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About Theo Bauder

I've been taking photos since 1973 when a coworker loaned me his Nikon 35 mm (of course, a film camera). Since then, I have been in love with photography as a way to share my experiences and creativity with those who will take the moment I offer. Since 2000, I have been primarily digitally oriented, using mainly Canon gear, focused on wildlife and scenic settings from the Rocky Mountain region. Having spent many hours observing Nature in the raw, I have been blessed with many opportunities to capture some rarely seen moments. It has become obvious to me that as we encroach more and more into the territory of our wild friends that we, as a civilization, must provide the protection that this delicate system requires to survive, through intelligent and visionary management of both ourselves and the natural world we live in. After all, the barometer for our own existence is in the health of those around us. Destroy it, and we destroy ourselves. Enjoy my photos.

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LocationFort Collins Colorado, United States
InterestsWildlife and scenic photography as art. Hiking and camping; observing nature.
Favorite MusicNew age, classical, celtic and spanish guitar classics.

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Greetings to all my viewers...
Sit back and enjoy viewing my albums as slideshows with relaxing music. Should you decide to purchase one or more through the Fototime Printstore, please be advised that I have a built in one day delay that allows me to get notified of your order before it goes to print. That way, if it has any special needs (sizing/cropping ratio, etc.) I can take care of that before it gets automatically sent to the print shop. Thank you for your patience!

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