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About Gary Baird

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LocationUnited States

Welcome to Gary Baird's Pictures

When I picked up my first camera, some fifty years ago, I
thought that little box was magic. I still do! Even though I
now understand a lot more about what is happening technically,
it is still like magic to capture that instant in time. That one
image that will never, ever be repeated I can now hold in my
hand and marvel at the colors, the shapes, the light and the
meaning of all that; that in an instant in time,
is now captured forever.

Who can remember the smell of a burnt flashbulb? Who can
remember the smells of the chemical darkroom? Those are also
memories that I still hold onto even though the Digital Age has
made everything so much easier. The capture and processing of
an image is now much simpler but the Art of looking for the right
light, composing from the perfect angle and spending hours and
days out on the road looking for that one image of a lifetime that
you just canít quite find. These are all still parts of how I feel
about photography Ö itís much, much more than just clicking
the shutter.

Here I share some of my favorite images Ö I hope you enjoy them
as much as I do.

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