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Preserving The Quintessential Adventure Vehicle

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LocationJohnston Iowa, United States
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Welcome to Land Cruiser Nation's Pictures

Welcome to the LCN Photo Site. Here you can see vehicles I'm passionate about preserving. Browse around and sign the Guestbook.

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Land Cruiser Nation's Albums

The Krumsick Cruiser
Very likely the lowest mileage most pristine original preservation class Land Cruiser FJ40 in existence. Some photos were taken when the truck had just over 6300 miles and some more recently at 7400 miles. It get's driven about 100 a year.
1950 Willys M38
1960 Ford F-100
Say hello to "Betty"! - She's one of a kind
1960 Jeep Surrey Gala
1969 Aqua Ford Bronco
Southern California classic with 59600 miles.
1969 FJ40 ST
Built for Moab - 69 frame and tub. 77 2F engine. Lot's of extras!
1969 Jeep Wagoneer
This is one of the last of the Kaiser Wagoneers before AMC took over. She's a survivor with under 55K miles.
1969 FJ40 FST
28,950 Original Miles
1969 Nissan Patrol
A very original 1969 Patrol with winch
1969 White FJ40
1969 Triumph GT6+
Nice older restoration - Fun car!
1969 Blue Bronco
Beautiful uncut frame-off Bronco
1969 Skyview Blue Bronco
Survivor with original paint, A/C, PTO
1969 K5 Blazer
7400 mile survivor
1970 Green FJ40
Truck has been brought up to 1979 specs. 2F motor, Disc brakes, power steering, roll bar, OME suspension and more. Killer truck IMHO
1970 Blue Bronco
47 years of patina!
1970 FJ40 Capri Blue
Super nice stock FJ40 owned by one man for 44 years.
1971 Blue FJ40 Custom
Owner traded her for a truck for his Son
1971 Chevrolet C10
Custom C10 Pickup - Sunday cruiser powered by a freshly rebuilt 427 from a 69 Corvette.
1972 Red/White Bronco
1972 Red FJ40 Low Miles
1972 Blue FJ40
An honest original that has been owned by one family since new.
1972 Mustard FJ40
Nice low miles farm truck that was restored by a Father and Son over several years. Great driver
1972 Red FJ40
One Owner with 28900 miles.
1973 Orange FJ40
Great Survivor brought back to her former glory.
1973 Beige FJ40
Rusty former plow truck with 46000 miles. Factory PTO winch.
1973 Dune Beige FJ40
Restored to Stock, 2F Engine owned by John Mayer
1974 FJ55 Custom
30 months invested. Build by BTB and TLC!
1975 Beige FJ40 - Sorted
1975 Mustard FJ40 CA
1975 Mustard FJ40 - California smog compliant.
1975 Bronco
Nice honest Survivor with 68000 miles.
1975 Green FJ40 CCOT
11,380 Miles!!
1975 Mustard FJ40
49850 miles
1975 Beige FJ40 Survivor
38000 original miles. TLC Stage One Restoration. Beautiful Original FJ40
1975 Bronco Denver Edition
Super Rare and beautiful
1975 Red Bronco Ranger
1976 Red FJ40 TX
1976 Blue FJ40 Ol' Blue
O'l Blue
1976 Red FJ40 CA
Solid truck
1976 Green FJ40 Survivor
1976 Mustard FJ40
Nice 76 Driver with rebuilt 2F by Toyota, Old Man Emu suspension, vintage Warn winch.
1976 Blue Bronco
Off the chain restoration of a Bronco Sport. Sold at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2018
1976 Blue FJ55
Total low miles Survivor - One of the best original FJ55 known to exist.
1976 FJ55 Blue
A 48000 mile FJ55 in excellent condition.
1976 White FJ40
Frame Off Restoration with 71000 miles.
1976 Red FJ40
Beautiful FJ40 for sale on consignment.
1976 Red/White FJ55
This is one very nice FJ55.
1976 Blue FJ40-
Largely unmolested FJ40. Original Paint. "Ol' Blue"
1977 Red FJ40 - PS 78K
Found on BaT
1977 Blue FJ40 ST
Built by Seth Jacobsen at Adventure Driven, this Arizona FJ40 is a unique and high quality truck
1977 White FJ40 PS
1977 Red FJ40 2
Nice FJ40 - California Smog Compliant.
1977 Blue FJ40 WI
Engine, wiring harness and cluster from 1982 FJ40 Engine runs great. 4WD works well. Compression ranged between 138-142. New clutch, master cylinder. Warn winch works. Looks like it was repainted about 15 years ago. Very solid body but needs to be sprayed again. Lower door skins were installed and perhaps rear plate below barn doors. Otherwise all original metal. No oil leaks of any significance.
1977 Bronco Ranger
Power Steering, Power Brakes, New C4 Automatic Transmission, 66000 Original miles.
1977 Beige FJ40 w/PS
Nice FJ40 in excellent shape!
1977 Dune Beige FJ40 PS
Power steering
1977 Red FJ40
Frame Off 1977 FJ40 with 116K miles.
1977 Dune Beige FJ40
Awesome survivor with less than 24,000 miles - Was totally restored in 2015 and offered at Gooding and Co.
1977 Green FJ40
Original Paint
1977 Olive FJ40
One Owner Arizona Cruiser - Total Survivor
1977 White FJ40
Beautiful White 77 Land Cruiser with 114K miles.
1977 Beige Bronco
1978 Green FJ40 IL
1978 Mustard FJ40 Showroom
Total restoration. Truck has power steering and Air Conditioning. Showroom condition.
1978 Red FJ40 - 32K miles
1978 FJ46 Custom Build
FJ40 that was engineered into an extended cab pickup
1978 Red FJ40 PS
1978 Olive FJ40 w/Winch
Nice Cruiser!
1978 Red FJ40 PS & A/C
A nice Southern California truck with power steering and A/C
1978 Dune Beige FJ40 FST
Colombian Soul!
1978 Blue FJ40 EFI
67K miles, Fuel Injected and Beautiful.
1978 Mustard FJ40 PS
California truck. 82200 miles
1978 Olive FJ40
This truck was definitely a survivor class vehicle.
1978 Olive BJ40 Wide
Custom fabricated body 6" wider than stock
1978 Red FJ40 - CCOT
Former Cool Cruisers Restoration with PS and AC
1978 Blue FJ40 Turbo Diesel
Fuel Injected Turbo Diesel 78 FJ40
1978 Red FJ40
Power Steering and A/C with less than 25,000 miles.
1978 Sky Blue FJ40
California survivor! 70,350 miles, original paint, one owner for all it's years until 2012.
1978 Blue FJ40 - Gertude
We called her Gertrude - After the woman who sold her to me.
1978 Mustard FJ40
A stock drop dead beautiful stunner with 44,500 original miles.
1978 Green FJ40
28,500 original miles.
1978 FJ40 Soft Top
A beefy 78 FJ40 soft top with aluminum tub.
1978 White FJ40
Beautiful original rust-free Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 with 91K original miles. Warn winch and Stow-Away tow bar.
1979 Red FJ40 Proffitt
1979 Beige FJ40 PS 79K
Very nice survivor with Power Steering and 79K miles
1979 Beige Survivor PS
1978 Red FJ40 PS and AC
63,600 miles - A/C - Power Steering - Killer FJ40
1979 Red FJ40 PS/AC
Like a new FJ40 only better.
1979 Red FJ40 TN
1979 Mustard FJ40
Nice example of and largely unmolested FJ40 in New Mexico
1979 Dune Beige FJ40
10,500 original miles.
1979 Beige FJ40 A/C
Nice rust free truck from AZ. Factory A/C
1979 Dune Beige FJ40 PS
1979 Red FJ40 -
Survivor from New Mexico with 144,000 miles.
1979 Rustic Green FJ40 1
So nice! Steel and aluminum - 68000 miles.
1979 Rustic Green FJ40 2
1979 White FJ40
About as perfect as thy get!
1979 Smurf FJ40
60,000 miles - Beautiful
1979 Blue FJ40
Awesome Survivor with 60,000 miles.
1979 Blue BTB FJ40
Built by BTB Products - Vortec 5.7L
1979 Red FJ40 TLC
TLC Stage 2 Restoration with less than 60,000 miles. Power Steering, winch, rack.
1980 Green FJ40 28K Miles
Rustic Green 1980 FJ40 Survivor. 27,800 Miles
1980 Blue FJ40 - 68K Miles
1980 Delta Mini Cruiser
Pristine 26,000 Mile example
1980 Red FJ40 PS
Aluminum Tub - Nice
1980 Orange FJ40
1980 Mustard FJ40
Great LOW miles Land Cruiser FJ40
1980 Olive FJ40 5-Speed
1980 Beige FJ40
Rebuilt engine, power steering
1980 Mustard FJ40 1
1980 Red FJ40 - South America
Classic Colombian Soul!
1980 Orange BJ40
Imported from Costa Rica
1980 White FJ40 -
1980 White Cool Cruisers FJ40
1980 White FJ40 2
Tuffy Console, Aqualu aluminum tailgate with storage compartment.
1980 Olive FJ40
1980 Mustard FJ40 Parts Truck
1980 Olive Brown FJ40
1980 Yellow FJ40
105,000 miles, factory power steering
1981 White FJ40 5-Speed
Nut and bolt frame off - Gorgeous!
1981 Red FJ43 4800 Miles
This "time capsule" sat for 25 years after her original owner passed away.
1981 Beige FJ40 PS & AC
1981 Blue FJ40 PS AC
This truck is the real deal. 42,600 miles. Factory power steering and A/C.
1981 White FJ40
Original paint.
1981 Green FJ40
1981 White FJ40 - 2
1981 FJ40 with Factory Power Steering
1981 Nordic Blue FJ40
Air Conditioning, Power Steering, 67000 miles
1981 Freeborn Red FJ40
Factory PS, OME Suspension, Frame-Off Restoration
1982 Blue FJ40 OME
Truck looks to be mostly original paint.
1982 Dune Beige FJ40
PS and AC
1982 Jeep CJ-5
Restored low miles Jeep CJ5 Renegade
1982 Blue FJ40 PS
137K miles. Nice original 82 with power steering.
1982 Mazda RX7 GSL
58,500 miles. Original Paint, interior.
1982 Red FJ40
55,000 Original Miles
1982 Nordic Blue FJ40
42000 original miles
1982 White FJ40
A nice original 1982 FJ40. Needs restoration. Some rust but minimal.
1982 Red FJ40 4400 Miles
1982 Blue FJ40 PS/AC
A very unaltered and original example with power steering and A/C
1982 Red FJ40 (3)
Three Red 1982 trucks pictured here: B. Wilson's Red 1982, One of my Rd 82's and J. Berbee stunning 82 - Built in Nov of 1981, this Land Cruiser has only 4,500 miles. I called her the Enigma!
1982 Red FJ43
A beautiful truck from Colombia with power steering
1982 Beige FJ40
124,000 miles - Original Paint, Factory Power Steering and AC.
1983 Beige FJ40 4
65850 mile survivor. Unrestored original, factory PS and A/C.
1983 White FJ40 TLC
TLC restoration of a very nice 1983 FJ40 with PS and A/C
1983 Blue FJ40 PS & AC
82000 miles - Frame Off Resto in Medium Blue
1983 FJ60 Beige
A time capsule Survivor with original paint.
1983 Beige FJ40 3
Documented low miles UAS spec 1983 FJ40 with PS and A/C
1983 Red FJ40
1983 FJ40 with factory A/C and PS. Restored in 2009
1983 Green FJ40
Stock 1983 restoration with Old Man Emu suspension
1983 Olive Brown FJ40
Rare 1983 Land Cruiser FJ40 with A/C Restored by TLC - 128,600 Miles.
1983 Olive FJ40 - Rusty
1983 Olive PS & A/C
1983 Beige FJ40
The best 1983 FJ40 I know of. Factory PS and A/C, Old Man Emu suspension, All original paint with 53,000 miles. I want it.
1983 Beige FJ40 2
The Holy Grail. A beautiful 1983 FJ40 with factory power steering and A/C - One of the few remaining.
1983 Blue FJ40
107,000 Miles
1984 Red FJ60 - 59K Miles
Beautiful FJ60 with ultra low miles.
1984 Beige FJ60
95,000 miles,
1984 Copper FJ60
1984 Copper Met FJ60
AZ Land Cruiser Wagon with original paint, 116K miles
1985 Silver FJ60
Parts truck or repairable FJ60 with 150K miles.
1986 Mazda B2000
1932 Miles - Like new
1987 Dk. Blue FJ60 Vortec
Beautiful FJ60 with modern mechanicals.
1987 White FJ60 - Survivor
Time capsule with 38000 miles.
1987 Mercedes SL500
1987 Red Toyota Mini Truck
37600 miles - Preservation Class 2WD Mini Truck
1988 Beige Metallic FJ62
One of a kind with only 13460 original miles
1988 White FJ62 - CO
130K Miles - Beautiful White FJ62 in Colorado.
1988 White FJ62 42K Miles
The Perfect Storm!
1988 Gray FJ62
170K Miles
1988 White FJ62 AZ
Original Paint, 187,000 miles.
1988 Red FJ62
Original paint survivor with 174K miles.
1988 Blue / Silver FJ62
1988 White FJ62
FJ62 with 88,000 miles
1989 Grey FJ62 - 73K Miles
73K miles
1989 BMW 325i Vert
Nice low miles convertible
1989 Red RX-7
Super Nice 89 RX-7 Convertible with 83050 miles.
1989 Champagne FJ62
91,000 miles
1989 White Grand Wagoneer
65600 Original Miles!
1989 Red FJ62
Original 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 with 62,500 miles.
1989 Black Grand Wagoneer
1989 Mercedes 560 SL
1990 White FJ62
California Truck with rebuilt engine.
1990 Silver FJ62
1991 White FJ80
88,000 miles.
1992 Land Cruiser 80 Series
Turbo Charged- 218K miles
1998 Black 4Runner
I'm not sure how they kept it so nice.
2007 Shelby GT500
2014 Blue FJ Cruiser
2000 Wild Heart Custom Bike
Flawless with 400 miles on it.
1976 FJ55
1966 Jeep CJ5 V6
27000 original miles I'm told. Was towed behind a motor home so many of those miles are towing miles.
Misc Pictures
Headleaf Lake Trip 6/09
Six guys in Canada fishing for a week
PCH Odyssey
A trip up the Pacific Coast Highway in a 1979 Land Cruiser FJ40
Ontario 7/27/15 - 8/1/15