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About Kenneth Houghton

You can email me at

My Photos
LocationBolton Massachusetts, United States
InterestsRailroad Photography, R/C Planes, Aerial Photography, Collect Railroad and Diner matchcovers

Welcome to Kenneth Houghton's Pictures


Hello and Welcome to

Houghton's RailImages On-line photos

I am offering for sale color, b&w prints and enlargements.

4x6 prints - $1.50

5x7 enlargements - $3.99

8x10 enlargements - $7.99

8x12 enlargements - $8.99

I have moved all of the black & white images into their own album, one for trucks and one for trains. They will be available only as 8x10's and larger because Fototime has a problem with their equipment that prints b&w 5x7's and smaller prints. They have been working on the problem for about a year but the small prints still end up being printed with a green tint. These albums will contain trucks and trains and any other b&w images I may have.

Make sure you check out the Misc albums for new photos. I add photos to the MISC albums until I have enough photos to make a dedicated album for them.

Kenneth Houghton's Albums

Alaska Railroad
Alaska Railroad Photos. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
Amtrak Photos. All of these images were originally formatted for 4x6 prints.
Aroostook Valley
Aroostook Valley Railroad
B&M Enlargements
B&W Trains
The photos in this album can only be printed as 8x10's or larger. Anything printed smaller would have a green tint on the photo due to Fototimes equipment not reading b&w files correctly.
B&W Trucks
The photos in this album can only be printed as 8x10's or 8x12's. Anything printed smaller would have a green tint on the photo due to the equipment not reading b&w files correctly.
Bicentennial Units
Photos of Bicentennial painted units from all different railroads and industrial Co's. These images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Bangor & Aroostook
Photos of Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Boston & Maine Railroad
Photos of Boston and Maine Railroad locomotives, freight cars, etc. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
BM Cabooses 8x12
B&M Caboose Enlargements - These images are formated for 8x12 Enlargements.
Claremont Concord
CV Enlargements
Digital Download
Freight Cars & MofW
Lamoille Valley
Norfolk Southern
Norfolk Southern Railroad Enlargements
Pan Am Railways
"Sky Rails" Photos
These photos were taken with my DJI Phantom Quadcopter that I call "Sky Rails" from all different elevations.
St Johnsbury & Lamoille County RR
Photos of the St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad.
Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
Vermont Railway
Photos of the Vermont Railway. All of these photos in this album are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Western Maryland
A few photos of the Western Maryland Railway. These were scanned for 4x6 prints.
BAR Enlargements
Brockway Trucks
Canadian Railroads Enlargments
Central Vermont
Central Vermont Railway Photos. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
D&H Enlargements
Frankfort & Cincinnati RR
Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad photo. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
Greenville & Northern RR
Greenville & Northern Railroad photos. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington
Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad photos. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
Montpelier & Barre RR
Montpelier & Barre RR photos. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at.
P&W Enlargements
Providence & Worcester enlargements
Pioneer Valley RR
Pioneer Valley Railroad photos. Please note that I have added in parentheses the size that the image was scanned at. If you choose another size for a print PLEASE check the cropping.
Consolidated Railroad Corporation ( Conrail ). All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Delaware & Hudson
Delaware & Hudson Photos. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Great Northern
Great Northern Railroad photos. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Green Mountain RR
Green Mountain Railroad photos. See description for recommended print size.
Maine Central Railroad Photos
Maine Central photos of locomotives, MofW equipment, Section Houses, etc. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Maine Central RR Enlargements
Maine Central RR Enlargements
Misc Railroads - 5x7
All of the images is this album were formated for 5x7 enlargements.
New Haven RR
Photos of New Haven Railroad Diesels, Trains, Stations, etc. Most of these photos were taken in the 1950's by my friend the late Mike Usenia and they may not be as sharp as photos taken with todays modern cameras. All of these images were formatted for 4x6 prints.
Portland Terminal - Maine
Portland Terminal - Maine. All of these images are formatted for 4x6 prints.
Providence & Worcester
Providence & Worcester Railroad photos of locomotives, stations and MofW equipment, etc. All of these images were formatted for 4x6 prints.
Springfield Terminal
Springfield Terminal Railway Photos.

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