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About Hood County Animal Control

Hood County Animal Control's Albums

Texas Blue Lacy male, Harley
7/11, owner surrender. About 7 months old. Weighs 38.4 pounds. He is very sweet and good with other dogs. Not aggressive in any form.
Chihuahua/Dachshund mix female, Loli Pop (video)
7/11, owner surrender. 7 months old. 6.4 pounds at intake. Was told Mom is a Pom/Dachshund and dad a Chi/mini Aussie mix. A little timid on her first days but now will come to you and beg for attention.
Chihuahua/Dachshund male, BabyB
7/11, owner surrender (with Loli Pop, BamBam and Snarf). 7 months old. 8.2 pounds at intake. Was told Mom is a Pom/Dachshund and dad a Chi/mini Aussie mix. Will come climb on your leg for attention.
Chihuahua/dachshund male, Snarf
7/11, owner surrender (with Loli Pop, BamBam and BabyB). Approx 2 1/2 yrs old. 10.2 pounds at intake. Was told sister is a Pom/Dachshund and dad a Chi/mini Aussie mix. Was scared at first but is becoming social with the ACOs.
Chihuahua/dachshund male, BamBam
7/11, owner surrender (with Baby B, Loli Pop, and Snarf). About 3 years old. 9.2 pounds. Totally cryptorchid. Owner has had since a pup and never had neutered. Scared but wants to be friendly.
Young Catahoula male, Morris
7/8, stray. About 30 pounds.
Lab/Basenji mix female, Liberty
7/3, stray. About 45 pounds.
Anatolian mix shepherd female, Julia (video)
7/8, stray. 81.6 pounds at intake. Deformed front paw. She gets around on it without any problem. Friendly and social. Will jump up on you.
Blue pit mix male, Boy Blue
7/9, stray. About 60 pounds.
Heeler mix male, Mister
7/2, stray. About 5 months old. Around 30 pounds.
Shepherd mix female, Shawni
7/2, stray. About 50 pounds.
Min pin mix male, Scooter
7/1, stray. Around 12 pounds.
Pit mix female, spayed, Dina
7/1, stray. Spayed (green tattoo). About 60 pounds.
Lab mix female, Dakota
7/1, stray. About 50 pounds.
Pit mix female, Baby Girl
5/20, seizure warrant. About 55 pounds.
Cattle dog mix male, Skipper
6/28, stray. About 40 to 45 pounds
Lab mix male, Goose
6/26, stray. He is approx 8 months old and weighs about 40 lbs. Goose is timid but is coming around every day
Pyr/Anatolia Shepherd female, Macy
6/25, stray. 74.6 pounds. 2 to 5 years old. Heart worm positive. Sweet and social.
Australian cattle dog female, Bailey
6/25, stray. She is approx 1-3 yrs old and weighs about 40 lbs. Bailey is good with other dogs and is friendly.
Catahoula/Border Collie male, Spike
6/19, owner surrender. He is approx 6-9 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. Spike is sweet and social.
Doberman/lab male, neutered, Damon
6/17, owner surrender. About 50 pounds. He is approx 2 yrs old. Damon is very social and great with other dogs.
Pyrenees mix male, Olaf
6/7, stray (owner has been notified). About 120 pounds.
Rat terrier mix female, Smiley (video)
6/10, owner surrender. Owner is elderly and can no longer take care of her. Smiley is about 12 years old. Spayed and utd on shots. Weighed 23.2 pounds on 6/14. Would do best in a home with no children. House trained. She seems stand-offish, but see the video of her asking for petting, so will likely warm up given time or a home environment. Walks well on a leash.
German Shepherd mix female, spayed, Angel
5/22, owner surrender. Spayed. She is approx 7 years old and weighs about 55 lbs. Angel is very sweet and good with other dogs. We believe that she is house trained.
Long-hair mix male, neutered, Buster (video)
TAGGED 6/21, owner surrender (with Benji). Neutered. About 12 years old. Around 20 pounds, guessing. Friendly and good with other dogs.
Shih tzu mix male, neutered, Benji (video)
TAGGED 6/21, owner surrender (with Buster). Neutered. About 8 years old. Very social. Good with other dogs. Around 20 pounds, guessing.
Maltipoo mix male, Robbie
TAGGED 7/9, stray. About 10 to 15 pounds.
Dachshund mix female, Abigail
TAGGED 7/2, stray.
DSH female, Raymondmomma
7/12, stray
DMH male, Mangus
7/12, return adoption.
DLH female, spayed, JJ
7/11, owner surrender. SPayed. Must be indoor only. 3 years 3 months old.
DSH female, spayed, Gypsy
7/10, stray. Spayed.
2 DSH females, BS2 and BS3
7/11, stray.
DSH male and female, BS1 and BS4
7/11, stray. The black on is BS1, female. The tabby/white is BS4, male.
DSH male,declawed, neutered, Beanz (medical needs)
7/10, owner surrender. Neutered. 11 years old. 14 pounds. Has diabetes. Records on file at local vet.
DSH female, Presley
7/3, stray. 7 pounds
DSH male, neutered, Oddball
7/3, owner surrender. Neutered. 12 pounds.
DSH tabby/white, Gray
TAGGED 7/8, stray
DSH male, Elvis
7/3, stray
DSH female, Banana
7/3, stray
2 DSH tabbies, females, Elaniakit1 and Elaniakit2
7/8, stray (with Elaniakitmomma).
DSH male, neutered, Bennett
7/9, stray. Neutered. In quarantine.
DSH female, Elaniakitmomma
7/3, stray.
DSH male, neutered, Crube
7/2, stray. Neutered.
DSH kitten, Thornburg
7/1, stray. Now in a foster home.
DMH female, spayed, Little Mary
5/15, owner surrender. Spayed. About 2 years old.
DSH female, Jayley
6/21, stray.
DSH male, Flystrip
6/21, stray. She is approx 9-10 weeks old at intake. Flystrip is very sweet and social. She got her name because she was found by a concerned citizen in a flystrip.
DSH female, Wylie
6/17, owner surrender.
DSH male, Road Runner
6/17, owner surrender. He is approx 12-16 weeks old. Road Runner is very social. He came in with his 2 siblings.
2 DSH kittens, males, Oliver and Toulouse
6/18, strays brought in together. about 7 weeks old at intake.
DSH male, Pate
6/14, stray
DSH female, Liliana
6/5, owner surrender. 4 months old. Lancaster4
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