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8 users with photos using tag "bear"
Images From: Stanley Clark
3 images with "bear" tag

2014 06 16_2086_edited-1.jpg
Bear I
Images From: Andrea Lohmann
1 images with "bear" tag

Bear @ the Pittsburgh Zoo / IR-Visible Sony P200
Images From: SteveT
1 images with "bear" tag

Yosemite National Park, California, June 2007 West Coast USA Tour
Images From: Stephen Harker
1 images with "bear" tag

Scratching Bear.jpg
Scratching Bear
Images From: DONNA BARRY
1 images with "bear" tag

Images From: Jim Robertson
1 images with "bear" tag

045_110514_0281 combo.jpg
Wildlife centre display on diet of a Kodiak bear
Images From: Susumu Komatsu
1 images with "bear" tag

A view of the cohutta form the top of potato patch mountain, accessed from Bear creek trail using a FS Road.
Images From: Riley Hall
1 images with "bear" tag