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About Michael Klenetsky

All my photos have been taken with a high quality digital cameras. At this time, I am using a Canon model 5D MarkII 2 and Canon 7D cameras. Contact: 954-610-6696

My Photos
LocationAlpharetta Georgia, United States
InterestsAnything that can be photographed.
Favorite MusicBlues and Rock

Welcome to Michael Klenetsky's Pictures

You have the option to buy prints of all sizes, a large selection of gifts, calendars and greeting cards.

If the size photo you desire does not crop well, contact me via email or phone and I will make the necessary adjustments to the original file.

Any special photo effects that you see in any of my albums can be applied to any photo by contacting me via email or phone.

Also feel free to contact me if you would like an event covered in the Alpharetta, Georgia area.

If any questions, contact me at:
(954)610-6696 (cell)
(770)417-8239 (home)

Michael Klenetsky's Albums

Ireland 2019
May 2019
Mike's Mix
Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Nat'l Parks
Costa Rica 2018
Jan 2018. El Fortuna, Costa Rica Leaves and Lizards Lodge Guide-Rob Knight
African Safari 2017
Dan and Mike's adventure to The Serengeti
Smoky Mountains 2017
Tennessee and N. Carolina
Flower Power
1960's Music Groups Cruise Feb 2016
Talledega May 6, 2017
Nascar Monster series
Italy 2017
Bill, Carole, Marsha and Michael
5000 Mile Road Trip
I traveled over 5000 by myself, across 12 states, in May 2016. GA, TN, KY, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, ID, MT, OR, WA
Homestead Florida Rodeo
MOK Photography
A wide variety of photographic subjects from the Michael Owen Klenetsky collection.
Europe October 2014
Elite Oct 16, 2016
Wills park equestrian competition.
Black & White / Monochrome
Train Museum
Miami Florida
Tattoo Convention
Coral Springs
Alaska 2006
Creatures Large and Small
Butterflies, Zoo animals, Thoroughbreds, Dogs, Insects Etc.
Misc Sports
Blues Festival
The "Blues Festival" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wake Boarding
Wake Boarding Tournament at Mill's Pond
The Animal Kingdom
Elite Show Jumping 9/3/2016
Wills Park Horse Show Any special effect you see here can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email or call me with your request.
Butterfly World
Seminole Battle Reenactment
People B&W
People in every day life
Wind Surfing
Talladega Speedway
Nascar Race Oct 23, 2016
Caffeine & Octane Show
July 5, 2015 Georgia
Rides, cotton candy and more
Nascar Racing
Coca Cola 400 Daytona, Florida
American I Dogs
Dog show at War Memorial 11/12/2010
Miami Heat Basketball
Lets Go Heat!!!!
New York Knicks - Early 70's
Atlanta Aquarium
Northern California
Moroso Raceway
Drag Races
Spanish Monastery
Nat'l Parks
Renaissance Festival
H.S. All-Star Softball game - 5/17/2010
Broward County H.S. Girl's Softball All-Star Game May 17, 2010 played at Plantation H.S. - North vs. South.
Varsity Football - Western vs Ft Laud -5/26/2010
Western (8795) vs. Ft Lauderdale H.S.(8380) Varsity Football
Team Guinness Hockey Game
Team Guinness vs. Team Smirnoff 10/26
Varsity Baseball H.S. All-Star game - 06/01/2010
Broward County High Schools Varsity Baseball All-star game played at Nova High on June 1, 2010
Melanie & Vincent's Wedding 11/26/2011
Slide show of the wonderful wedding created by Marsha and enjoyed by all.
Mel & Vince Wedding
Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills Equestrian competition at Wills Park March 25, 2017
Brownwood Farms
Oct 29th 2016
Equestrian 9/24/2016
Wills Park
Equestrian 9/17/2016
Horseshow Ventures at Wills Park Any special effect you see here can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email or call me with your request.
Equestrian 9/18/2016
Horseshow Ventures at Wills Park Sept. 18, 2016 Any special effect you see here can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email or call me with your request.
Equestrian Aug 21, 2016
The Jump Ahead Benefit Show Held at Wills Park Aug 21, 2016 Any special effect you see here can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email or call me with your request.
Benefit Show Aug 20, 2016
The Jump Ahead Benefit Show at Wills Park Any special effect you see here can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email or call me with your request.
Elite Jumping July 30th
Equestrian Competition at Wills Park Any special effects shown can be done to any photo upon request.
Elite Jumping July 31st
Elite Jumping Competition July 31st, 2016
Equestrian June 25, 2016
Wills Park Alpharetta, GA Any special effect can be applied to any photo. Just send me an email with your request.
Equestrian 6_11_2016
Wills Park Any special effect can be added to any photo. Just call or email me the request. Michael 954-610-6696
Equestrian 5_7_2016
Wills Park Any special effect can be added to any photo. Just call or email me the request. Michael 954-610-6696
Equestrian 6_10_2016
Wills Park Any special effect can be added to any photo. Just call or email me the request. Michael 954-610-6696
Ticket to Ride Benefit
July 23rd and 24th 2016 Any special effects shown can be done to any photo upon request.
Equestrian April 18, 2009
April 18, 2009
Homestead Nascar 2013
11/17/2013 Race Winner - Denny Hamlin Sprint Cup Campion 2013 - Jimmie Johnson
Dylan's 4th Birthday Party
June 4th at "Jump Jump" Roswell, Georgia
Ruby Caverns Tennesee
Dec 2009
Halloween Party 2009
Racing Cars
Homestead Racetrack - semi-pro drivers
Melissa & David's Wedding
Punta Cana Dominican Republic 8/18/2018
House 2016

My Keywords

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