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About Hood County Animal Control

Hood County Animal Control's Albums

Red heeler/shepherd mix male,
1/28 stray. Maybe 10 months old. About 40 pounds.
Pit mix female, Tessa Roxie
1/28, stray. Microchipped. About 50 pounds.
German shepherd mix male, Teddy
1/27, owner surrender. About 40 pounds.
Terrier mix male, Monkey
1/27, stray. About 15 pounds.
Rat terrier mix female, spayed, Molly Buffy
1/28, owner surrender (mother in law moved in with a dog and it's not working out with both dogs). Spayed. Chipped. About 1 1/2 years old. Around 20 pounds.
Shepherd mix male, neutered, Miles
1/27, owner surrender. Neutered. Microchipped. About 50 pounds. 1 year 8 months old.
Border collie mix male, Gooseberry
1/13, stray. About 50 pounds. Not good with other dogs.
Boxer mix male, Eric
1/28, stray. About 30 pounds.
Shepherd mix female, Bella
1/27, owner surrender. About 40 pounds. Fence jumper
Pit mix female, Candy
1/24, owner surrender. She is approx 1 yr old and weighs about 60 lbs. Candy is very sweet and social.
Pit/German Shepherd male, JoJo
1/24, owner surrender (owner was getting evicted because of dogs). He is approx 8 months old and weighs about 60 lbs. JoJo is very sweet and social. He seems to be good with other dogs.
Black mouth cur male, Mutt
1/23, stray. About 65 pounds. Has a serious skin condition with random spots of missing hair.
Pit mix male, neutered, Beast Hazard Duke
1/21, stray. About 60 pounds.
Lab mix male, Charlie
1/21, stray. About 65 pounds. Microchipped.
Black mouth cur mix male, Cole
1/16, stray. 1 to 2 years old. Maybe 55 to 60 pounds. Good with other dogs. Sweet and social.
Chihuahua mix male, Pit
1/16, owner surrender with 6 other dogs. 2 1/2 years old. Needs time to adjust to the shelter.
Husky mix male, Roscoe
1/15, owner surrender. He is approx 4 yrs old and weighs about 65 lbs. Roscoe is very social and walks on leash. He is NOT good with small dogs or cats.
Lab mix senior male, Rusty
TAGGED 1/14, stray. He is a senior and weighs approx. 60 lbs. Rusty is very sweet, social and seems to be good with other dogs.
Black mouth cur male, Munchie
1/10, stray. He is approx. 2-3 yrs old and weighs about 70 lbs. Munchie is very social
Lab/Pyr/Heeler female, Heater
1/9, owner surrender. Approx 1 1/2 yrs old. Around 65 to 70 pounds, guessing. Good with other dogs. Friendly. Owners can not keep dog contained.
German Shepherd mix male, Ren
1/7, stray. About 60 pounds.
Red heeler/pit mix male, Spooky Abel
1/6, stray. About 50 pounds.
Chihuahua female, spayed, Tess
PENDING ADOPTION 12/31 stray. Spayed. She is approx. 7 yrs old and weighs about 6 or 8 lbs. She has some teeth missing in the front. She will come greet you at the kennel door with tail wagging but is shy when you go to pick her up. ACO has trimmed her toenails since the pictures were taken. One toenail is just hanging by a thread. She is good with other dogs.
Akita/GSD male, Kai (video)
12/20, owner surrender (landlord said he had to go). About 2 to 3 years old. Around 80 pounds. Very social. Knows commands sit, shake (both paws) and lie down. He is hyper and will jump on you, but if you are stern with him he minds well.
Male chihuahua, neutered, Bug
Age unknown but he's a senior. Around 10 pounds. Bug has been in a foster home since June, but they are not keeping him and he needs to get in to a rescue.
DSH male, neutered, Archie
1/28, owner surrender. Neutered. About 1 year old. 7.3 pounds. Friendly.
DSH male, neutered, Jack
1/28 owner surrender. Neutered. About 1 year old. 9 to 10 pounds. Friendly.
DSH female, Bella
1/28, owner surrender. 9 years old. Not spayed. 12.8 pounds. No small kids and no dogs.
DSH female, Rain
DMH female, Wynter
1/28, stray. She weighs 8.4 pounds
DSH female, Wisteria
1/27, stray
DSH male, neutered, Sunny
1/22, stray. Neutered. He weighs 16.4 pounds!
DMH male, neutered, Kevin
1/22, owner surrender. Neutered
DSH female, spayed, Keisha
1/22, owner surrender. Spayed.
DMH female, spayed, Muffin
1/14, owner surrender (same house as Cookie). Spayed. About 3 years old. Social
DSH male, neutered, Wyatt
1/14, stray. NEUTERED. About 10 months old. Social.
DSH female, spayed, Willow
1/14, stray. SPAYED. About 10 months old. Social.
DSH female, spayed, Whitney
1/14, stray. SPAYED. About 10 months old. Social.
DSH male, neutered, James
12/31, stray. NEUTERED.
DSH female, spayed, Teri
12/30, stray. She is approx. 2 yrs old. Teri is very sweet and good with other cats.
DSH male, GusGus
TAGGED 1/24, stray. About 3 years old. Sweet and social.
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