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About Robert Santorelli

I was born raised and still live in East Harlem. don't know how long I been taking photos but my kids are all in there 30's and 40's and when they were young they thought the camera was part of my head. never studied photography just take lots of photos so I'm a picture taker not a photographer

My Photos
LocationNew York New York, United States
Intereststaking photos of EVERYTHING especially in Manhattan and East harlem. and woodworking actually wood crafting I don't have all those machines got a scrollsaw and hand tools. so to sum it up I take lots of photos but I'm not a photographer ,and I make clocks out of wood ,but I'm not a woodworker
Favorite MusicI like that old time Rock-N-Roll Sinatra , bocelli, ant toooo many others to list

Robert Santorelli's Albums

Thomas the train05-0018
taking Justus to Thomos The Train
32BJ Rally 04-11-18
Christmas 2017
Santorelli Family Christmas
Neon Signs
Neon Signs different colors different shapes
Debbie's 60th Birthday
Rohoboth Vacation 6/2017
vacation time deleware
Christmas 2016
JustUs Birthday 12/16
Justus Dash Birthday party 12-16
1199 Art Show 10-20-16
Robert's Art
wood working and photos
Central Park 2-27-16
New Snow February 5 2016
Central Park new snow
My Origami Tree
Empire State building Views of Manhattan
Photos taken from the Empire State Building
The Big Egg Hunt 2014
over 200 Big Eggs were placed in New York City . for every one to hunt
Crazy Horse Memorial July 4 2013
Salt Lake City Utah
Tlaquepaque Village
Grand Teton's
Mud Pot Hot Springs
Old faithfull
Holy Cross Chapel Sedona Arizona
Jackson Hole Wyoming
Mammoth Hot Springs
City of Presidents
bronze statues of all the "out of Office"presidents
Mt Rushmore
vacation Photos
Sedona Arizona
Vacation photo
Blue Peacock
Photos of a Blue peacock who put on a great show for me.
Vews of Manhattan
photos of Manhattan from different locations
One Photo A day 2013
In this year "2013" I will take a photo every day and add it to this album
Sweet 16 table decorations
Roberts Christmas tree
Everything on this Christmas tree was made by "ME" an Italian American from east Harlem. nothing on this tree is from china
Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade 2011
Photos of the macys thanksgiving Day Parade
C-what Eye-C
photos that i like
Stickball Pleasant Ave 11-09-11
oldtimers stickball game 09-11-2011 Pleasant Ave
2Nd Ave Subway 09-28-2011
Taking photos on my Birthday
Ground Zero 09-11-11
around Ground Zero
Ground Zero Freedom towers
10 years gone by
911 memorial 116st East River
this was painted on a building that was torn down to make room for Costco on 116st and the east river drive. its a 911 memorial painted on side of building to honor the firemen who died at ground zero. it no longer exits except in these photos
Roberts Clocks
Hand made clocks
East Harlem Memories
East Harlem buildings
Pleasant Ave
Pleasant Ave
East Harlem Buildings
East Harlem Buildings
East Harlem Wall Art
photos of Graffitti and Wall Art in East harlem
Black and White
black and White photos

My Keywords

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