Introducing FotoAlbum 7

FotoAlbum Features at a glance

Organize thousands of photos and videos on your computer into albums and sub-albums.
Searchable Database
Create a searchable database containing captions, keywords, dates, GPS locations and other metadata fields for each photo and video.
Easily import photos and videos into FotoAlbum from cameras, scanners, memory cards, photo CDs, iPods, and almost anything else that holds photos and videos.
Create Screensavers
Configurable screen saver displays photos from selected albums.
Send to Facebook
Upload selected photos or entire albums to your Facebook photo library.
FotoAlbum integrates with the GoogleMaps API and lets you geotag your photos. GPS coordinates are automatically saved in EXIF.
Manage PDF Documents
FotoAlbum now supports PDF documents in addition to supporting most photo and video filetypes.
Export Albums to HTML
Export your albums and images as HTML and deploy them to your own web server.
Create Slideshows
Create video slideshows with custom transistions and background music.
Protect your Photos and Videos
Protect your photos and videos by archiving them to CDs/DVDs.
Fix your photos
Use our photo editor to edit and fix your photos with tools such as color balancing, cropping, and red-eye correction.
Synchronize photos to iPod
Use FotoAlbum to synchronize your photo library to your iPod photo.
New FotoAlbum 7 Features
Including all the great new features in FotoAlbum 7.

FotoAlbum Editions

FotoAlbum has several different licensing options. There is a single download for all editions of FotoAlbum, and the available features depend on how you activate it and what type of license you have.

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New in FotoAlbum 7

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    While still supporting the SQLite3 database that version 6 had, FotoAlbum 7 adds support for Microsoft SQL Server making the product work much better for network shared and multi-user environments.

  • Send Photos to Facebook

    Choose individual photos or entire albums and upload your photos to Facebook. Keeps your existing album names for better Facebook organization.

  • Export to HTML

    Easily export your albums and photos to HTML. Great for putting on your own home servers to have remote access to your library.

  • Print Contact Sheets

    Print multi-page contact sheets for an entire album's photos or for the selected range.

  • Now Supports PDFs

    PDFs are handled just like photos and videos. We build thumbnails for your PDF documents and you can add captions and keywords to them just like you can for photos.

  • Drill Down Sub-Albums

    Optionally show sub-albums at the top of your albums thumbnails (just like FotoShare works), so you can easily drill down into sub-albums without using the album tree.

  • Improved Metadata Searching

    You can now search or filter on every metadata field in a photo including fields from EXIF, IPTC, and XMP

  • And MUCH More

    To see an entire least of the new features and enhancements in FotoAlbum 7, click here.

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