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About Robert Bolton

My Photos
LocationVancouver Washington, United States
Personal Website
InterestsMountaineering and peak-bagging (highpointing, prominence bagging), birding, photography, classical music.
Favorite MusicAll classical all the time.

Robert Bolton's Albums

Peakbagging 2012
Mt. Spickard
Duane Gilliland, Edward Earl, and yours truly summited Mt. Spickard on September 3, 2011, thereby being the first to complete the list of 100 most topographically prominent mountains in the 48 states.
Washington County Highpoints
Photos of the county highpoints of Washington
Oregon County Highpoints
The Lower-48 Ultra-prominences
Until May 18, 1980, there were 58 peaks in the contiguous 48 US states with at least 5,000 feet of topographic prominence, AKA Ultra-prominence peaks. That list of 58 peaks was not known to have been completed by any single person, although two people, Bob Packard and Edward Earl, had completed the 57 such peaks which now remain. Because my friend Duane Gilliland and I both climbed pre-eruption St. Helens, we were hoping to be the first to complete the list of 58. This we did on August 17, 2008 on the summit of Mt. Cleveland in Montana, the highest peak in Glacier National Park. These are photos of those peaks or from my climbs. (Album still under construction).
Oregon Prominence Peaks
I completed the list of Oregon peaks with at least 2000 feet of prominence in April 2010. This album is not yet complete, but I will be working to complete it. These photos are those that are not included in the Oregon County Highpoints album.
Pacific Northwest Images
These images can be used with a screen saver slide show or other purpose. Their resolution is 1024x768 pixels. All images were taken in Washington unless otherwise noted.
Slide Show Images
Slide show images not from the Pacific Northwest
Kintla Peak
The three highest mountains in Glacier National Park are also the three most topographically prominent, and all three are in the list of 100 most prominent peaks in the Lower 48. As such they are all on the list that I hope to complete by 2011. The three peaks are Mt. Cleveland, Mt. Stimson, and Kintla Peak.
Desolation Peak hike
On June 12, 2010, 7 of us headed for Ross Lake in northern Washington to climb Desolation Peak. It was a perfect day in every way.
The Klickitat Problem
Klickitat County, Washington's highest point was the quest of two outings, one with Dean Molen, on "Mt. St. Helens Day" (May 18) of 2003, and another on October 18, 2009 with Don Nelsen and Ardith Bowman. The problem has been that nobody has really known where the highest point is, until this last visit when we set out to determine this once and for all. Read the captions to gain an understanding of the dilemma and its resolution. As it turned out, we happily were able to resolve the question without burning down the trees. :-)
Remmel Mountain
I climbed Remmel Mountain on September 27, 2009 with my friend Ken Russell. Here are some photos from that adventure.
Climbing North and Middle Sisters
Climbing Mt. Cleveland
Mt. Cleveland is the highest peak in Glacier National Park, and for Duane Gilliland and me, it was the last peak we needed to complete the list of 58 Ultra-prominence peaks in the Lower 48 states. These photos are from our two attempts, the first one repelled by a nasty storm in September 2007. A year later we tried again, and that time we had perfect weather and completed our quest.
Duane Gilliland's Mt. Cleveland photos
Climbing Mt. Stimson
Monarch of the Nyack
Duane Gilliland's Mt. Stimson photos
The photos in this album were taken by Duane Gilliland during our climb of Mt. Stimson in Montana's Glacier National Park on August 10-14, 2008.
Duane completes Washington's COHPs
My long-time mountaineering pal Duane Gilliland completed the Washington County Highpoints on the summit of Mt. Daniel on August 3, 2008. Here are some photos from that climb.
Skamania Mania
My second visit to the Skamania County, WA highpoint - a "liner" on the west ridge of Mt. Adams - was much more enjoyable than I could have predicted.
Three Fingers
Photos from climbing Three Fingers with Duane, Dean, and Eric.
Boundary Peak 16 October 2006
My cousin John Hood and I tackled Nevada's highest point, Boundary Peak, on a cold windy day a few days after fresh snow had fallen on the mountain.
McDonald Peak
Bonanza Peak
My final Washington county highpoint was that of my birth county of Chelan. Duane Gilliland, Joel Mickelwait, and I summitted Bonanza on July 15, 2004.
Big Horn
This album was created in memory of Ed Holt, who was the leader of this climb that took place on September 25-26, 2003. The objective of the climb was "Big Horn" in the Goat Rocks Wilderness near Mt. Curtis Gilbert.
Climbing Mt. Olympus
Photos from our August 2003 climb of Mt. Olympus. Photos taken by several climbers, photographer identified in the captions.
Climbing Glacier Peak
Photos from my 1994 climb of Glacier Peak, Washington's hidden volcano.
Mt. St. Helens
On July 21, 2006 the mountain was reopened for climbing after having been closed since October 2004 due to the new dome-building eruption. I was lucky enough to join a party who had an extra permit, and climbed it on July 25. What an awesome experience it was!
Nevada County Highpoints
Idaho County Highpoints
Ptarmigan Traverse Trip Report Photos
Photos used in my trip report on the Ptarmigan Traverse
My friend Dean
Pix of Dean Molen from some of our many peakbagging outings together.
Ryan and Sam
Mom's 90th
Uncle Glenn
Lucille's 90th Birthday
Boltons and Railsons at Seaside
We joined Ryan and Sam and Sam's parents (from England) for a weekend at a beach house in Seaside, Oregon.
Mt. St. Helens photos by the USGS
Olympia Harbor and South Puget Sound
From a March 2000 trip.
Pix of me
Images for linking
Linked photos
Photos linked to from other websites.
Hi-res pix
These are high resolution photos that some may wish to download for printing or other purposes.
UCA Class of 1965
For Others
2010 Top 100 Party
Christmas 2010
Washington 100 Highest Party 2008
The date was November 8, 2008.
My friend Vernon
Uncle Clayton
2011 Peakbagging Pix
Corran, Breena, Ashlyn
Christmas with Gillilands
Juneau 1980-82
Elin's wedding
For Erlene
Pix of Adam
UCA Class of 62
Bulger Party 2012
Peakbagging 2013
Darlene's 93rd Birthday
For Norma
For Kimberly
For Ken Russell
2013 UCA Homecoming
Bulger Party 2013
Gordon Hood
2013 NPUC Christmas Party
Seahawks Kick Behind
Ron's 70th BD Celebration
Dave's Ptarmigan Traverse Photos
Temperature Inversion
Mt. Whittier
On August 10, 2014 Ken Russell and MC Reinhardt joined me for a hike up Mt. Whittier and helped me celebrate the completion of another peakbagging list -- the 33 peaks in Skamania County with at least 1,000 feet of topographic prominence.
Remembering Adam
On Sunday January 25, 2015 a group of 14 met at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, WA outside of Seattle to remember and celebrate our fallen comrade Adam Helman. Here are photos from that gathering.
UCA Class of 65 50th Reunion
Sacagawea Peak 8-15-2015
After the memorial service for our friend Edward Earl in Livingston, Montana, my friends and I joined Edward's brother Jim and Jim's son Devin for a hike to the summit of Sacagawea Peak to distribute some of Edward's ashes where some of his mother's ashes had been distributed several years earlier.
Austin's graduation embedded images
These photos are embedded in my ascent pages at
Three Fingered Jack
Ed Lyons
Mount Ritter
On September 11, 2017, John Mitchler, his brother Kurt, and I summited Mt. Ritter, near Mammoth Lakes, California. It was my third attempt and John's second.
Dad Full-resolution
2017 Bulger Party
Dennis Poulin
47 Years, 48+1 State Highpoints
My 48+1 state hightpoints journey, from September 5, 1965 to May 6, 2012.
Scott Peak and Clark County HP, Idaho
August 11, 2005
Idaho County Highpoint - Bare Peak NW or Point 9439
My photos from a challenging hike to likely the highest point in Idaho County, Idaho.
Dewey Peak 2018-09-02
Craggy Peak 10-13-2018
Bulger Party 2018
Celebrating Joanne
My Friend Mel
Dr. Melvin K. West was the greatest musical genius I've known personally, by far. I counted it a wonderful privilege to know him and count him as a friend. I will miss his music making and the joys we shared attending Oregon Symphony concerts and listening to recorded music together. Rest in peace my friend. During the late 2000s I often took my camera to Sunnyside Church, and many of these photos were taken when he was making music for various services and programs.
Jigsaw Puzzle Pix