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About Hood County Animal Control

Hood County Animal Control's Albums

Chihuahua/corgi mix male, TinTop2
5/21, stray. About 15 pounds.
Shepherd/chow chow male, TinTop1
5/21, stray. About 60 pounds, guessing.
Pit mix female, Reba
5/20, stray. About 40 to 45 pounds guessing.
Pit mix female, Jolene
5/20, stray. About 40 pounds.
Beagle/Heeler male, Freddie
5/21, owner surrender. About 30 to 35 pounds, guessing. Social and friendly.
Border collie mix puppy, female, Dolly
5/20, stray. About 12 to 14 pounds, guessing.
Lab mix male, Buddy
5/20, stray. About 50 pounds.
Heeler/Pyr male, neutered, Leroy
5/17, owner surrender. Neutered. about 65 pounds. 1 to 2 years. Sweet. Knows sit and down.
Mixed breed female, spayed, Shady
5/17, owner surrender. Spayed. About 25 pounds. 5 to 6 years. Good with dogs and kids.
Shepherd/lab male, neutered, Tank
5/15, stray. Neutered. About 70 pounds, guessing. Docked tail. Very social and friendly. Knows how to sit.
Terrier/Corgi female, Chloe
5/15, stray. About 20 pounds. She is scared in the shelter.
Dachshund mix male, Woody
5/14, stray. Weighs 20.6 pounds. About 7 months old.
Cattle dog/pointer male, Twister
5/14, stray. He weighs 56.8 at intake. 10 to 11 months old.
Lab mix female, Sky
5/13, owner surrender. About 40 pounds. About 1 year old.
Pit/catahoula female, spayed, Presley
5/14, stray. Spayed and micro chipped. About 60 pounds. 4 to 5 years old.
Heeler/Beagle mix female, spayed, Mellow
5/13, owner surrender. Spayed Around 5 years old. About 60 pounds, guessing.
Heeler mix female, Layla
5/13, owner surrender. 4 to 5 years old. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle. She will come and plop down on your lap and beg for belly rubs.
Border collie/lab female, Luna
5/10, owner surrender. 1 year old. About 50 pounds.
Shepherd mix female, Syra
5/9, stray. About 60 pounds. About 10 months old.
Husky/Shepherd male, Demo
5/8, stray. Weighs 56.6 pounds. 10 to 11 months old.
Doberman mix male, Luke
5/6, stray. About 55 pounds.. Around 10 to 12 months old.
Shepherd/lab female, Joni
5/6, stray. About 40 pounds. 10 to 12 months old. High energy and social.
Collie mix male, Bob White
5/3, stray. About 55 pounds, guessing. 10 to 12 months old.
Rat terrier mix female, spayed, Smiley
Owner surrender. She is living in a nursing home now (along with Lola) with her owner, but owner is becoming unable to care for her. Spayed, UTD on vaccines. 12 years old. Has a little trouble jumping up. Probably best in a home with no children.
Chihuahua mix female, spayed, Lola
Owner surrender. She is living in a nursing home now (along with Smiley) with her owner, but owner is becoming unable to care for her. Spayed and chipped. 7 years old. UTD on vaccines. About 10 pounds. She is astro turf trained for using the restroom Loves everyone and loves to give kisses. Great with kids or older people. She doesn't really bark and is a lap dog.
3 tabby kittens, TabbyJM 1 to 3
5/21, owner surrender.
3 tabby kittens, Tabby 1, 2, and TabbyWhite3
5/21, owner surrender
DSH male, Mack
5/21, stray
DSH kitten, OrangeHicks
5/21, owner surrender.
DSH kitten, WhiteTabbyHicks
5/21, owner surrender
DSH female, spayed, Callie
5/20, owner surrender. Spayed
Litter of 7 kittens, DSH/DMH, TT1-7
5/17, stray. 8 to 9 weeks at intake.
DMH female and one kitten, Little Mary
5/15, owner surrender.
DSH tabby kitten, Fred
5/15, owner surrender. DOB 4/1/19 so 6 weeks 3 days at intake. AKA WJ5
DSH tabby female, Wilma
5/15, owner surrender. DOB 4/1/19 so 6 weeks 3 days at intake. AKA WJ4
2 DSH tabby kittens, WJ6 WJ7
5/15, owner surrender. DOB 4/1/19, so 6 weeks 3 days at intake
DSH female, Velvet
5/13, stray. About 1 year old.
DSH male, declawed, neutered, Tux
5/13, owner surrender. Declawed on front. Neutered. About 5 years old. Very social. Likes to be brushed. Very good potty habits. See picture of letter from owner for other traits.
DSH female, Penny
5/14, stray. Sweet. About 1 year old.
DLH senior male, declawed all 4, neutered, Junior
5/14, owner surrender. 14 years old. Neutered. Declawed on all 4.
DSH male, JB2
5/15, owner surrender. About 1 to 1 1/2 years old.
DSH female, Lindsay
5/13, stray. About 1 year old.
DSH female and 5 kittens, Momma Hickory
5/13, owner surrender.
DSH female, spayed, Alicia
5/10, owner surrender. Spayed.
DSH female, spayed, Penelope
5/1, owner surrender. Spayed. 4 years, 6 months old. Would be best as the only animal in the house. Must be an indoor cat. Does best with men.
DSH female and 5 kittens, Genie
4/5, stray. Kittens were born in the shelter on 4/10
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