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05-01 - We finally got a sunny
05-01 - We finally got a sunny day!!! And, Halifax, Nova Scotia, was the perfect place to get some beautiful weather, because we had a "tour" lined up for the day. On my last cruise with Mom, in South America, we had a "student" in our crafts classes that turned out to be the star of the class; an "A" student worthy of a gold star. Diana caught on very quickly to each project, then helped the others at her table. And, every project turned out perfect. At the end of the cruise, she gave us hugs and "thanks", then gave each of us a cool key chain that was filled with water, blue sand, and little shells. It looks like a mini ocean scene when turned from side to side, so it brings back memories... I now use it as my golf cart key chain and think of her all the time. At the end of that cruise, Diana asked me where I was going to cruise to next. When I mentioned this cruise, she said she lived in Halifax and I "must" let her and her husband, Alex, take us for a tour. So, I kept in

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