wind Mountain ice storm damage 012912
Wind Mt., Elevator Shaft, Nesika - 9/22/06
An adventure with Jeff Statt - September 22, 2006
Wyeth - North Lake - Bear Lake
Gifford Peak the short way 070316
Norge47 and 'Lil Rabbit place a cache
Another hike up the "new" Mt. Mitchell Trail and cache placement of "North of The Wall"
Cooney Benchmark 052316
Wynoochee Point - HP of WA's Grays Harbor County
Yeon Mt./Moffet Creek/Von Ahn Rim 070309
Yet another mad dash up Piestawa peak, Phoenix, AZ
Moms estate
Here is what I have as of 071616
Moms Estate - Dougs pictures 071616
Photos taken by Douglas on 7-16.
Tongue Mountain 081416
Council Bluff, Babyshoe Ridge and East Canyon Ridge072416
Cowhorn Mountain 090716
A 69th birthday hike to Cowhorn Mt. on a perfect Sept. day
More grandma stuff!
Paul, Kelly and I met Jim Keller this morning (071916) at the condo and picked up what we could. Ted said empty the closets so we did as best we could. Here are some pics of the furs, the clothes that now completely fill my available closet space and a photo of what's left of my living room. Help!! There is much, much more. Also, Kelly is mom's size so she dressed up in a couple of mom's gowns and posed with all the furs. Enjoy!!
Archer Mt mounds 013116
The mysterious mound forest of Archer Mountain
Mauna Kea in a hurricane Kona wind
Hualapai Mountain Park, Kingman, AZ
Red Rocks, Las Vegas
Hikes in the Calico Hills and a hike to Turtlehead Mountain near Las Vegas
Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine CA
Collins Point drunken forest etc.
Collins Point Landslide explorations 051718
Revisiting the Collins Point Slide 051918
Collins Point Slide between Wind Mt. and Dog Mt.
An ancient landslide explored and some historical info. 2018
P 1692, Bonneville Slide area
Stawamus Chief trails 060618
Mt.Mitchell the easier way 060218
A fun hike from the west to Mt. Mitchell on a great day in June. With Dave & MC, Duane, Bob, Ken and Don
Usual Place 062218
Dog the hard way, 053118
Hobart files from July and Aug 1923 in the Bellingham Herald
Family photos - groups
Scans of dad
Scans of mom
Scans of Kari
family pics - old
Scans of Carl
Scans of Claire
Misc. family related photos
Scan of Douglas