Closing your FotoTime Account

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How to retrieve your pictures and close your account

Closing your account & downloading your photos

Thank you for evaluating FotoTime for your photo-sharing choice. You are welcome to continue using FotoAlbum as your PC-based photo organizer. There are no time limits or restrictions for its use.

The following describes the options for retrieving your pictures and closing your account.

Retrieving albums and pictures

There are three options to retrieve your albums and original unmodified pictures from your FotoTime account.

  • Using your browser

    Access to the unmodified original picture is available using the "Full Size" button on the left of the slideshow viewer. Using this option, you can manually retrieve all of your pictures.

  • Zip file download

    From the Edit Web Albums menu, choose Download Pictures. Select the album that you want to download pictures for, then select the pictures to download. A zip will then be built that contains all the picture in that album, and you can download and extract the zip to retrieve the photo to your computer.

  • Using FotoAlbum

    Windows users can make use of the FotoAlbum software's FotoSync feature download pictures, albums and captions. Simply download and install FotoAlbum, then click the FotoSync button to walk through the wizard and download your photos.

Closing your FotoTime account

Your FotoTime account will automatically be removed once the grace period has expired. However, if you wish to have your account immediately removed, please e-mail and request that your account be closed.