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Some years ago our friend Paul
Some years ago our friend Paul Klenke distributed a trip report in which he asked if previous climbers had carried an extra pair of underwear due to the exposure on Craggy Peak. This got me to wondering if Duane and I had actually summitted way back in 1982 as I have claimed on, so I decided to go back up and see if I could remember. This we did on October 13, 2018. But when I got to the south summit and surveyed the situation, I honestly couldn't remember if we had climbed the summit pinnacle or not 36 years before. I distinctly remember sitting on the south summit, and some of the climbing route seemed vaguely familiar, but I just couldn't say for sure. This time we came prepared just in case, so we went over to the middle pinnacle and easily attained the summit without rope or belays. This was somewhat disappointing after bringing all the gear, so we decided to rappel just for fun and to feel better about hauling the gear. Craggy seemed easier to me than Dewey Peak th

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