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About Jesse Rivers

I'm a carpenter, I work to live. I'm always looking for adventure away from the Bay Area and enjoy exploring in my Jeep. Hosting provided by FotoTime

My Photos
LocationSan Bruno California, United States
InterestsRock crawling, camping, metal fabrication, shooting sports, photography.
Favorite MusicAngry rock, gangster rap, reggae, classic soul/motown, western.

Welcome to Jesse Rivers' Pictures

Below are some of the pictures I've taken from some of my trips over the years. I really enjoy rock crawling but the enjoyment of getting out, spending time with my friends, seeing new places, and exploring keeps me coming back for more.
I am truly grateful to have so many good friends. Without them my adventures would not be possible.

Jesse Rivers' Albums

Best of the West, April 2002
This was a trip Richard put together and was my first real taste of big rocks. We ran Judgement day, Predator, Axle Alley, and Upper/Lower Woodpecker in Arizona. Then headed to Johnson Valley, California for Sledgehammer and Outer Limits. I chose to just watch and spot on Sledge as I didn't have low enough gears or the experience yet. I headed home on Sunday while those that wern't broke ran Outer Limits. Overall a really great trip, a really fun group of people to spend a week in the desert with.
Moab, October 2002.
Just found these pictures again. This was my first trip to Moab and even with these scanned low quality pics I see why I still go back there. These are pictures from Steel Bender(I think), Behind The Rocks, Pritchett Canyon, Upper Helldorado, Hell's Revenge, and the now closed Lower Helldorado.
Johnson Valley 11/02
This was an(almost)all XJ run with good friends. People came from Colorado, Arizona, NorCal, and SoCal. We ran Jackhammer on Friday then Mil made his excelent carne asada for dinner. On Saturday most of the group ran Wrecking Ball while a few of us ran Outer Limits. On Sunday, the ones who weren't broke or didn't have to get home too soon ran Lower Big Johnson.
Johnson Valley 4/03
Once again I got together with a group of friends for some rock crawling action in JV. Andy, Gary, and I ran a short and difficult trail (that we later found out was called Backdoor) on Friday, then Friday night we ran Lower Big Johnson with about 8 rigs. Saturday we ran Wreckingball and then Andy, Richard, and I ran Sledgehammer that night. Only damage this trip was sheet metal amazingly.
Best Of The West, 21rd.
We ran this trail on 5/18/03. Once again Richard put this run on which is quickly becoming an annual event. This year we went to Colorado and had a great(although tiring) trip. As always it was a nice group of people to spend the week with.
BOTW, Die Tryin'
What an awesome trail, by far one of the best technical rock crawling trails I've ever run.
BOTW, Avalanche ranch.
We ran Sidewinder on 5/22/03 and Alien/Aliens on 5/23/03. Really fun trails and a great OHV park.
Lower Terminator
I ran this trail on 5/26/03. It's located near Lake Pleasant in AZ.
Rubicon June 19-22 '03
Once again, great scenery and a great time was had by all on this classic trail.
Rubicon July 13-16 '03
Andy and I led a group from Idaho through the trail. It was Dave, Dave G., Jason, and Mark's first drive on the Rubicon and they did really well only getting a couple of scratches. The weather was great and the scenery, as always, was fantastic.
Swamp Route 8/1/03
This year we had about 15 XJs and 1 YJ on the run. We drove into Grouse Lake and camped two nights, then finnished the trail on Sunday. Then Matt, Andy, Richard, and I ran Bald Mountain. The weather was rainy with a lot of thunderstorms.
Rubicon August 15-17
I went up by myself for the FOTR work weekend. Ran into friends up there and had a great time.
21RD. 10/5/03
Andy and I met up with Troy, John, and Mike in Grand Junction for a little run before the big NAXJA event in Moab. I was the only one to have done the trail so I took over the duties of trail leader and we ran it all the way through to the top. The middle section was pretty washed out and was a lot of fun, definately more difficult than when I was there in May.
Moab, Rusty Nail
A group of us decided to get together and run this little trail on 10/6/03. We had one lay over, two broken drive shafts, and a spun axle tube.
Moab, Cliffhanger.
We ran this trail on 10/7/03, not difficult but there are some great views and good picture taking opportunities.
Moab, Pritchett Canyon.
We ran this trail on 10/8/03. It changed quite a bit from last year and was a bit more difficult although Rocker Knocker seemed easier this time. We got done rather quickly considering the size of the group we had, lots of well prepped rigs.
Moab, BA.
We ran this short trail on 10/10/03, it had one really good climb and a couple of tight squeezes.
Moab, Misc.
These are pics from Tuesday night's dinner, Thursday's activities, some pictures from Saturday, and whatever else I shot from the trip.
Johnson Valley 11/21/03
We ran Hell's Gate/Sunbonnet pass. We had a lot of fun, some pretty tight squeezes and one really tough section at the end of Sunbonnet made the day.
JV 11/22-23/03.
We ran Outer Limits on 11/22/03 and had about 12 rigs. It was really cold and we broke a lot of stuff. I rode along with Mark on 11/23 and took pics of the crew on Sledgehammer.
JV 12/03
I met up with Mark, Paul, Ron, and Gary for one last run for the year. We ran Jackhammer backwards on Saturday and were done and back to camp by noon so then we headed over to Wreckingball and ran that trail. On Sunday we watched Gary do a quick run on Back Door then headed over to Outer Limits.
URF tech.
Tech 2
The other one was getting too big.
Tech 3
More URF weirdness of stuff you never thought you'd want to see(and maybe still don't).
Urban decay.
Just some random shots of abandoned buildings, general urban decay, and scenery.
Temporary BS.
Work pics.
I figured it was time I showed what I actually do for a living. These are just some random pictures of stuff I've worked on over the years.
Rubicon 7/9/04
Went up to Spyder for the weekend with the Dysfunctional crew and had a great time. Aaron, Ryan, Joel, and Brian put on a good show at the box on Saturday.
Swamp Route 7/16/04
Another great rip on Swamp Route. We had about 20 rigs including XJs, TJs, a couple CJs, and a FJ40.
Cleanup at Spyder Lake 8/7/04
Mark Langford rallied the troops and put this effort together. About 60 people showed up from all over Californina to lend a hand, big thanks to all who helped out!
Fordyce, XJ fest, 2004
The big NAXJA run was on August 14-22nd. We ran Fordyce, Rubicon, and BLT. Here's the pictures from Fordyce. We ran all the way through on Saturday, with some finnishing up early Sunday morning.
Rubicon, XJ Fest, 2004.
Started the trail on Monday and went to Buck Island for a few days, then down to the Springs on Thursday. Finnished up Friday and headed to BLT.
Barrett Lake 8/21/04
Andy, Sean, Erik, and myself ran in on this fun little trail. Bryan started in with us just to check it out. He turned around at about two miles in and headed home to his family.
JV 11/19-21
Great trip. We ran Wreckingball on Friday and Saturday we ran Sledgehammer. Saturday night we did a quick little run up Lower Big Johnson. Sunday we woke up to snow and an interesting drive home.
BOTW Raw Deal 2/20/05
Best Of The West was in rainy Arizona this year and after altering our plans around the weather(and river flows) we had a great trip and ran some fun trails. First up was a warm up run on Raw Deal.
BOTW. Lower Woodpecker. 2/21/05
After packing up and heading out to Florence we went to go play around on Lower Woodpecker. Dumb fest '05 was in effect.
BOTW. Highway2Hell 2/22/05
The day started with some scattered showers but it cleared out for a nice sunny day. The trail was fun and had a good amount of water flowing down it. Definately a challenge to find traction.
BOTW. Rio Lobo and President's Choice 2/24/05
We then headed to Parker on Wednesday and ran these two short trails on Thursday. Rio Lobo is really tight and the full body rigs all got some scratches.
Fistfull Of Dollars and True Grit. 2/25-26/05
On Friday we headed down to run Fistfull Of Dollars near Ehrenberg and had a great time. Fun trail with some nice obstacles. Saturday we stayed in Parker and ran True Grit, then watched Sean roll his junk on the "Launch Pad" at the end of President's Choice. We topped the day(and trip) off with a couple rounds at The Desert Bar.
Panamint Valley
A fun weekend of rock crawling and exploring. On 4/29/05 we ran up Isham Canyon and then went over to Surprise Canyon and hiked up to the falls. 4/30 was spent on Defense Mine trail and looking around the mine area.
Spring 2005.
Here's a bunch of random pictures from trips this spring. Hollister, Frank Raines, Pismo, Hell Hole, and exploring the area West of Yosemite are all included.
Trip to Nevada 6/10/05
Went camping with some friends near Silver Springs. Had some fun racing across the desert and I got fully smoked in the rough stuff by the Toyotas.
Rubicon 6/23-26/05
I drove in to Buck Island by myself Thursday evening and met up with some friends Friday afternoon. Did a lot of hiking around the area, still quite a bit of snow in the higer elevations.
Fordyce Lake 7/8-10/05
Went up to Fordyce Lake for a little camping with friends. Mosquitos were plentiful but the weather and scenery were excellent. Even put it in 4WD a couple times.
Bald Mountain/Red Lake 7/14-17/05
Headed down to Dinkey Creek to run Swamp Route but the trail was still closed due to snow. We ended up playing on Bald Mountain and camping at Red Lake.
Fordyce Creek, 9/9/05
Met up with some friends and had a fun time on the trail once again. The water crossings were very shallow which was nice but the weather was really cold.
Fordyce Creek 9/16/05
Ran Fordyce again on Friday. The water was up quite a bit compared to last week.
Rubicon 9/23/05
What a great weekend! The weather was pretty cold but the trail was as quiet as I've ever seen it. A very relaxing weekend.
Snake Bait/Panamints 10/21/05
Went to Ridgecrest and worked on and ran part ofthe new trail Snake Bait. Then Saturday we ran the Pleasant/Southpark Canyon loop in the Panamints. A great weekend of exploring and the weather was just about perfect.
Johnson Valley 11/13-20/05
Great weather this time, no wind! These are pictures from Lower Big Johnson, Clawhammer, Sunbonnet Pass, Outer Limits, and Wreckingball. All the trails were a little more washed out than before and there were a lot of new lines to try out. A lot of fun!
Trip to Idaho. 12/11-16/05
Went out to Boise to do a little hunting and exploring. I now know what cold is.
Ridgecrest area 1/13-16/06
Went down to Ridgecrest for the weekend and did sommore exploring. We finnished up and ran Snake Bait trail all the way through on Friday, ran Last Chance canyon on Saturday, then went over to Goler Wash in the Panimints on Sunday.
Panamint Valley 3/24-26/06
Headed down to Panamint Valley for the weekend. We went to Lookout City and Defense Mine in the Argus Range on Friday. Saturday we ran Isham Canyon and down the Fish Canyon Escape. Sunday we went up Jail Canyon to check out the old mine stuff then went over to Surprise Canyon and hiked up to the waterfalls.
Johnson Valley 4/27-30/06
Headed down for the weekend and had a great time. Pictures are from Sledgehammer, Jackhammer, Backdoor, Lower Big Johnson, and Clawhammer.
Moab, 5/2-4/06
Hung out in Moab for a few days on my way to Colorado. Didn't really do any wheeling, just some sight seeing.
BOTW-Independence trail. 5/6/06
This year's Best Of The West was once again in Colorado and what a great time. Weather was perfect, awsome scenery, and some great trails! First on the list was Patriot at the Independence trail system near Penrose.
BOTW-Carnage Canyon 5/7/06
After Indy we headed over to Buena Vista and Carnage Canyon. Really fun trail with great views and a tough climb out of the canyon at the end.
BOTW-Die Trying 5/9/06
Monday was a travel day to Montrose and we all rolled into town in the early afternoon. Tuesday we ran Die Trying and after running it again I have to say it's still one of my favorite trails.
BOTW-Topless and Cactus Ridge 5/10-11/06
On Wednesday we ran Topless which was kind of dissapointing, only one really good obstacle. Some of us ran Cactus Ridge on Thursday and then drove to Grand Junction.
BOTW-Billings Canyon 5/12/06
This trail is in Grand Junction and is another to add to my very short list of favorite trails. This one was built right, good signage, winch anchors, and a lot of fun.
Johnson Valley 11/14-19/06
Great trip and unseasonably warm weather. These are pictures from Resolution, Aftershock, Sledgehammer, Hwy20, Clawhammer, and Wreckingball.
Johnson Valley 12/29-31/06
These are pics from Sledgehammer, Jackhammer, and Backdoor.
Panamint Valley/Snake Bait 2/8-10/07
We ran Defense Mine on Thursday and up South Park Canyon and down Pleasant Canyon on Friday. On Saturday we headed back towards Ridgecrest and ran Snake Bait. A lot of winching went on to get through SB and Bryan ended up snapping a front axle. We ended up getting off the trail after dark and didn't get back to town till about 8 p.m.
BOTW-The Wrecking Yard, 5/5/07
This year's Best Of The West took place in Utah. First up was "The Wrecking Yard" near St. George. We had rain, snow, wind, and sunshine during a long day on the trail. Thinking back on this one, the trail is over two miles long! No wonder I was tired at the end of the day! Big thanks to Dean Bulloch and Craig Stumph for showing us the trail.
BOTW-Skull Canyon, 5/6/07
This trail is near Cedar City and had some nice obstacles. Would like to go back and run all the trails in the area.
BOTW-Buggy Blvd.
On 5/7/07 we ran Buggy Blvd. which started off with a nasty climb up a shelf then many exposed rock hill climbs.
BOTW-Chainsaw/Upper Chainsaw
On 5/8/07 we headed over to the fairgrounds in Delta to check out the comp course Craig is laying out then we headed out West and ran Chainsaw and Upper Chainsaw, which had a lot of steep and fun waterfalls. The trail ended with tight and steep climbs through the trees finally ending in a great view from the top. Really fun trail, this is what it's all about. Hard obstacles, old mine ruins, and a great views.
BOTW-Desert Mt. and Cat Canyon.
On 5/9 we headed over to Desert Mountain and played around then on 5/10 ran Cat Canyon which is near the Nevada boarder off of Hwy 50. Cat Canyon was really picturesque with great veiws and some fun obstacles.
Dinkey Creek area, 8/7-12/07
These are pictures from Swamp Route and Bald Mountain. A great relaxing week in the mountains.
Ridgecrest area 11/10-12/07
These are pictures from Panamint Valley, Isham Canyon, and Snake Bait.
Johnson Valley 11/13-17/07
We headed from Ridgecrest to Johnson Valley on Tuesday. These are a bunch of random pics from various trails.
Ridgecrest area 4/18-20/08
On Friday we headed over to the Argus range to run Defense Mine/Lookout City. Saturday was Snake Bait and Windy Ridge and Sunday we ran Isham Canyon. Great last desert run before Summer.
Rubicon, 6/20-22/08
Went up for a short weekend and helped out with the HAM repeater project at Spyder Lake.
Fordyce, 7/11-13/08
Great trip, it had been a while since I was up there. Weather was nice although still a little smokey from the fires.
Swamp Route 8/7-10/08
Nice relaxing weekend with awsome scenery and good friends.
Moab 10/4-5/08
These are pictures from my trip out, Coyote Canyon, and Rusty Nail/Golden Spike/Gold Bar Rim trails.
Moab 10/6-7/08
These are pictures of a mellow day we had checking out various canyons north of Moab. We also went to Tusher Tunnel and ran the Pickle trail. The next day we went on Fins N Things and then went into Hell's Revenge to run Escalator.
Moab 10/8-9/08
These are pictures from Pritchett Canyon and Area BFE.
Moab 10/10-11/08
These are pictures from Area BFE, Cliffhanger, and various pics from the drive back West.
Rubicon 10/24-26/08
Nice quiet weekend spent at Buck Island Lake. I headed in on Friday by myself and saw noone else on the trail untill I met up with my friends at Buck Island. Great weekend!
Johnson Valley, 11/18-22/08
Another great trip to the Hammers. We ran Lower/Upper Big Johnson, Resolution, Wreckingball, Hell's Gate/Sunbonnet, Sledgehammer, Outer Limits, and Back Door.
Ridgecrest 12/30-31/08
Headed down for the holidays for a little rock crawling and hanging out. On Wednesday we ran URF Canyon, really fun trail and quite challenging. The pics from Thursday are of Schizo which has a really nasty out at the end.
KOH 2009, 2/25-28/09
Went down to Johnson Valley for the second annual King Of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley. Helped out Richard with his race efforts and had good times with friends. These are pics from general shenanagins, LCQ, and contengency.
KOH 2009.
These are pics from race day.
Hwy 19/20, Johnson Valley 2/28/09
We ran out to do Hwy 19/20 on Saturday for a mellow run up the rocks.
Punisher 5/1/09
This was the first run up this new trail. Probably is the hardest one in the area, definately a buggy/big tire trail.
URF Canyon, Eliminator, Big Pimpin' 5/2/09
Ran these trails on Saturday. Dave drove Andy's buggy up URF and Richard let me drive his untill my ribs started hurting too much and handed the wheel back. URF is quickly becoming one of my favorites. After URF it was a quick run up Eliminator, down a trail that had not been run or named yet(part of the "Ant Hill"), and then we headed over to Big Pimpin' for lunch.
Windy Ridge 5/15/09
This trail is still really green and has a lot of boulders still moving around on it. The steepness also adds to the difficulty. Great views from the top too.
URF Canyon 5/16/09
This trail is just really fun. Dave had to run it in his own rig and became the first person to take a full body TJ up it. It was in the upper 90s and was about as hot as I could stand on the trail. No more desert trips for me till the fall unfortunately.
Rubicon 7/9-12/09
My first Summer trip to the Rubicon in a couple years. The weather almost seemed like Fall with mild temps and even a few hours of rain Saturday afternoon. Just a good time with some good friends.
Fordyce Creek, 7/24-26/09
Met up with Dave, Rick, Debbie, and later Kevin for a little camping. The water was deep and cold, driving all the way out with a wet seat on Sunday was rather unpleasant. Beats being at work though...
Rubicon 8/13-16/09
Went up and met up with a bunch of friends on Thursday morning. We ran into Buck Island lake to camp a few days. On Saturday we drove to the end of the trail at Observation Point to have lunch, then headed back to Buck.
Barrett Lake 8/16-18/09
After getting off the Rubicon, Richard, Jim, Bob, Randy, Cliff, and I headed over to the Barrett Lake Jeep trail after getting some more ice. It was great, no one there and very quiet. On Monday, Richard and I took a little hike to a couple of nearby lakes.
Swamp Route, 8/26-29/09
A nice and relaxing few days up at one of my favorite spots, Grouse Lake.
Bald Mountain/Brewer Lake, 8/30-9/1, 2009
On Sunday we went to Bald Mountain for a quick run to the top then headed over to Brewer Lake for a couple days.
Rubicon 10/23-25/09
Though it is Fall the weather was pretty nice, a good relaxing weekend.
Johnson Valley, 11/6-7/09
Another great trip to the desert, the weather couldn't have been any better in Johnson Valley. These are pics from Outer Limits on Saturday.
Johnson Valley, 11/8/09.
These are pictures from the new trail called Spooner Canyon. It's a very fun trail with some cool chutes and a lot of big rocks.
Johnson Valley, 11/9/09
On Monday some of us went over to Full of Love. My rig isn't really setup to do this trail so I shot pictures instead. Afterwards we went to camp for lunch then ran Turkey Claw.
Johnson Valley, 11/10-11/09
On Tuesday we had a nice relaxing day. We ran up Jackhammer, down Jack North, up Wreckingball, and down Clawhammer. Great day on the trails. On Wednesday morning we were to do a quick little run up Resolution then head to Area URF but Scott ended up breaking bad and it took most of the day to fix his rig and get off the trail. We didn't get to Area URF till about 8:00 that night.
Area URF. 11/12-14/09
These are pictures from Schizo, URF Canyon, Big Pimpin', and the Three Hoes. The weather was windy and cold, a big difference from Johnson Valley.
Snake Bait/Windy Ridge 12/30/09
These are some pictures from some scouting we did West of Ridgecrest and pictures from the Snake Bait and Windy Ridge trails.
Pleasant/Southpark Canyon loop. 12/31/09
These are pictures from our day trip out to Panamint Valley.
Area URF, 1/1-2/2010
These are pictures from a new trail we broke called Army Ant, Sweet n' Low, Eliminator and Escalade. Decent weather and a nice time in the desert.
KOH 2010 2/8-14/2010
Went down again this year to help out the race effort of two teams. These are pictures from LCQ and random stuff.
KOH 2010
These are day before and race day photos. I didn't get many because we were way out at the remote pits.
KOH wheelin'.
These are just wheelin' pictures from Clawhammer, Sunbonnett, and Full Of Hate. Racing is cool and all but this is what it's all about.
Devil's Reject, 5/14/10
This is a new trail Andy and I had worked on and Andy and Jason ran it for the first time here. All I got pictures of were the first two waterfalls, the trail continues up a couple difficult ledges and finnishes up with some notches. The trail is very steep.
MDR Ridgecrest 200
These are some pics from the race a Wagonwheel near Ridgecrest. First time I've seen desert trucks and buggies up close during a race, pretty cool.
Car of the week.
I like junk and have been wanting to put together an album with some of the cool cars I see.
Trip to AZ. 11/7-12/10
These are pics from our travel down and of the first trail we ran, Suzie's Choice.
Raider Nation 11/8/10
The was a short trail not far from camp. It was very wet and had several waterfalls that required a lot of throttle to make it up. Fun trail.
Pet Cemetery 11/9/10
This trail is great. Starts off with a couple big obstacles that are really fun. Watching Andy crawl the waterfall was cool, I don't think too many have ever driven it.
Matrix 11/10/10
This trail took about 45 minutes to drive to and was seriously bad-ass. Unfortunately my rig is just not up to a trail of this magnitude so I just walked it and shot pictures. Definately one that is on my "to do" list.
Die Hard 11/11/10
These are pics from Die Hard and in hindsight, it was probably the hardest trail(for me) that we ran this week. The rock is super grippy and suck you in. I ended up breaking a CTM u-joint in my Dana44. Still a fun trail though.
Thanksgiving on the rocks. 11/24-28/10
Spent a long holiday weekend in the Mojave desert with some friends. Did a little rock crawling, ate some good food, and a bit of exploring.
Thanksgiving on the rocks.
More pics.
Thanksgiving on the rocks 11/27/10
More pics from the weekend.
McIver's Cabin 1/8/11
This was a quick run up the trail to the cabin. We didn't make it all the way because of the deep snow but it was a fun day none the less.
Panamint Valley 3/31-4/3/2011
Great long weekend to get out to the desert and finally some warmth. Good friends to hang with, cold beer, and beutiful scenery. A very relaxing trip.
Rubicon 10/14-17/11
Great relaxing weekend on the Rubicon. The weather was fantastic and a great group of friends to enjoy the mountains with.
Thanksgiving on the rocks 11/24-27/11
Awesome weather this year. Good food, good trails, and great friends.
Hammers 4/25-30/12
Awesome time in Johnson Valley, truly an irreplaceable piece of desert.
Rubicon 6/23-24/12
Freezing weeking with some rain, fog, and Johnson Valley like winds. Beautiful and fun up there none the less.
NorCal rock races. 8/4/12
Went to Prairy City for round#2 of the NorCal Rock Races. Makes me want to build a beater for the stock class.
Krustoberfest, 10/11-14/12
Great time in the desert at Area URF with the Tin Benders.
Trip to AZ 12/21-27/12
Some wheeling in North Phoenix then a trip down to Warren.
Area URF 12/28-30/12
New years at Area URF. Really cold but fun with friends and big rocks to drive over.
Hollister 3/2-3/13
Our annual non club club run at Hollister Hills SVRA. Great weekend, nice weather, and awesome company.
Ultra4 at Prairie City, 4/6/13
Wow, amazing how these cars have avanced since the first couple of KOH races.
Defense Mine/Lookout City 4/23/13
Nice day trip exploring the Argus range.
Area URF 4/23-28/13
Random pictures from Punisher, URF Canyon, Eliminator, SB, Windy Ridge, Schizo, etc...
Bodie/Funnel Lake
Nice little trip to the Eastern Sierras. Pretty hot in the low lands but perfect weather at the higher elevations.
Sierrafest 2013.
Camped out at Hermit Valley and tagged along with the group on Deer Valley and Slickrock trails. Was my first time up to this area and I'll definately be going back in the future.
Johnson Valley 9/16-20/13
Went down for the Bender Jambo. Great time!
Area URF 12/26th-31st/13
Nice time in the desert with good friends, drinks, food, and rock crawling.
Ultra4 at Prarie City 6/7/14
Coyote Flats 6/19-22/14
Spent the weekend at Funnel Lake and explored the Coyote Flats area.
Barney Riley Trail
Spent the weekend camping on the Carson River. Beautiful country.
Rubicon 8/30-31/14
Met up with friends at Walker Hill and had a good time.
Swamp Route 9/12-14/14
Great weekend in the mountains.
Rubicon 10/25/14
Went up for the day for some adopt-a-trail work. Was very wet and cold but a good time none the less.
Hollister 11/22-23/14
Annual toy drive at Hollister. Hung out with some friends and had fun.
AZ wheeling 12/12-13/14
Met up with some friends in Arizona for some camping and wheeling.
Panamint Valley 12/28/14
Little day run out to Panamint Valley. Hiked up Happy Canyon, Surprise Canyon, and checked out the junk cars that were tossed off the cliff just as you drop into PV from Trona.
Area URF 12/29/14-1/4/15
Was SUPER cold but good times none the less hangin out in the desert.
Sierrafest 8/15/15
Ran Coyote Lake trail and Bald Mountain. Nice weekend to get out of the heat.
Rubicon 9/26/15
Headed up for the weekend to do a little work.
Rubicon 6/10-12/16
Had been a while since I went to Buck Island and checked out the waterfall. It did not disappoint.
Funnel Cake 7/7-10/16
The lake is super low and Rocky Bottom Lake is completely gone. It's going to take several years of heavy snow to refill these high mountain lakes.
Panamint Valley, New Years 2016-2017
Spent a few days exploring the area.
Moab 4/22-28/17
These are pictures from Kane Creek, White Rim, and Lockhart Basin. At the end there's a few pictures from our travel back through Death Valley and Panamint Valley.
Reno area, 5/26-28/17
Did some exploring in the Reno area. These are pictures from Prison Hill, Steve's Loop, and Bronco Canyon.
Ultra4 Stampede 6/10/17
Great day of racing at Prairie City.
Deer Valley 8/11/17
My first time running this trail all the way through. Easy but very scenic, Deer Creek is a beautiful spot to camp.
Panamint Range 12/29/17
Did the South Park/Pleasant canyon loop. Beautiful weather for late December.
Nevada trip
Just a weekend of some target shooting and relaxing.
Prison Hill & Bronco Canyon, 5/25-27/18
Good times in Nevada.
Hell Hole 7/20-22/18
Did a quick run on the short trail for a little camping. Pleasant weather and very quiet. This trail is quite remote and difficult to get to right now with so many roads closed due to land slides.
Deer Valley 8/10/18
Nice scenic drive on an easier trail.
Barrett Lake Trail 9/14-16/18
Once again a beautiful and scenic trip on this great trail.
Rubicon 9/28-30/18
Cold weekend.
Nevada 4/5-7/19
Some exploration of very rural Nevada.
Moab 4/28-5/3/19
Great trip to Utah. Lots of driving but did quite a bit of relaxing as well.
Courtright. 9/5/19
Just some camping and relaxing.
Hell Hole 5/15-17/2020
Excellent weekend up at Hell Hole reservoir. Trail was much harder than it's ever been and the climb out in the rain on Sunday was quite difficult.
Leavett Lake area. 6/12-14/20
Nice cold weekend in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Swamp Route 7/30/20
Such a beautiful area. The trail has gotten pretty rough as of late, super bumpy and slow going.
Deer Valley 8/15-17/2020
Just a little camping and exploring.
Nevada trip 8/10-13/2020
Found a spot on the map and went there. Was not disappointed, beautiful area.
Johnson Valley 10/9-11/20
Just a nice weekend in JV. Hadn't been there in some time, just went down to hang out with friends.
Nevada. 11/6-8/20
Just a cold weekend camping in Nevada.