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Images From: SteveT
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Swiss Tower, Gherkin, London, England, UK, 3/2009
Images From: Kenneth Houghton
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Boston and Maine GP40-2 #316 leads a freight East past the old Johnsonville, NY Tower and what use to be the branch to Troy, NY on March 3, 1985. (8x10)
Images From: Brian Gilbert
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"The Ascent"
Images From: Stanley Clark
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2014 06 16_2048_edited-1.jpg
Droop Mountain
Images From: Steve Ellwood
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White Friar Tower.jpg
White Friars Tower - Etching taken from Thomas Fordyce's Local Records for 1840 - Mr. A. Spoor, builder, having obtained the consent of the corporation of Newcastle for the removal of White Friar Tower and a portion of the town wall adjoining it on the south, in order to the formation of a new street, the first act of demolition took place early in April, by the breaking of a large hole in the wall immediately beneath the tower, for the purpose of obtaining a passage for carts, which has since formed the roadway of Hanover-street, extending from the brow of the hill, near Hanover-square, to the Skinner's-burn