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About Lawrence Young

I started this web site to provide a mechanism by which the young ladies at Cookie Joe’s Dance Studio could get pictures of their lovely dances. Many of you have seen me at the performances, and I can categorically state that these young ladies are fun to watch and demonstrate real talent. While I am a bit biased given that two of my daughters participate, it has been a great pleasure taking pictures of this dance troop. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them. All profits from the sale of these pictures go to Cookie Joe’s Community Outreach program and a charity of the Studio’s selection. Thank you for a great time last dance season.

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LocationRichmond Texas, United States
InterestsI have a number of hobbies and interests but top among my list are: Tickling my two girls, photography, biking (just got a new road bike), scuba diving and watching professional football
Favorite MusicI really enjoy music and have a broad selection of artists

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