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About Phyllis Jackson

I enjoy movies w/action,spies,drama,suspense.poetic writing.Author:self-published book coffee table style entitled"Strands of Poetry".sing in choir,ministry participant;volunteer.was a Girl Scout(received my first camera;still enjoying making pictures).grateful.

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LocationAugusta Georgia, United States
Interestscrochet,knitting,designing prayer-care shawls,hats.caps,baby items,photography,redesigning/repairing clothing,poetry/storytelling.sightseeing w/camera in hand to capture moments of life and historical journey.
Favorite Musicsmooth jazz/instrumental,contemporary,inspirational gospel.was raised on country music and still have soft spot for such;classical.upbeat music is welcoming sounds for something different.some movie soundtracks;enjoy singing.favorite "listen to" instruments include piano,saxophone,violin.

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Phyllis Jackson's Albums

TU Freshmen Students SendOff 2019
Ladies' Day Out 2016Sept9. Luncheon. Hosted by Mrs. Gloria A. Lee.
Quilt work vest design Ms. Dora C. Photos by Phyllis Davis Jackson. PJCreates2.
Purple Carpet Event 2018
With Pastor Angela C. Harden. Thursday, August 23, 2018. "Bring it to the Table: Real Talk" with Angela C. Harden.
Purple Carpet 2018
Purple Carpet Premiere Real Talk. 8.23.2018 Pics.
Rock Pigeon and other birds of flight,etc.
Augusta Chorale Host Table 2017
AC members host display at event, June 2017.
Red Roses
flowers, red color, raindrops.
white flowers, outdoors.
Village Keepers 2017
Ordination Service, March 11, 2017. Augusta, GA.
Tulips 2017
flowers. red.
Ladies' 2Day 9.09.2016
Photos Ladies' Day Out Sept2016, etc.
Ladies' Day Out Sept2016
photos, group, individual, etc.
HazelJ BDay2016
Birthday celebration 2016, plus more photos
photos from cross country USA
King Foods
Catering, etc.
Lamar Nurses Reunion 2015. Banquet, etc.
Needleworks by PJ
Items knit, crochet apparel, etc.
photos update, etc.
Crystal Bey
photos, celebrations, etc.
Jackie Hab
photos, celebrations, etc.
photos, celebrations, etc.
Jackie Fason
photos,celebrations, etc.
Decorations, etc.
decorations by Ms. Tiease Wells. birthday celebration.
"HAPPY TYME COTTAGE" Child Care Center. Saturday, October 17, 2015. Augusta, Georgia.
Birthday celebration.August 29, 2013, etc.
card cover designs themes
photo with text on greeting card applied any theme.
Lamar Nurses Reunion 2015
Events including Luncheon and social on Friday, October 2 and Saturday, October 3, 2015. Banquet: October 3, 2015.
photos. Birthday Celebration. February 13, 2015.
INSPIRATIONAL VERSES 2 Poetry spoken words(audio). inspirational verses. by Phyllis Davis Jackson (PJ)
journey2(extended version)
poetry. photos. inspirational verses.
Birthday Celebration, Feb. 13, 2015.
poetry, photos: flowers, people. inspirational verses.
Augusta Area Cultural Society Cotillion-Beautillion. Sunday, May 18, 2014. "Hawaiian Festival Ball Cotillion-Beautillion." Celebrating Twenty-nine years of Service.
photos.DeaEvans retirement2013.etc.
50th retirement celebration, Deacon. September 29, 2013
photos, Dea Celebration, etc.
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