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About Todd Brunengraber

Started Tearjerkers in 1997 on the East Coast to see what could be done with enlightening people to the little gems. Grew across the U.S. & to Foreign Countries. At present we have 19 Chapters stateside & 3 international. You can reach me via e-mail at or

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LocationBay Shore New York, United States
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Interests"If you enjoy the great outdoors and fellowship with others, our campsite will always be open."

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Chapter Logos
Each Chapters individual logo
Honorary Members
These are people who have come to Gatherings & provide some entertainment for the Group.
Tearjerkers Most Embarrassing Moments
This is a new Album that catches members at the best or worst for that matter. This album is not meant to offend anyone. I'm sure I could fill it up myself. Todd
Hot Rods & Teardrops & Small Travel Trailers
A spot to see members Hot Rods & Teardrops or Small Travel Trailers. They seem to go together like Milk & Oreos.
2006 Spring Parvin
Parvin State Park in the NJ Pine Barrens
Buckeye's Pleasant Hill Park 2006
The Buckeye Chapter's 1st Gathering in Ohio
Winterfest-Coops Cabin 2006
Members of the Liberty Bell Chapter at Coops Cabin in PA
Mystic 2006
2006 - Last year to have Gathering there
2006 North/South
Held in Max Meadows Campground in Wytheville, VA by the So. Appalachian & Liberty Bell Chapters. The 1st one ever.
2006 Pocono Getaway
Liberty Bells Pocono Getaway held at the Lackawana State Park in PA
Damn Yankees 2006
New England Chapters Damn Yankees Gathering
Promised Land 2006
Promised Land State Park
Fall Parvin 2006
Liberty Bells Event at Parvin State Park in the Pine Barrens of NJ
Fall Tolland 2006
New England Chapter Fall Gathering at Tolland State Forest in the Berkshires of MA
Last Gasp 2006
The Rocky Mountain Chapter's 2006 Last Gasp before the Winter
2006 Anastasia
The Florida Chapters Anastasia's Gathering
2007 Winterfest-Coops Cabin
2nd year for the Winterfest at Coops Cabin in PA
2007 Elk Neck
Put on by the Potomac Valley & Liberty Bell Chapters at Elk Neck, MD
2007 Boogie In The Hills
The Buckeye Chapter in Ohio's Spring Gathering
2007 Arizona Chapter Spring Fling
The first for the Arizona Chapter held in Mesa,AZ at Usery Mountain Regional Park
2007 Hoosier's Turkey Run Gathering
Hoosier's Turkey Run State Park Gathering in May of 2007.
2007 Ionia
This was the 1st Gathering for the Great Lakes Chapter held at the Ionia State Recreation Area in MI
2007 Spring Tolland
Wet & Rainy at Tolland State Forest in Otis, MA
2007 Pocono Getaway
Lackawanna, PA in the Poconos
2007 Ross Hill #1
The Annual Mystic Gathering moved to Ross Hill Campground in Lisbon, CT on the River
2007 Gifford Pinchot"Fittin ta git ready"
Liberty Bell hosting the "Fittin ta git ready" in anticipation for North/South 2008. It was held at Gifford Pinchot near York,PA.
2007 Hueston Woods State Park"Fitin ta Git Ready"
The Buckeyes Chapter for the "Fitin ta git ready" for the 2008 North/South Gathering. It was held at the Hueston Woods State Park in Oxford, OH.
2007 Poplar Hill Campout
A Culmination of Poplar Hill RV's, N.E. Tearjerkers & Tin Can Tourists in Maine. This was the 2nd Annual event.
2007 Keystone Campout
Co Hosted by the Buckeye & Liberty Berll Chapters. This event was at Keystone Campground in Latrobe,PA.
2007 Hoosier Salamonie State Park
Hoosier Chapter's Gathering at Salalmonie State Park in October 2007.
2007 Tolland State Forest
Fall Gathering of the New England Chapter once again at Tolland State Forest.
2007 The Last Gasp
This is Colorado at it's finest, as always, with Pam "The Ambassador To Tearjerkers" at the helm. This was held Sept 29 & 30.
2007 Fall Parvin
Held at Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove, NJ. This was one of the most fun.
2007 Southern Appalachian Fall Crawl
The Fall Crawl held in Brevard, NC Oct. 19- 21, 2007
2008 Liberty Bell Bullshit Session
A winter Bullshit session at the garage of Lenskil Teardrops Trailers. A Catered affair in Moton, PA.
2008 Arizona Spring Cleaning
This was the 2nd Spring Cleaning Gathering in Arizona. It was held Feb. 21-24, 2008 at Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa.
2008 Liberty Bell Winterfest
Held at Coops Cabin in the Pennsylvania Mountains. A great get together
2008 Southern App. Springtime at "Tha River"
Held May 15-18 at River Camp USA in No. Carolina
2008 NYS Bowman Lake Spring Gathering
New York Chapters 1st Gathering of 2008. It was held at Bowman Lake State Park
2008 Hoosier Brown County Blowout
Hoosier Chapters 1st Gathering for the new season. Held Jan. 2008 in Nashville, IN. There were 31 in attendance.
2008 Gifford Pinchot
The Liberty Bells spring/summer Gathering at Gifford Pinchot State Park in S.Central PA. near York.
2008 Jefferson States 1st at Cantrell Buckley
This was the JS's very 1st Gathering. Eunice had a fantastic turnout. It was at Cantrell Buckley Campground near Ruch, OR. 18 Trailers & 1 tent. Not bad for a 1st Gathering.
2008 West Thompson Lake
The 2nd Gathering this year for The N.E. Chapter. This is a Military Campground in CT.
2008 Boogie in the Hills
The 2008 Boogie in the Hills was held at Lake Wapusun in Ohio. This is a staple Gathering for the Buckeye Chapter
2008 Ross Hill
The New England Chapters Mainstay.
2008 Ross Hill Rescue
The trip home from Hell; Great weekend leads to Blown Transmission. Friends come to the rescue. We just set up camp waiting for the Wrecker.Thanks to John & Nancy, Art & Dianne & Geoff Kooris. Oh boy! What a day.
2008 Madison Gathering
The Hoosier Chapters Gathering in Indiana in conjunction with a fair. It was held Aug. 8th.
2008 South-North Gathering
The Second, Bi-Annual East Coast Nationals held in Max Meadows, Virginia
2008 Tennessee's 1st Gathering
The "Volun" Tears 1st Gathering at Old Stone Fort State Park in TN. There were 9 Teardrops & a tent.
2008 Andover Outing
Held Sept. 12-14 at Harold Parker State Park in Andover, MA.
2008 Jefferson State 2nd Cave Campground
This was the 2nd time this gathering was held at the Cave Campground.
2008 Southern App."End of Summer at Da Lake"
The Southern Appalachians last Gathering for 2008.
2008 Old Dominions 1st Gathering
The newly formed Old Dominion Chapter in VA held an impromptu last minute get together. Only 2 trailers chose to brave the cold Oct . weather.
2008 Fall in the Canyon
Georgias "Fall in the Canyon" Gathering held at the Walnut Creek Campground on Oct 12-14.
2008 Fall Parvin
The Liberty Bells Chapters Fall Gathering to watch the change of foliage at Parvin State Park in the Pine Barrens of NJ.
2008 Fall Tolland
Another great weekend at Tolland State Forest. Weather was beautiful. Lots of trailers & good food.
2009 Liberty Bell Snowfest
This is held each year at Coops Cabin in the Pennsylvania Mountains.
2009 Arizona Spring Cleaning
2009 Hoosier's Tearjerker Shivaree
Hoosier's Chapter 1st Gathering of 2009 held at Lake Summit State Park in IN. It was appropriately named Tearjerkers Shivaree. It was held Jan. 17-18.
2009 1st Mississippi Gathering
1st Gathering for the new chapter. It was called Mardi Gras in Mississippi.
2009 Manatee Florida Gathering
2009 Tennessee Mountain Roundup
This was the 2nd Gathering for the Tennessee Chapter & a milestone. They had 15 trailers from 6 states. It was held at Warriors Path State Park on April 24-26.
2009 Willard Bay Gathering
The Great Bains first gathering. It took place May 8-10th. It was held at Willow Creek Park in No. Utah.
2009 Raccoon Holler
The Southern Appalachian Chapters Spring Gathering at Raccoon Holler in NC.
2009 Liberty Bell Cordorus State Park
2009 Jefferson State Cave Junction
This was the 2nd Annual Fathers Day Gathering at Cave Junction for this chapter.
2009 Andover Gathering
The first official Gathering in the N.E. area. It was held 12-14 of June. It was held in the Harold Parker State Forest in Andover,MA.
2009 Boogie In The Hills
The Buckeye Chapters annual Gathering held this year at the River TrailCrossing RV Park in Butler, OH. It was held June 18-21.
Shenendoah Summer Fun
The Old Dominion Chapter's first one of the year. I was Co Sponsored by the Southern Appalachian Chapter. It was held July 10-14 at the Shenandoah Valley Campground inb Verona, VA on the Middle River.
2009 2nd Gathering atCave Junction
2nd Fathers Day Gathering near Oregon Caves, Cave junction Oregon, June 2009.
Ross Hill 2009
New Englands annual "Mystic Gathering" at Ross Hill
Tri State Gathering 2009
A Gathering put on by the Hoosier, Buckeye & Great Lakes Chapters. There were 5 Chapters that attended. It was held at the Chain of Lakes State Campground on July 31-Aug. 1
2009 Western PA Gathering
This was the Liberty Bells Western PA Gathering in Cook's Forest. It was held August 14-16, 2009.
2009 Western National Tearjerkers Regional Invitat
This was an impropmtu Gathering called the 2009 Western National Regional Invitational held somewhere in the mountains of California.
2009 VA Beach Neptune Festival
The Old Dominions Gathering in VA. Beach. It was held Sept. 25-27.
2009 Tennessee Tears on the Trace
This was Tennessee's Fall Gathering at Natchez Trace State Park in Wildersville, TN. It was held Sept.18-20
2009 Kentucky's 1st Gathering
Directors Carter & Susan pulled off a 1st. 26 people in 16 teardrops from six states (KY, TN, OH, IN, WV and MO). It was held at Elkhorn Campground.
2009 Fall Foliage Promised Land
This was the Liberty Bell's Fall Foliage Gathering at Promised Land State Park in Greetown, PA.
2009 Fall Tolland
New Englands last event of the year at Tolland State Forest in E. Otis, MA. It did nothing but rain.
2009 Alabama's Winter Camp 09
This was Sweet Tear Alabama's 1st Gathering,Dec 4-6 at Oak Mountain State Park Campground. Chapter Director Karen Williams got an A+
2009 Arizona Teardrop Show at Cabelas
Held on Nov 14-15th at the Glendale,AZ Cabelas, this show was a huge success. Steve did a bang up job with his members. This will start other chapters to do the same. Members got free food & employees discount.
2009 Rocky Mountain Last Gasp
2010 Jefferson State Old Station CA
Jefferson States 1st Gathering of the year at the base of Mt. Lassen. Everyone cancelled because of the snow, but Eunice,Ken, Lisa &Grant were determined to go. It was held January 1,2010 & it ranged from 20-40 degrees.
2010 Hoosier Winter Shiveree
This was held on Jan.16-17, 2010 at Mounds State Park in Anderson. IN. There were 10 trailers & cold weather. They doubled the female participation from 1 last year to 2 this year.
2010 Liberty Bell Snowfest
A meeting of the minds at Coops Cabin in PA. It was held Jan. 29-31. This has become an annual event. It's the 4th year at RB State Park. Location is Mifflinburg,PA.
2010 Little Talbot Island State Park
Florida's Chapter has gone here for years. The park is located near Jacksonville. It was held Feb. 12-14th.
2010 #1 Cajun Backyard Gathering
This was the first official get togetherfor the Cajun Chapter. It was held Feb. 19-21 in Prairiesville, LA in the backyard of Mike, the Asst Director. He & Chapter Director Stacey pulled off a nice time.
2010 Arizona Spring Cleanup
The 4th annual TearJerkers Arizona Chapter Spring Clean Event March 4th thru Sunday March 7th, 2010. Usery Mountain Regional Park, 3939 North Usery Pass Rd. Mesa, Arizona 85207 group site A was the place with 50 trailers & 78 people.
2010 Spring Self Camp In Celebration
A Camp-IN is a little different than a Camp-Out. Its simply spending some time in your trailer on a specific date, March 20-21 with a lot of other people through out the Club. Be it just eating or cooking a meal, having a cup of coffee, a Beer or even spending the night in it. Ya don't even have to leave home. This was world wide
2010 Spring Skidaway Island
2010 Bluegrass Chapter Spring in the Elkhorn
2010 Tearstock
Conceived by the age of Woostock, it was held in Phoenicia NY at the Black Bear Campground. It was a collaboration of the NY,NJ,PA & New England Chapters. It was held May 14-16th. In attendance were 57 trailers & 3 or more tents. Trailers came from as far as ID, TN & Quebec,Ca.
2010 Buckeye Spring Gathering
Galen & the Buckeye Chapter at their Sprng Gathering held at Ridge Ranch Campground in Newton Falls, OH near the PA. border. It was held May 14-16 2010
2010 Spring Mill Indiana
This was the Hoosier Chapters Spring Gathering at Spring Mills State Park in Mitchell, IN. The dates were May 20-23.
2010 Buckeye Boogie in the Hills
This has become an annual event for the Buckeye Chapter. Boogie was held this year in Butler, OH at the River Trail Crossing Campground June 17-20. Galen is still Boogi'n.
3rd Annual Jefferson state Fathers Day Gathering.
This was held June 18-20 at Rogue River near Gold Beach Oregon. They forgot to add the Pot Luck pictures as they were too busy eating.
2010 Shenandoah Summer Fun
Old Dominion Chapters Summer Gathering. This was held at the Shenadoah Valley Campground in Verona, VA. The dates were July 9th & 10th.
2010 N.E. Ross Hill
Once again the N.E. Chapters gathering at Ross Hill in Lisbon, CT. There were 19 Trailers from 4 states. This year it was the 50's theme. The dates were July 16-18
2010 Hoosier Chapter Whitewater
This was held July 31-Aug. 3rd.
Hell in Michigan
The Great Lakes Chapters "Go to Hell" Gathering in Hell,MI. Under the frozen leadership of Karl Nordstrom, Chapter Director, they froze.
2010 Bishop Lake (MI)
August 13 - 15, 2010, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its first gathering under new chapter director, Karl Nordstrom, at the Bishop Lake Campgrounds in the Brighton Recreation Area in Southeastern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 13 trailers with 21 attendees from 5 different chapters. Karl appreciated all the support from his Hoosier friends who came north for this wonderful weekend.
2010 East Coast Nationals
Held every 2 years at the Ft. Chiswell RV Park in Ft Chiswell, VA. There were 44 trailers, 1 Tent, 7 Chapter Directors & people from 15 states in attendance.
2010 Jefferson State Mid Summer Nights Gathering
The 2nd Mid Summer Nights August Moon Gathering at the Hart Tish Campground, right on Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon, just north of the California border (southwest of Medford and Jacksonville, OR). August 20-22(24), 2010 near Ruch, OREGON
2010 Garden State(NJ) Swartswood State Park
The Garden State's 2nd Gathering. This one was held Aug.27-29 at Swartswood State Park in Swartswood, NJ. This was in NW NJ near Newton.
2010 TN Fall Creek Follies
It was held at the Mountain Glen RV Park in Pikeville Tn on Sept 9-12.
Alan Hill of Poplar Hill RV's put on a spectacular campout at the MI TE JO Campground in Milford, NH. New England members were in attendance. It was held Sept 9-12
2010 "End Of Summer Fun At The Lake"
This was the Southern Appalachian Chapter's END OF SUMMER FUN AT THA LAKE *2010* September 17-19, 2010 High Rock Lake Marina and Campground in Lexington, NC
2010 Pymatuning State Park Buckeye & Liberty Bell
TearJerkers' Liberty Bell & Buckeye Chapter's "Western PA Gathering" at Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown Camping Area, Jamestown, PA. It was held September 10-12, 2010.
2010 HOA Crawford State Park
This was the Heart of America's Gathering in Kansas at Crawford State Park. It was held Sept 24-26.
2010 Elk Neck (CBC)
This was Orvilles 1st Gathering since taking over the Chapter & revamping the territory. It was held at Elk Neck State Park in North East, Maryland. This site is on the Chesapeake. It was held Sept 24-26. In attendance were 20 some odd trailers & 4 tents.
2010 Lake Macatawa (MI)
October 8 - 10, 2010, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its fall gathering at the Lake Macatawa Campgrounds of the Holland State Park in Southwestern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 9 trailers with 14 attendees from 2 different chapters.
2010 NYS Lake Moreau State Park
Held at Lake Moreau State Park in the Adirondacks. It was Oct. 1-3. Chapter Director Rick Sheerin put this on.
2010 Georgia Mistletoe Gathering1
Marvin & his gang had this gathering in Mistletoe state Park in eastern Georgia on Oct. 14-17, 2010. The weather was beautiful.
2010 Pocomoke River State Park
Orville & the Chesapeake Bay Chapters 2nd, but intimate, gathering on the River in Pocomoke City, MD. 4 Trailers & 2 tents & kayaks. Sometimes small intimate Gatherings are wonderful. It was held Oct.22-24.
2010 Mountaineers of WV 1st Fall Foliage Gathering
John T & Linda's 1st Gathering. It was held Oct.22-24 at the Mountain Lakes Campground in Summersville, WV. People came from 4 chapters.
2010 Liberty Bell at Knoebels
A Holloween Gathering at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA. It was held Oct. 29,30,31. About 21 trailers,3 tenters & numerous day hops.
2010 NE Rom in the Swamp
The annual get together in Acusnet, MA at Barry & Darby's house. It was held Nov. 5-7
2010 Cajun Chapter Autum Colors Fall Campout
This was the 2nd one for this chapter. It was again held at Mike L(Co Director'S) house in Prairieville, LA.
2010 Teardrop Show at Cabelas
This was the 2nd show for the arizona Chapter to have at Cabelas in Glendale, AZ. Steve did a great job again. It was held Nov. 13-14th.
2010 Florida Mighty Southern Chapters Gathering X3
Bills annual gathering in Anastsia State Park in St. Augustine, FL. It was held Nov. 12-14
2010 Florida Key West Conch Republic Gathering
It seems to be Wody's finale to Anastasia. Held at the Sugarloaf KOA, this is always a memorable affair. It was held Nov. 15-20.
2011 Shiveree 4
The Hoosier Chapters 4th Shiveree at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN. It was held Jan.15 & 16 in the snow.
2011 Hell (MI)
February 11 – 13, 2011, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its first winter gathering in Hell, Michigan in Southeastern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 8 trailers with 12 attendees from 3 different chapters. Hell did indeed freeze over.
2011 Gulf Shores Gathering
It was held January 14-16 at the Bay Breeze RV on the Bay, in Gulf Shores,AL. This was Karen's 1st one for 2011
2011 Liberty Bell Snowfest
Held for the 6th year at Coop's Cabin in Mifflinburg, PA. Cold as Hell over 17 people & 7 Dogs crammed in from 4 chapters and Canada. It was held Feb 11-13.
2011 Little Talbot
The Florida's Gathering with he So. App & Georgia chapters in attendance. They call themselves the Mighty Southern x3. Bill & Jimmy did quite a job. It was held Feb. 1-13
2011 Arizona Spring Cleanup
This was the 5th Annual Arizona Tearjerkers Spring Cleanup event held at Usery Mtn. Regional Park on March 3-6. It was Steve Mason's last gathering before passing the directorship to Lee Shaw.
2011 French Creek State Park(TriChapter Spring Fli
This Gathering was put on by the Chesapeake Bay, Liberty Bell & Garden State Chapters. It was held in Elverson, PA on April 15-17.
2011 Skidaway Island Gathering
The Georgia Chapters 1st Gathering for 2011 held in Savannag,GA. It was held at Skidaway Island State Park by none other than Marvin, the director.
2011 TN Volun'tears Spring Gathering
The TN Volun'tears Spring Gathering held April 28-May 1, 2011--Spring gathering at Spring Lake RV Park, Crossville, TN. Glen & Sheila were hoping for & got good weather.
2011 Louisiana Chapter Spring Gathering
This was the first Gathering of the Louisiana Chapter saince the name change & under the watch of Mike Miller & Red. It was held at Ticfaw State Park in Springfield, LA.
2011 Louisiana Tick Faw 2
Another Gathering of the newly reformed Louisiana Chapter held again at Tick Faw State Park. Mike, Red & the families are like the Enegizer Bunnies. They keep going & going.......
2011 Warren Dunes (MI)
May 6 – 8, 2011, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its spring gathering at the Warren Dunes State Park in Southwestern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 13 trailers with 24 attendees from 3 different chapters. Not too many pictures were taken since Karl had to leave Saturday morning due to his daughter being hospitalized.
2011 Parvin State Park
Held at Parvin State Park, the Garden State Chapter put on this gathering. Len & Bill did a great job. It was held May20-22 in Pittsgrove,NJ.
2011 Raccoon Holler
Held at Raccoon Holler in NC.
2011 Cheapeake Build & Repair #2
MAY 20,21,22 2011. 2nd phase of Build, Repair and Mod Weekend in Northern/Central, MD. Bring your own porta-pottie to Wayne and Clan's. Lets finish what we started in March.
2011 Summer Shawmee Crowell
Held June 10-12 at Shawmee Crowell State Park in Sandwich, MA, the NE Chapter made their first summer Gathering on Cape Cod.
2011 Rock Cut State Park
Illinois Gathering held June 10-12 at Rock Cut State Park in Loves Park, the far northern region of IL.
2011 Tri Chapter Gathering
Mountaineers of West Virginia, Old Dominion, and Chesapeake Bay Chapters are hosting a Gathering on June 10-12, 2011. It was held at Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VA 22973 on June 10-12.
2011 Boogie In The Hills
Ohio's Buckeye Chapter has been running this gathering for awhile. On the Clear Fork Mohican River, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, River Trail Crossing is a quaint, privately owned campground. It is in Richland County Ohio. It was held June 16-19,Father's Day weekend
2011 Carolina Beach Bash
The So. Appalachians Gathering at Myrtle Beach State Park June 17-19. This was Co Directors Bob & Brenda's 1st Gathering. It was a festive occasion.
2011 Jefferson State Father's Day
DOUGLAS CITY CAMPGROUND is the spot....Off Hwy 299 along the Trinity River approx. 40 miles west of Redding. 13 trailers & a lot of fun & food. Run by Kay C of Jefferson State. It was held June 17-19, Father's Day.
2011 Shenandoah Gathering
The Old Dominion's Shenandoah Gathering. Friday July 8th through Sunday July 10 at the Shenandoah Valley Campground in Verona, VA. Wally & Cathi have done this before.
2011 Crossroads Of America
The biggest Tearjerkers Gathering ever. Held in McCormick Creek State Park in Spencer, IN on July 14-17. It had 142 trailers attending. The Hoosier Chapter held this & had other Chapters help. Kurt & Scott pulled off the unthinkable.
2011 Ross Hill Superhero Gathering
Held at Ross Hill in Lisbon CT., this years theme was Superheroes. You ghad to be there. Perfect weather until Sunday. It was held August 12-14.
2011 Western PA Gathering
August 19-21, 2011 Cooksburg, PENNSYLVANIA Tearjerkers Liberty Bell Chapter's “Western PA Gathering” at Cook Forest State Park, Cooksburg, PA. This was hosted by Coop, Ken & Pat.
2011 United Kingdom's Secret Campsite
Held in September 2011, this gathering took place "somewhere in the UK." The views are spectacular & a good time was held.
2011 My Old Kentucky Tear
The Bluegrass Chapter's Fall Gathering was held Sept. 23-25 at My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, KY. This park honors the stately mansion, Federal Hill, that is the symbol of Stephen Foster's most endearing song (and Kentucky's state song). Carter & Susan hosted this gathering.
2011 Cloudland Canyon
Held Sept.22-25 at Cloudland Canyon State Park in GA. There were people from 4 Chapters (Including Directors) in attendance.
2011 Buckeye Fall Gathering
Coshocton, OH Sept. 30- Oct.2 Buckeye Chapter Fall Gathering at Coshocton Lake Park. Hosted by Galen Niebarger and Rich Ulmes
2011 Hat Creek Hereford Ranch
Held Sept 15-18, the Jefferson States Gathering at the beautiful Hat Creek Hereford Ranch. Kay & Grant always find great views.
2011 Chesapeake Elk Neck State Park
September 23-25, 2011. Mason Meets Dixon Meet at Elk Neck State Park. Northeast, MD. Orville & Rose headed this up.
2011 Mighty Southern Chapters X3
Tear Jerkers from NC, SC, GA, FL and LA attending. Held in St. Augustine, at Anastasia State Park - Nov. 10th-13th, 2011
2011 Tears & TaTa's on Tybee
2011 Illinois Tears by the River
The Illinois Fall Gathering will be October 20-23 at Jim Edgar Panther Creek Fish & Wildlife Area near Chandlerville, IL (NW of Springfield).
2011 Chesapeake @ Pocomoke.
October 21-23, 2011. Last Hoorah at Pocomoke River State Park. Pocomoke City, MD. On Saturday there was a 3 hour canoe trip from Porters Landing rd. to Snow Hill. Orville stepped down & turned over the directorship to Wayne Greenleaf.
2011 Romp In The Swamp
This is the NE Chapters informal Gathering at Barry Haskell's property in Acushnet, MA. It is very hard to explain this party. It was held Nov. 4-6, 2011. The weather was fantastic.
2011 Algonac (MI)
September 30 – October 2, 2011, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its fall gathering at the Algonac State Park in Southeastern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 26 trailers with 46 attendees from 3 different chapters. Despite being a tad cold and slighty breezy, we all had a great time!
2011 Mountaineers Fall Foliage Gathering
JT & his group's Fall Foliage Gathering.
2012 Liberty Bell SnowFest
2012 Hell (MI)
February 10 - 12, 2012, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its second annual “Tears in Hell” winter gathering in Hell, Michigan in Southeastern Michigan. At this gathering, there were 10 attendees from 3 different chapters with at least one other couple unable to attend due dangerous roads from a winter storm. While only 3 trailers were on the grounds, 7 other fun-lovin’ people either stayed at local hotels or came from home to freeze their butts off with Karl, Doug, and Boodro.
2012 Winter BS Session
2012 Chesapeake Bay March Madness - The Goose Nest
Chesapeake gathering at Wayne's farm.
2012 Chesapeake Bay Build Modification Weekend
Chesapeake chapter build weekend at Louella's. The creation of the "Foamy II".
2012 Chesapeake Bay Goose Nest Quickie
One night camping trip at the Goose Nest, MD.
2012 Old Dominion Spring Fling in Virginia Beach
Bob Rugers 1st Gathering as Co Director of the Old Dominion Chapter. It was held at First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA. Great time had by all, not even the scare of rain on Sunday kept 13 Teardrops away. Call this the Pre-Birthday bash.
2012 Great North Woods 1st Gathering
Orville & Rose's 1st Gathering at Jamaica State Park in Jamaica,VT. A little cool weather but a great time by everyone in attendance. It was April 27-29
2012 TN Volun'tears 15th Birthday Celebration
TN Tear Jerkers Celebrates Tear Jerkers 15th Birthday, May 3-6 2012 at Hornsby Hollow Camground on Watts Bar Lake in Ten Mile, TN.
2012 S. Higgins Lake (MI)
May 18 - 20, 2012, the Great Lakes Chapter of Tear Jerkers held its spring gathering at the South Higgins Lake State Park in the north central part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. At this gathering, there were 10 trailers with 19 attendees, all from the Great Lakes chapter. A group of young men holding a bachelor party a few campsites away from us found we “old folks” to be so much fun that they hung out with us much of the weekend. I’m sure that the large amount of delicious food we served them had nothing to do with it.
2012 Chesapeake Bay at Mr Bills Mid-May Hoopla
Gathering at Bill K's place.
2012 ACC 1st Gathering at Keji
Atlantic Canada Chapter first official gathering
2012 Tri-State Birthday Bash
Liberty Bell, Buckeye and Mountaineers of West Virginia Chapters at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA
2012 Cunningham Falls Tri-State 15th Birthday Bash
Chesapeake Bay, Old Dominion, Garden State Chapters. Cunningham Falls State Park, MD
2012 Liberty Bell's "Dog Days at the Park"
Gifford Pinchot State Park PA
2012 Liberty Bell's Laurel Hill State Park
Laurel Hill State Park, PA
2012 New England Ross Hill
Held at Ross Hill Park in Lisbon CT, this Gathering was hosted by the New England Chapter & was attended by the Chesapeake Bay, Liberty Bell, Great Northwoods, Garden State, New York, Central Canada & Atlantic Canada Chapters. There were 47 trailers. It was held Aug.10-12th.
2012 GNW Bremen Ext/Ross Hill
Chapter Directors Orville & Rose Mooney had campers to their property in Bremen ME. Affectionately now called the Blue Moon Campground. Campers left Ross Hill, Sunday, in convoy to Bremen. They stayed from 2 days to a week.
2012 Tears Across da U.P., eh?(9-night U.P. crawl)
The Great Lakes and St. Croix Chapters teamed up to provide a one-in-a-lifetime trip across Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. We camped at 5 state parks, took two boat tours, and ate at several famous U.P. eateries.
2012 Buckeye Fall Gathering
Rustic Knolls Campground, Mount Vernon, OH
2012 End of Summer Fun
2012 TN Voluntears Fall Follies
Tennessee Voluntears Fall Follies, Norris Dam State Park in Lake City, TN, Sept 6-9, 2012
2012 Liberty Bell Raystown Resort
Sept. 14-16 Liberty Bell Chapter at Raystown Resort in Entriken, PA
2012 Georgia Chapter "Fall in the Canyon"
A gathering hosted by the Georgia Chapter of the Tear Jerkers. Attendees from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Held between September 13th and 16th, 2012.
2012 So Cal Chapter Lake Skimmer
These are pictures from The So Cal Chapter Lake Skimmer Gathering held Oct 19 - 21
2012 Chesapeake Bay at Patapsco State Park
2012 Yankee Springs (Great Lakes)
September 28-30, 2012. Yankee Springs State Recreation Area in Western Michigan. 13 Trailers and 21 Happy Campers.
2012 Chesapeake Bay at Pocomoke
2012 NE CHAPTER Romp In The Swamp
The famous RITS held in Acushnet, MA on the property of Chapter Director Barry Haskell. Open to all who want to come. This years party came at the same time as Hurricane Sandy. Many could not attend, but those that did had a fantastic time. It was held Nov 2-4th
2012 Mighty Southern Chapters X 3
Annual Gathering of the Southern Appalachian, Florida and Dixie Chapters. Held in Three Rivers State Park, in Sneads, Florida - Nov. 7th-11th, 2012
2013 Kick Off the Year
Florida Chapter's first gathering of the year - Rodman Campground on the Cross Florida Barge Canal at Palatka, Florida February 28th - March 3rd
2013 Alabama Gathering
Tear Jerkers from AL, FL, GA and TN gathered at Goose Pond Colony at Scottsboro, AL to kick off the Dixie Chapter's 2013 schedule.
2013 Chesapeake Bay Smoke Out at the Farm
2013 TN Volun'tears Rills and Hills Gathering
Defeated Creek Campground 25-28 April
2013 Old Dominion Spring Fling
2013 Buckeye Chapter Spring Gathering
Wolf Run State Park, OH
2013 Chesapeake Bay at Beth's Riverside Resort
2013 Atlantic Canada Moose Yard Gathering
Our International Gathering with the Atlantic Canada Chapter and the Great North Woods Chapter.
2013 Liberty Bell Hickory Run
2013 Southern Appalachian Spring Fling
Southern Appalachian Chapter - May 16th - 19th, 2013 @ Moonshine Creek Campground, Balsam, NC
2013 Tears over Niagara
4 Mile Creek State Park near Niagara Falls, NY
2013 Crossroads of America
2013 Liberty Bell Chapter Cook Forest
Aug. 2013 Cook Forest State Park, Cooksburg, PA
2013 Chesapeake Bay at Beth's Riverside Resort II
2013 TN Volun'tears Fall Follies
Old Stone Fort State Park, Manchester, TN, Sept 5-8 2013 Our 5 year Birthday Party!
2013 Dixie Chapter Fall in the Canyon
September 19th - 22nd, 2013 At Cloudland Canyon State Park, near Rising Fawn, Georgia.
2013 Liberty Bell Poe Valley
Secluded & beautiful
2013 Chesapeake Bay at Jane's Island MD
2013 Liberty Bell Rickett's Glenn
Held October 18-20, 2013 Beautiful Place BUT the Park Rangers suck!
2013 Chesapeake Bay's Last Hoorah at Pocomoke
2013 Mighty Southern Chapters X 3
Gathering of the Southeast Chapters - Dixie, Florida, Southern Appalachian - at Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, SC - November 7th - 10th, 2013
2014 Lenny's BS Session
2014 Chesapeake Bay Chapter Trip to Key West
2014 Chesapeake Bay Chapter at Goose Nest
2014 Old Dominion Spring Fling
2014 TN Volun'tears Rills and Hills Gathering
Hornsby Hollow Campground, Ten Mile, TN
2014 Buckeye Liberty Bell Spring Gathering
Buckeye/Liberty Bell Spring Gathering at Pymatuning State Park
2014 Chesapeake Bay Beth's Riverside Retreat III
2014 Chesapeake Bay Cunningham Falls
2014 Liberty Bell Laurel Hill
August 2014 Liberty Bell chapter at Laurel Hill, PA
2014 Chesapeake Bay at Jane's Island
2014 Chesapeake Bay at Pocomoke State Park
2014 Southern Appalachian End of Summer
End of summer by the lake gathering.
2014 BC(International) 1st Gathering
This was the first Gathering for Brian Woods & the BC Chapter. Held on the west coast of Canada in October of 2014
2015 Chesapeake Bay BS Session, NJ
2015 Southern Appalachian "Shiveree" Gathering
Southern Appalachian "Shiveree" Gathering. Jan. 2015 at Table Rock State Park, Pickens, SC
2015 Chesapeake Bay Goose Nest V
2015 Old Dominion VA Beach Spring Gathering
First Landing State Park
2015 Chesapeake Bay at Tuckahoe State Park, MD
2015 Garden State Dingman's Campground
This was put on by Paul Arnold & Bill Hosfield of the Garden State Chapter. It was held June 12-14 at Dingman' Campground in Dingman's Ferry, PA. Attendee's from NJ, NY, PA, NH showed up.
2015 Southern Appalachian "Spring Fling"
2015 Chesapeake Bay at Little Orleans Campground
Little Orleans, MD
2015 Virginia Creeper Cycling Event
Grindstone Campground, Grindstone, VA July 16-19
2015 Chesapeake Bay at Jane's Island
2015 Chesapeake Bay at Pocomoke State Park, MD
2015 Southern Appalachian "End Of Summer" Gathering
2015 Chesapeake Bay at Trap Pond State Park
Trap Pond State Park, Delaware
2016 Chesapeake Bay Cabin Fever Getaway
2016 Chesapeake Bay Trap Pond (Kilts in Da Wind)
2016 Old Dominion First Landing
2016 TN Volun'tears Rills and Hills Gathering
April 29 - May 1 at Hornsby Hollow Campground, Ten Mile, TN
2016 TN Volun'tears Tears on Whiskey River
Sept 8-11, 2016 at Tims Ford State Park
2016 Chesapeake Bay at Jane's Island, Crisfield MD
2016 Chesapeake Bay at Pocomoke State Park, MD
2016 Chesapeake Bay at Killens Pond, MD
2017 TN Volun'tears Rills and Hills Gathering
Defeated Creek Campground, April 27-30
2017 Chesapeake Bay at Martinak State Park
Denton, MD

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