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About Bob Robeson

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LocationNapa California, United States
InterestsCreative Photography

Welcome to Bob Robeson's Pictures

Pictures are fun! I am available to shoot your upcoming event, sport or project.

Bob Robeson's Albums

Vintage Memorial Day Scrimmage 5/23/15
OK, It seems like they are all up. Any special requests, head-crops, etc., just let me know. And, please show these to your parents and relatives. Just in case they might want a print or a poster of their favorite player for their wall. You all look like winners!
Vintage Varsity Football Preactice 5/20/15
That's about it on pictures for this practice.
Vintage Varsity Football Preactice 5/13/15
You guys are looking good! That's pretty much all of them for this practice,
Vintage Varsity Football Preactice 5/11/15
It is going to be a great season!
Vintage HS vs Petaluma 9/5/14
That's all the pictures for this game. It's easier to photograph when you are winning, because everyone is smiling! Congratulations on your win at Davis. It must have been sweet, as they say. If you want to contact me It's And, thanks for the nice complements on the pictures that some of you have written. Go Vintage! (by the way, I finally got the pictures from the 4-WAY SCRIMMAGE up online today, too. Some good shots, for sure.)
Vintage HS vs Woodcreek 8/29/14
That is all the pictures for this game. (I have some more but they're just plles of guys.) If anybody wants me I'm at: I got a nice picture of kicker, Jesus Rios-Vargas, making his record breaking kick (picture 65). Congratulations to him!!
Vintage HS 4-way scrimnage 8-23-14
These photos are finally all up online. You are looking like winners.
Vintage HS - Napa HS 7-on-7 June 17, 2014
That's all of them, and ALL THE PICTURES I HAVE FOR THIS SCRIMMAGE ARE UP. Somebody send me a PRACTICE SCHEDULE... I keep showing up for practice randomly, and nobody is there! I'll be there for the games because I have a GAME SCHEDULE. Great practice! GO CRUSHERS!
Vintage Varsity Football Practice 6/10/14
I got some great pictures. You guys are smokin'. THAT'S IT FOR THE PICTURES FOR THIS PRACTICE. Remember to keep to your personal fitness routines. Get a lot of sleep, eat right, and "just say no" when you have to. The team is depending on you! See you on the sidelines. Bob
Vintage HS Varsity Football Scrimmage 5/24/14
THATS ALL THE SHOTS I HAVE OF THIS SCRIMMAGE. Click the picture once to enlarge it, then click it again for maximum size for these jpegs. I can't make the blurry ones clear, but I can brighten them up, etc. Some good photos overall. I put some blurry shots in because I thought you guys want to see them anyway. This is going to be a GREAT season. See you out on the field. Bob
Vintage Varsity Football Practice 5/22/14
For info on buying prints see below. Any questions send a "comment," I'll get right back to you. It looks like we really have some talent this year in Vintage Football, in the coaching and players. There is nothing like winning at football. My boys played in the last "Big Game" against Napa that was won by Vintage (JV game). I think we have a real chance this year to beat Napa and a whole lot more. I know you guys will do your best! Good luck!
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