Patriot Memory Offer

Patriot Memory

Thank you for purchasing Patriot Memory.

To get your 50 FREE prints and FREE FotoAlbum Software follow the directions on the right.

Free offer from FotoTime and Patriot Memory

Free Software and Free Prints
from FotoTime & Patriot Memory

Sample Patriot Memory Offer Card

Get 50 Free 4x6 Prints & Free FotoAlbum Software!

Follow these simple directions...
To get your FREE FotoAlbum Software
  • Download the FotoAlbum Software

    Click here to download the FotoAlbum software.

  • Install the FotoAlbum Software

    Install FotoAlbum by clicking on the installation file you just downloaded. Next use the "Start" menu to execute FotoAlbum.

  • Activate FotoAlbum

    Activate your FotoAlbum software by choosing the "Enter your Activation Id" option on the opening registration dialog that displays the first time your run FotoAlbum. If you have already, registered FotoAlbum, you can enter your Activation Id by choosing the "FotoAlbum Pro Licensing" menuitem from the Help menu.

    Click here for more information on FotoAlbum features.

To get your 50 FREE Prints
  • Using FotoAlbum

    First, select the thumbnails you want printed. Next, click the Shop menu and choose a 4x6 print. Repeat the first two steps until you have all your photos to print listed in the cart on the right. To order multiple prints of the same photo, select the photo and click the Shop menu multiple times.

    When finished selecting your prints, click the "Place Order..." link listed above your cart to checkout. The first step in the checkout process is establishing a FotoTime account. You need to setup an account so that a receipt of your order can be sent to you. Once you have setup an account, you will enter the checkout process. Enter your 50 Free print certificate code from your offer card in the certificate # field on the FotoAlbum checkout screen. Finish the checkout process to complete your order.

  • Using the FotoTime website

    First, create a Free photo sharing account with FotoTime by clicking here. After creating your account, login to your account and upload your photos. Once you have uploaded your photos, click the "Buy Prints or Gifts" link on the left, select your photos, and then select a 4x6 print for each photo, when finished click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. On the final checkout page, enter your 50 Free print certificate code in the Certificate number field.

Terms & Conditions: Offer good on select Patriot Memory SD cards for a limited time only. Packages which include this offer can be indentified by the "Special Offer" sticker affixed to the front.