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13 users with photos using tag "leaves"
Images From: Gary Richards
14 images with "leaves" tag

Tree Without Leaves
Images From: Wendy Wood
13 images with "leaves" tag

"Vibrant Nature"
Images From: Johnson Chen
9 images with "leaves" tag

F 0103.jpg
Images From: Christian Davidson
5 images with "leaves" tag

ete_img20130305-43552 in like a lion!, Creve Coeur Park.jpg
Winter is all downhill from here #1
Images From: Dawn Cooke
3 images with "leaves" tag

Images From: Francesco Perre
3 images with "leaves" tag

orange mandarin.jpg
orange mandarin
Images From: Michael Frank
3 images with "leaves" tag

the gang
Images From: Robert Burke
2 images with "leaves" tag

Canon-M 027.jpg
Images From: Kelly Davis
2 images with "leaves" tag

Autumn leave on fallen log
Images From: Drifter West Images
2 images with "leaves" tag

IMG_6287-1 Wildflowers - crp pca.jpg
Wyoming Wildflowers
Images From: Michael Klenetsky
2 images with "leaves" tag

IMG_3969asis x.jpg
Images From: Nancy Wolter
1 images with "leaves" tag

fringe fixbubble shells blow up.jpg
Beach Bubbles
Images From: Dee Brown
1 images with "leaves" tag

Autumn leaves