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About Hood County Animal Control

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Hood County Animal Control's Albums

Chihuahua/Dachshund male, Scout
2/14, owner surrender. About 10 pounds. Good with other dogs. Not good with kids or cats. He has a patch of missing/thinning hair along his back.
Norwegian Elkhound mix female, Kita
2/4, owner surrender. About 60 pounds. She was not friendly when she first came to the shelter but has come around and will let you interact with her now.
Shepherd mix male, neutered, Charlie Brown
2/13, owner surrender (with Blue). About 65 pounds.
Pit mix male, Charlie
2/13, owner surrender. About 45 to 50 pounds. House broken. Good with kids. Good with cats. Playful.
Australian cattle dog female, Blue
2/13, owner surrender (with Charlie Brown). About 50 pounds. Not good with small kids. Good with other dogs.
Siberian Husky male, Balto
2/12, stray. About 70 pounds.
3 Lab/Shepherd puppies, Buster, Molly and Sally
2/13, stray. They are about 6 or 8 weeks old.
Pit mix female, S.D.
2/8, owner surrender. About 50 pounds.
Lab/pit female, spayed, Rose
2/11, owner surrender. Spayed. About 60 pounds. Good with dogs and cats. No small children but good with older kids. No food aggression.
Border collie/shepherd male, Henry
2/11, stray. About 40 pounds.
Chihuahua/rat terrier female, DeeDee
2/8, owner surrender. She weighs about 6 to 8 pounds. She is scared in the shelter. Likes to hide or snuggle under her bed cushion.
Lab mix male, Casen
2/12, stray. About 55 pounds.
Pit/Boston terrier mix female, spayed, Sheba
2/8, owner surrender. Spayed. 5 years 2 months old. About 40-45 pounds.
Pit mix male, Monte
2/6, stray. About 60 pounds.
Shepherd mix male, Andre
2/8, stray. About 50 pounds.
Heeler/corgi mix female, Kori
2/6, stray. She is approx 2 yrs old and weighs about 30 lbs. Kori is very sweet and social
Pit mix male, Moses
2/4, owner surrender. About 1 year 1 month old. Around 50 pounds. Likes belly rubs.
Boxer/lab male, Luke
2/6, owner surrender. NO cats. Born 7/3 16, so 2 years 7 months old. About 60 pounds. Luke is very social and good with other dogs.
Pit mix female, spayed, Liberty Bonnie (video)
1/31, owner surrender. About 4 years old. She weighs 107 pounds and SHOULD weigh around 60 pounds. She was friendly and social in the yard and wanted to interact. Walks well on a leash. Would be best with no cats.
Pit/Bulldog mix male, neutered, Drew
1/28, stray. Neutered. He is approx 6 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. Drew is very sweet and social. He is good with other dogs.
Border collie/Pyr/Heeler male, Chadwick
1/28, owner surrender. He weighs about 55 pounds. He is approx 10-12 months old. Chadwick is very social and good with other dogs.
Pit mix male, neutered, Elton
1/24, stray. Neutered and chipped. He is approx 1-3 yrs old and weighs about 50 lbs. Elton is very social and seems to be good with other dogs.
Shepherd mix male, Greg.
1/18, stray. Heeler/shepherd. He is approx 1 yr old and weighs about 45 lbs. Greg is friendly and social. Cropped tail.
Shepherd mix male, Preston
1/8. He is approx 3-5 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. Preston is very sweet.
Mixed breed female, Kaleci
1/8, owner surrender. She is approx 1 yr old and weighs about 55-60 lbs. Kaleci great with other dogs and is very social.
Pit mix male, Petey
1/4, stray. He is approx 1-3 yrs old and weighs about 55 lbs. Petey is very sweet and social.
Rottweiler/Aussie male, Riddle
1/2, stray. He weighs about 60 pounds. He is approx 1-2 yrs old. Riddle is very energetic and playful.
DSH male, neutered, Parker
1/23, stray. About 11 months old. Very sweet. Does not like other cats.
DSH tabby, Greenbrook3
2/11, stray
DSH tabby, Greenbrook2
2/11, stray
DSH blue male, Farley
2/4, stray
DMH male, neutered, Lucky
2/7, owner surrender. Neutered. About 2 1/2 years old.
DSH/Scottish Fold male, neutered, Doddie
2/7, stray.
DSH male, Wade
2/6, owner surrender. About 6 months old.
DSH female, spayed, Isabella
2/4, owner surrender. Spayed and chipped. About 7 months old. Sweet and social.
DSH male, neutered, Oreo
1/25, stray
DSH/Siamese male, Darnel
1/31, stray. 2 to 5 years old, friendly.
DSH female, spayed, Smooch
1/22, stray. Spayed
DSH female, spayed, Joann5
1/16, stray Now spayed.
DSH female, Iris
1/18, stray
DSH male, neutered, Tennessee
1/14, stray. Neutered. Tennessee is shy but will allow you to pet him.
DSH female, Bianca
1/9, stray. She is a mature adult. Bianca is sweet but shy.
DSH female, spayed, Bessie
1/9, stray. Spayed. She is a mature adult. Bessie is sweet but shy.
DSH male, neutered, Butler
1/9, stray. Neutered.
DSH female, spayed, Leti
1/4, owner surrender. She is approx 1 yr old. Leti is very sweet and social.
DSH female, spayed, Myra
1/3, stray. Spayed. 1 to 2 years old. Very sweet.
DSH male,neutered, Edmond
10/3. Neutered. About 2 years old. He is very loving. Loves attention. Good with other cats.
AC volunteers and employees
Shih Tzu female, Missy
OWNERS HAVE BEEN LOCATED, IN MICHIGAN. They want her back, so AC will try to find transport. 2/5, stray. Chipped. About 5 years 2 months old.