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About Wendy Wood

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LocationAthens Tennessee, United States

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Welcome to my Gallery
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18th century, 18th century fair, air force, air show, alert, alum cave bluffs, animals, antique, aquarium, architecture, art, artillery, athens, attractions, autumn, awesome, back yard, baking, basics, battlefield, battles, beach, beak, beauty, beef, beek, beeks, bees, berries, big, birds, black, blooms, blount county, blue, blue angels, board walk, bolts, branches, breeze, bridges, brilliance, brown, bugs, bumble, bushes, butterflies, cabin, cades cove, caliber, calm, cannons, canon balls, canons, captivity, capture, car show, cascade, cascades, cattle, chattanooga, cheroholla skyway, chrome, civil war, classics, clay baking, clay oven, clingman's dome, close up, clothes, clouds, colorful, colors, concrete, confederate army, cooking, country, cows, crafts, craftsmanship, creation, creatures, creek, cruise, dams, daniel boone national forest, dark, designs, dew, ducks, educational, engineering, exhibit, eyes, fair, fall, fall colors, family, farming, farris wheel, feathers, feet, fence, festival, festivals, fins, fish, float, floating, flowers, fly trap, flying, flying high, foliage, foothills, forest, formation, formations, fort loudon dam, fort loudoun, forum shops, friends, fun, fuschia, gardens, gatlinburg, gears, golden, graising, grand strand, grass, gray, great white, green, greenery, gunpowder, guns, halloween, hiking, historic, history, hoof, horizon, horse power, hot rods, insects, interesting, iridescent, iron, jelly, jets, kentucky, labor, lake, lakes, land, landmarks, landscape, landscapes, large, lavender, leaf, leaves, leizure, light, lightning, limbs, lines, lion, lookout mountain, loudon county, luster, maggie valley, majestic, mallard, mallards, marble, marching, marine life, maryville, meadow, metal, mid air, military, military fort, milk, moisture, moon, morning, motors, mountain, mountains, myrtle beach, nastalgic, national parks, natural, nature, navy, needles, night, north carolina, objects, observing, ocean, old, old country, old world, orange, outdoors, over flow, overflow, overlook, owls, paddle, palm trees, pansies, parks, parrot mountain, parrots, paths, patterns, peaceful, peasant, pedals, perfection, pets, pigeon forge, pigeons, pine cones, piney falls trail, pink, planes, plants, point park, polished, pond, pottery, predator, prey, projectile, propellants, property, propulsion, puffy, purple, quiet, rays, razor, rebuild, red, reenactment, reflection, reflections, relaxation, relaxing, revolutionary, ripples, river, rivers, road, rocks, roses, rugged, rust, sale, sancuary, sand, scary, scenery, scenic, sculpture, sea, sea plants, shadows, shapes, sharks, shine, shops, sights, skill, sky, sky cars, sleek, smokies, smoky mountains, soaring, soldiers, south carolina, sphere, spider webb, spooky, standing, statue, statues, steel, stems, stingers, stone, stones, stork, storm, streams, summer, sun, sunset, swim, swimming, take off, tallons, talons, teeth, tellico, tennessee, theme park rides, tires, tourism, townsend, trade, trade faire, trail, trails, trained, trap, travel, tree, trees, tunnel, tva, twigs, twilight, uniforms, vacation, vagas, vegas, vegetation, veins, war, watching, water, waterfalls, waves, weathered, webbed feet, weeds, wheels, white, wild flowers, wildlife, wings, women, wood, woods, yard, yellow