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About Hood County Animal Control

Hood County Animal Control's Albums

Lab mix female, Kate
9/11, stray. About 30 pounds. Around 3 or 4 months old.
Heeler/border collie male, Robby
9/12, stray. About 45 pounds. 10 to 12 months
Lab/Pit/Dachshund/Chi female, Dallas Tiger Lily
9/12, owner surrender. About 2 1/2 years old. Around 35 pounds. Has some hair loss on her back. DNA test was done on sister to determine breed.
Pit mix male, Butch
9/11, stray. About 30 pounds. He LOVES his toy.
Chi/Dachshund/Black mouth cur, Tinker
9/11, owner surrender. About 5 months old and around 20 pounds at intake. Short legs and a stocky body.
Lab/Whippet female, Sasha
9/6, owner surrender (with Sandy). About 40 pounds.
Lab/Whippet female, Sandy
9/5, owner surrender (with Sasha). About 40 pounds.
German Shepherd mix female, Nikita
9/9, stray (with Athena and Goliath). Weighs 64.8 pounds.
German Shepherd mix male, Goliath
9/9, stray (with Athena and Nikita). Weighs 88 pounds. Has some skin issues.
German Shepherd mix female, Athena
9/9, stray (with Golitath and Nikita). Weighs 57 pounds.
Husky mix female, spayed, Ulva
9/5, stray. Spayed and chipped. About 2 years old. About 70 pounds. She has a gaping wound in her right front leg.
Heeler mix female, Ruby
8/30, owner surrender (with Oddie).
Lab mix male, neutered, Hummer
8/30, stray. Neutered. About 45 to 50 pounds
Lab/Pyrenees male, Patrick
8/30, stray. About 80 pounds.
Lab mix male, Bear
8/27, stray. He is approx 1-3 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. Bear is very sweet and social.
Border collie/pyr male, neutered, Barney
8/23, stray. Neutered. He is approx 5 yrs old and weighs 86 lbs. Barney is very sweet and social. He is good with other dogs.
Shepherd mix female, Missy (video)
8/22, stray. About 40 to 45 pounds. 8 to 10 months old. Missy is social and good with other dogs.
Male chihuahua, neutered, Bug
Age unknown but he's a senior. Around 10 pounds. Bug has been in a foster home since June, but they are not keeping him and he needs to get in to a rescue.
Pit mix female, spayed, Baby Girl
5/20, seizure warrant. Spayed. About 7 years old. 60 pounds. Very sweet.
Beagle male, neutered, Brad
TAGGED 9/10, stray. Neutered. 2 - 5 years old. Maybe 35 lbs. Dog friendly.
DSH female and 2 kittens, Rachel, Vicki, Alfred
9/9, stray. Rachel is the mom. Vickie is the ghost/torti. The male kitten is black but did not get in the pictures.
3 DSH orange kittens, 2 males and 1 female
9/11, owner surrender
DSH female, Mom1
9/11, stray
2 DSH males, Kit3 and Kit4
9/11, stray
DSH female, Kit2
9/11, stray
DMH female, Kit1
9/11, stray
DSH senior female, spayed, Jill
9/10, owner surrender. Spayed. About 11 years old.
DSH female, Jenny
9/9, owner surrender.
DSH male, James
9/11, stray
DSH female, spayed, Cindy
9/10, owner surrender. Spayed. 3 years old.
DSH male, Chris
9/9 owner surrender
DSH male, Bruce
9/9, stray
DSH male, Tom
9/9, stray
DSH female, Pretty Kitty
9/5, stray. About 3 months at intake. Friendly and social.
DSH male, Felix
9/6, stray
DSH female, Calese
9/6, owner surrender. About 7 months at intake.
DMH female, Grace
9/3, owner surrender
DSH female, spayed, Dora
9/4, stray. Spayed.
DSH male, Kaleb
9/3, owner surrender (with 4 others).
DSH male, Kaycee
9/3, owner surrender (with 4 others)
DSH male, Matt Martin
8/26, stray. He is approx 2 yrs old. Matt Martin is sweet and social.
DMH female, SPAYED, Marcy
8/27, stray. spayed. She is approx 1 1/2 yr old. Marcy is very sweet and social.
DSH female, spayed, Trinity
8/22, stray
DSH female, spayed, Tricia
8/22, stray
DSH black kitten, Bill
8/19, stray. Approx 10 weeks old on 8/28. Sweet and social.
DSH male kitten, Little Smokey
8/16, owner surrender. He is approx 11 weeks old as of 8/28. Little Smokie is very sweet and playful.
DSH male kitten, Meko
8/16, owner surrender. He is approx 11 weeks old as of 8/28. Meko is very sweet and playful.
DSH female kitten, Cher
About 9 weeks old as of 8/16. Currently in a foster home. Cher is very social and is great with other cats and dogs.
DSH dilute torti female, spayed, Puff
8/13, stray. Spayed. She is approx 1-2 yrs old. Puff is very sweet and social.
DSH female w/6 newborn kittens, Jupiter
8/15, stray. Now in a foster home. 2 kittens were born before she was brought in, and 4 more were born at the shelter, on 8/14.
DSH female, spayed, Dana
7/30, stray. Spayed. She is approx 4-5 months old. Dana is very sweet and social.
DMH female, spayed, Carlette
7/26, stray. Spayed. She is approx 2 yrs old. Carlette is very social and sweet. She is very unique as she is missing on of her back paws. She gets along just great.
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