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Zion December 2020
Grafton, UT- Ghost Town
Playing with colorizing some B&Ws of Grafton
Kanab, Ut, Peekaboo Slot Canyon
Fall in SW Utah 2020
Cedar Mountain 2020
Minimalist Photography
I've started thinking "Minimalist", really trying to figure out the concept.
Fall 2019 - Chasing Color and Horses
Vacation May 2019
A one week trip through some great areas. Best part is we went where there were few people, glad they're staying close to the National Parks!
Vacation - October 2019
Vacation - SE Utah 2017
San Rafael Swell/Nine Mile Canyon
We spent 2+ days in the area around Price, UT. Explored a Dinosaur Quarry, some of the Swell nad Nine Mile Canyon.
Zion National Park
We live very close to Zion N.P. and I'm going to start an album of pictures I take in and about Zion.

Zion NP covers not only the main canyon but also the Kolob Canyons and the Kolob Reservoir area. In fact the East side of the tunnel is my favorite part of the park.

Fall 2017
Yant Flat - Dixie N.F.
This is becoming a very popular place! It's being featured on web sites, calendars and guide books!
Note Cards - Custom Made - Utah Photographs
I take the pictures, Yo assembles the cards!! Card stock is from recycled paper, borders are printed with a soy bean based ink.

Cards are 5"x7", images are 4"x6". envelopes included. We can box sets of 4 for gift giving, no extra charge.

Cards are $6.00 ea and include shipping. Boxed sets are sent Priority Mail, $8.50 additional.

Vacation 2014
Some photos from a 5 day trip with friends.
Nine Mile Canyon
Nine Mile Canyon is located in Central Utah, we spent a great day exploring the canyon topped off by a herd of wild horses!!
Pioche, Nevada
We stayed in the area and did some local sites after a 65 mile ride in the mountains. Boot Hill and the Mill were interesting.
Pine Park Dixie National Forest
Pine Park is located in the Dixie N.F., about 1 1/2 hours from St George. It's very remote and requires at least HC to get to.
Hamblin Cemetery
I was first taken here by a neighbor whose family had lived at Hamblin. His nephew is responsible for the history stone and the grooming. It's nice to see how descendants still care for these graves.
Nevada - Great Basin etc
Zion N.P. - Desert Big Horn Sheep
On a Saturday in late May 2007 the park was full of Bighons. In places you could actually get decent photos.
Hanksville, UT - Sept 2014 Little Egypt - Factory
We took a three day weekend to go to Torrey, UT. That Saturday we went out to Little Egypt, drove a back road (20 miles) and took a ride out to Factory Butte.
Arizona - Hopi Petroglyphs and more
We did a short trip out to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. On the way we spent a night in Marble Canyon, AZ and stopped at Coal Mine Canyon. Photography is not allowed on the reservation but our guide told us the Taawaki Petroglyph site was OK for photos.
Capitol Reef N.P.
We've visited here a couple of times.
Cathedral Valley - Capitol Reef N.P.
We took a drive through Cathedral Valley in May of 2012. For once the weather cooperated and it was a terrific day. The road is back country and you should have a 4wd with high clearance.
Interesting Rocks of the Southwest
With the amazing geology here, it's no wonder we see interesting rocks. I love how some have eroded into recognizable shapes.

Most are from Utah but also Arizona and Nevada

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument
This remote area can be accessed from St George, UT or Mesquite, NV. We went out of Mesquite and only went about 15 miles in on a pretty good dirt road. I'll be adding to this as we explore the area this Winter.
Coyote Buttes North - The Wave Sept 2010
We can't thank Marcy and Don enough for asking us to join them on a hike to the Wave.
Cedar Breaks and Wildflowers
These were taken over two weekends from Cedar Breaks N.M. down to Kolob Reservoir.
Pine Valley Recreation Area
About 35 miles from St George is this beautiful area t the base of the Pine Valley Mtns.
Joshua Trees - AZ/UT Border
Gold Butte Rd - Devil's Fire
A friend and I are checking out an amazing area in Nevada.
Gold Butte - Mesquite NV
In the same area as the Grand Canyon Parashant is the region known as Gold Butte. This area includes a lot of mines, Indian Petroglyphs/Pictographs and some Devil's Fire.
Zion N.P. - Fall 2010
Some photos from around Zion N.P., Fall of 2010
Fall in Southern Utah 2012
Colors came a little early to the high country, late September this year.
Zion N.P. - Fall 2011
Zion is spectacular in the Fall!!
Zion N.P. - Icicles
Zion N.P. - Petrified Wood - Fall 2011
During a hike in te Dalton Wash area of Zion we came across some incredible Petrified Wood. Not so much "gem Grade" as large beautifully colored trees. The ground cover in Fall made it difficult to find some but we'll go back in the Spring.

Please remember that you cannot remove anything from the National Park.

Zion N.P. - April 2012 Snow!!!
On April 15th we had a storm in the area, it dumped 8-12 inches of snow at the higher areas of Zion N.P. Some of the were taken on the East side of the main canyon and others on Kolob Terrace Road.
Zion N.P. - Observation Pt
There are two ways to get to Observation Pt. You can hike across the East Mesa or you can hike up from the Weeping Rock parking lot.

The hike from Weeping Rock is terrific but a bit strenuous. This way it's 8 miles R/T, a lot of it on switchbacks going up! There is a bit of exposure near the top that may bother some people. Yo does not like drop offs but she was able to do it.

We rate this one of the best hikes we've done in the park.

Zion N.P. Waterfalls 12/13/09
We had a bit of snow and rain in Zion, got the waterfalls flowing pretty good.
Zion N.P. - Calif. Condors Kolob Reservoir
The re introduction of California Condors has been going on at the North rim of the Grand Canyon. Almost 30 of the birds have made their way to the Kolob Reservoir area of Zion N.P. They take off every morning and soar over the canyons, returning to rest mid-day. On the day I took these pictures we counted 17 Condors in the immediate area.
Zion N.P. - Big Horn in Snow
Found a small herd of Big horn Sheep after a snow in Zion N.P.
Zion N.P. - Hidden Canyon
A great hike from Weeping Rock. This one is a bout 1 mile and you gain 800 ft. On the final approach there is some exposure and they have put in chains to help.

Yo had never done anything with this much exposure but handled it like she'd been doing it all along.

Zion N.P. - Two Pines Arch
This is a pretty short hike up a drainage just outside the large tunnel. It's a bit of uphill and a scramble to actually reach the arch. I only "ledged" out about 10 times. LOL
Zion N.P.- Parus Trail 1/09
Took a walk on the Parus trail and a drive out to Temple of Sinawawa. Spectacular day.
Zion N.P. - Sand Bench Trail
This trail starts across the road from the Court of the Patriarchs and wanders in loop about 600 feet above the canyon floor. A terrific winter hike before the horses take over.
Zion N.P. - Sand Bench - March 2008
Zion N.P. - Tunnel Wash - East Side
There is a wash that comes down from the North just outside the small tunnel on the East side. We parked on the West side and walked down to Clear Creek and around to the drainage that comes into it from the North. At the top you can access the ridge that goes out over the tunnel. I was a little snowy so we didn't do it that day. At the top we were able to look down into the drainage that runs North from the parking lot by the
Zion N.P. Canyon Overlook
This hike is just outside the tunnel on the East Side. Seems a little strenuous at first but it's really quite easy. You get a terrific view of the switchbacks and West Temple, and a lot more.
Zion N.P. Waterfalls & Snow
On Dec 1, 2007 Zion had about 2" of rain with snow at the higher elevations. We went and drove around and did hike up to Lower Emerald Pools. I really need to take a tripod but I think you'll get the idea.

A week later we had about 5" of fresh snow on the East side of the tunnel. Absolutely spectacular!

Zion N.P. - The Narrows
Thousands of people will come to Zion and do this wonderful hike. You simply go to the Temple of Sinawawa and take the River Walk to the end. At the end you enter the Virgin river and hike upstream as far as is comfortable.

Make sure you have shoes that can get wet and a hiking stick or wooden staff. Both Zion Rock and Zion Adventure rent these for a moderate fee. This hike will be cold in the Spring.

Zion N.P. Clear Creek
Clear Creek is one of the drainages on the East side of Zion. Parking in any pullout and dropping into this or the other drainages makes for a great hike.

These pictures are from the Fall of 2006.

Zion N.P. - Fresh Snow
These were taken in Dec 2007 after a fresh snow. Spectacular!!
Saturday 11/14/09 in Zion
Took drive thru Zion N.P. on Saturday. Got to see a couple of young buck, turkeys and Big Horns. A perfect day.
Cave Valley: Kolob Reservoir Rd
Traveling up Kolob Res Rd about 9 miles you'll enter into Cave Valley. The first picture shows a "ghostly rock" that marks the South end. Much of this area is on private land but we've experienced no problem crossing it and entering into Zion N.P.

There some pictographs and an Indian Crematorium within the park. You'll need to get some local info to find these. When I asked at the VC desk, they told me they were off limits. That is not true, feel free to contact me for more information.

Please respect these sites and don't touch or remove anything.

Zion N.P. Kolob Canyons Area
This album features pictures from the Kolob Canyons of Zion N.P.. This area is located off RT 15 about 40 miles from the main canyon of Zion.
Zion N.P. - Kolob Reservoir Rd Area
Leaving out of Virgin, UT and driving up Kolob Reservoir Rd is a real treat. There some nice hikes as well as some canyoneering to be had off this Scenic Backway.
Zion N.P. - Northgate Peak
We always enjoy the hike to Northgate Peak and do it every year.
Kolob Rd - Some Snow
Took a drive up Kolob Rd and went from deer grazing to a lot of snow. Even some people on snow shoes.
Kolob Canyons - Zion N.P. South Fork Taylors Creek
We did this hike in late May of 2007. We had done a part of it last Fall but waqnted to do it when it was green. Great little hike!
Moab, UT October 2010
We did a 5 day trip to Moab and got to do some great hikes, see some amazing scenery and even do some trails in the Jeep.
Bryce and Red Canyon
Here are some pictures of Bryve Canyon and its neighbor to the West, Red Canyon. Coming from the West on RT 12 you drive thru Red on the way to Bryce. Doe yourselves a favor, stop and do at least a little hike.

At Red Canyon,I've done the Arches trail, Pink Ledges, Birdseye and Photo trails.

In Bryce I did the Sunset to Peekaboo and out the Navajo trail. I believe this hike gives you a great feeling for the park.

Ashdown Creek to Flanigan's Arch
The best hike is from the top down but on a beautiful Saturday morining we decided to go from the bottom up. Creek was perfect for wading and the limestone canyon is beautiful, high walls, trees and little waterfalls.
Utah Flowers
We get some terrific flowers during the Spring and Summer. This is hard to believe as we live in the desert!
Wildflowers July 2009
Traveling from Yankee Reservoir in Parowan to Kolob Reservoir outside Virgin we took in some beautiful scenery.
Wildflowers 2011
Bald Eagles
Over the last few years I've been able to get a few good shots of Bald Eagles. They are awesome to see, I can just watch them do nothing!
Critters and Birds
Some in the yard some on the trail.
Santa Clara River Reserve
Just outside St George, UT is the Santa Clara River Reserve, 6500 acres managed by the BLM. There are numerous trails with great views and lots of Indian drawings.
Browse UT Sequoia and Ranger Station
About 25 miles North of St George is a hiway exit for Browse, UT. From the exit there is a forest service road back into the Pine Valley Mountains. The road turns from maintained gravel to a rougher 4WD road. After 7 miles you arrive at the abandoned Browse Ranger Station. Directly behind the cabin is a rare, for Utah< Sequoia tree. I have heard this is 60 years old and 110 feet tall.
Red Rock Canyon. Mojave, CA
California Coast
Gunlock UT
Gunlock is located NW of St George. There is a State park there as well as some hiking on BLM land. We're going to start exploring this area a little.
Silver Reef Mine Area- Leeds Utah
Taking the Leeds/Silver Reef Mine Exit off Interstate 15 takes you to an okld historice mining district. We went "behind the Reef" and found some old ruins and a lot of closed off mines.
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Jan 2010
I added another album for Red Cliffs, second time we did this hike and it's terrific.
Kanab, Ut - Coral Pink Sand Dunes and an Interesting Canyon
Went out with our 4WD club to an unnamed canyon outside Kanab, Ut. The arch was spectacular!!
Moquith Mtn - SW Utah
This area is just SW of Mt Carmel, near Coral Pink Dunes. We went back into Water Canyon to an archaeological site that was occupied about 1200 AD. The drawings were very well preserved.

From there we went out to a couple of scenic overlooks. This was strictly for HC 4Wd vehicles.

Water Canyon - Moquith Mtn Kanab
Moccasin Mtn Dinosaur Track Site
About a month ago the BLM in Kanab announced that a hunter had found a rocky stream bed filled with Dinosaur tracks. I was able to get directions from a friend and we went out to find them. Pretty cool and not many people have been here.
Cedar Breaks & Twisted Forest
The Bristlecone Pine is thought to be the oldest living thing on Earth. Trees in CA have been dated at 4500 years old. In the Cedar Breaks are of SW Utah is a place called the "Twisted Forest" that has many of these trees, the oldest is thought to be 1700 years old.

We hike in this area during the hot Summer months. The scenery is spectacular and temps are in the 70s.

I've add some pictures of the Cedar Breaks amphitheater and Cascade Falls. An easy day trip from the St George area.

Cedar Breaks - Eagle Release
Cedar Breaks N.M had its anniversary on 8/18/07 and there was a realease of a Golden Eagle as part of the festivities.

I only got a picture or two after the Eagle was released, there were just too many people crowding the area.

The eagle in the close up is a captive one that does fly and hunt but returns to it partner, Martin Tyner.

Stateline, UT - A Ghost Town
Stateline, UT is an abandoned mining town in SW Utah. Thia was established in 1896, the mines played out and only 18 people were left in 1918.

I read a bit of history and it seems there were more outlaws than miners!

Modena, Utah
Modena, UT is sparsely populated town about 60 miles NW of St George.
Horseshoe Canyon Pictographs
The finest pictographs on the Colorado Plateau are found in this canyon. There are four different panels including the most famous Great Gallery.

Some of these are as much as 3000 years old. They are simply amazing, we were in awe of the artistry of this ancient people.

San Rafael Swell
The San Rafael Swell covers a large are north of Hanksville UT.
Goblin Valley with Irina
Our friend Irina came for a visit and one of the destinations was Goblin Valley. Proving once again there's a little kid in all of us, we had fun!
Paria River Basin, including Cottonwood Rd
Wasn't sure how to title this. We were killing some time and took a drive in to the site of the old movie set. The set was burned down a couple of years a go so about all that's left is scenery. I don't know what makes people do what they do!

There is the old cemetery here and a few buildings from the original town. I wanted to take some closeups of the town but my wife didn't want to wade.

The Wave - S.W. Utah
The Wave is located in S.W. Utah between Kanab, UT and Page, AZ. This is a truly unique landscape of sculpted, petrified sand dunes. Nowhere else on Earth like it.

I hiked it with my neighbors son, Troy, on a cloudy, threatening day. We had a little snow flurry at the Wave and coud see lightning and hear thunder in the distance.

The Wave is probably more spectacular on a bright sunny day but cloud color does give great contrast. The high Sun will wash out the colors, late evening would be the time to be here but the 2.75 mile hike out would not be fun.

Rim Rock Hoodoos
These are located in Utah along RT 89 at MM 19 outside Page, AZ. The hike in is about 20 minutes and you'll need about an hour to see everything.

You'll need to go around to the left once you're up on the plateau. The white hoodoos will amaze you!

Aspens and Bristlecones
These were taken in the Dixie National Forest, along Dry Lake Rd. These were taken on Sept 26, 2009.

The Bristelcones are the oldest trees in America, one at Cedar Breaks N.M. is 1700 years old. These pictures were taken from The Twisted Forest, a beautiful little hike.

The Aspens were just amazing and it'll be another week before they've all turned.

Parowan, UT - 2nd Left Hand Canyon
The red canyon is a wash off the road that goes through 2nd Left Hand Canyon. The cascade is a little further up canyon by the trail head for Hendrickson Lake.
Parowan Gap - Petroglyphs and Dinosaur Tracks
A little over 10 miles West of the town of Parowan you come to a terrific set of petroglyphs. These are dated about 1000 years old. Like most petroglyphs these have never really been interpreted.

There is Dinosaur track site not far from the Gap. There is a sign, a kiosk and a paths to the prints. Very well set up and fascinating.

It's really easy to combine this site with a trip to Cedar Breaks. Stop in Parowan at the Parowan Cafe on Main St, great for breakfast.

Parowan, UT- Yankee Meadow area
Most visitors to Utah visit the better known National Parks and Monuments. Living here gives an opportunity to visit other areas. This is a terrific place not far from Cedar Breaks or the Brianhead Resort. Along RT 143 a few miles south of Parowan you'll see a sign for Left Hand Canyon. This road is paved for a few miles then is graded gravel. Going in you'll eventually come to Yankee Meadow and a nice reservoir.

There are at least three trailheads along here Vermillion Castle, Noah's Ark and Henderson Hill. All are good uphill hikes of about 1-1 1/2 miles each way.

By continuing down 143 about a 1/4 mile further you'll come to another road, unmarked on the left. This is Second Left Hand Canyon, go figure. By travelling approx 5 miles back on a fair dirt road you'll come to a trailhead for Hendrickson Lake. This was one of my favorite hikes, about 1 mile each way. Views of Red Rock, forests and finally a small, secluded lake. Trout were rising when we were there in Aug.

Fall Colors - Fishlake N.F.
We went up to the Beaver Dist of the Fishlake N.F. to check out he Fall colors. Some areas were yet to turn but overall it was spectacular.
Tushar Mtns and Fishlake N.F,
Fishlake N.F. is a gem in central Utah. We've been visiting the southern portion in and around the Tushar Mountains. We access this from the town of Beaver, Utah

As much as I love the canyons and red rock where we live, it's great to spend time in an alpine setting.

There are three herds of Mountain Goats in the Tushars, we've not gotten close, yet! I

Frisco Utah - Ghost town
We took a ride out to the Frisco Ghost Town. This was a booming mining town in the late 1800s, one day the mine collapsed and near everyone moved out.

Here is a link to a bit of Frisco's history:

Petroglyphs and Pictographs
We enjoy going to the sites of Indian art and this album is a composite of many different areas.

Petroglyphs are when images are etched in the rock. Pictographs are the paintings. Amazing that some of these are 3000 years old.

Saturday, Feb 27, 2016 Nampoweap
Cedar Mesa - Bluff, UT
The area around Cedar Mesa is amazing. You can float the San Juan visit ruins, view ancient Indian art. Here is a just a sample from 2 days in the area.
Hovenweep Nat'l Monument - Utah
Hovenweep Nat'l Monument is located East of either Blanding or Bluff, Utah. It's not too far from the Colorado border or the 4 corners area.<> This is a beautiful location. A new VC makes the visit even more enjoyable.
Misc Pictures From Utah
Just going to store some photos here.
Arches and Island in the Sky
We went out to Arches NP and Canyonlands NP in Sept 2006. Canyonlands has three venues and we only spent a day in Isalnd in the Sky and next ot it at Dead Horse Pt State Pk
Escalante and the Grand Staircase
This is one of the remotest areas in Utah and one of the most beautiful. Slot canyons, waterfalls and great geology. I've tried to keep each area together in this album of the area. Grand Staircase/Escalante is 1.7 million acres of wilderness!
Toroweap, Grand Canyon N.R.
Here are some pictures from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The area is the Toroweap overlook. This is the closest you can get to the Colorado river from the rim, it's 3000 feet below! I've included some picures from the Namoweap petroglyph site. This was a few miles from Toroweap off the main road in. A forested beautiful area and an easy hike into the Billy Goat Canyon.
Snow Canyon - St George UT
Just outside of St George is a great little canyon. Snow Canyon is named for a person and recieves no snow, in fact it's great during Winter.

Here you'll find Petrifed Dunes, an Extiinct volcano cinder cone, lava caves and some great red rock.

Escalante and Boulder Utah
This album will cover the Escalante and Boulder area of Utah. I'm going to include the Burr Trail and some of the Grand Staircase.
This album includes our vacation in 2003 and our new home which we moved into Jan. 2005.

The hiking pictures are from Bryce and Zion.

Horseshoe Bend & Lake Powell
A few shots of Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell.
Valley of Fire - Nevada
This state park is about 40 miles north of Las Vegas. We've been there a few times and this album has some older pictures as well as newer ones.
Arrow Canyon Wilderness - Nevada
The Arrow Canyon Wilderness is located between Las Vegas and Mesquite, either off RT 93 or Rt 168. Our first exploration was to hike up the Arrow Canyon narrows to an old dam. The hike to the dam is about three miles, with little elevation change.

There are several panels of Petroglyphs in the area. The largest is about .9 miles from the start of the hike, on the left before you enter the Narrows.

Cathedral Gorge State Park - Nevada
We took a ride out to Panaca NV and visited the Cathedral Gorge S.P. This small park has a lot of interesting geology. We played around in the roadside features and did the short hike to Eagle's View. We'll need to go back in cooler weather and do one of the hikes on the floor of the valley.
Red Cliff Desert Reserve
This is located in the St George area. There are quite a few trailheads all within a mile or two of Interstate 15. These hikes would be tough in the Summer!
Joshua Tree N.P.
Here are some pictures from this remote N.P. We were there in February 2007, this place must be great in Mar/Apr when the cactus and other bushes are flowering.
Lake Powell- Glen Canyon Area
Seems like I visit here a couple of times a year. Just a few pictures from that beautiful area.
Thought I'd breakout the pics from my Utah album. We have a 2005 Rubicon and have been driving around our area looking for dirt roads.
Knives - Previously SOLD
I decided to clean up my pictures and create an album just for knives I've owned and sold.
Knives For Sale - Fixed and Folder
Here is an album with just the knives that are currently for sale. Additional pictures or descriptions are available by e-mailing me at , my home phone is 435/635-4000.

I have included shipping and insurance in all the prices. A Bill's Custom Case is available to purchase, unlesss otherwise noted.

I am looking for Carsons, Loveless, Horn, Lake and others. What do you have for sale or trade?

Frank Centofante - Loveless Design Logo - Rare
The late Frank Centofante was good guy and a very good knife maker. He did not make many knives using the "Loveless Design" logo, a great tribute to both Bob and Frank.

Steel: ATS34, Blade 3 1/8" OAL 7 1/4"

Handle: very well matched Sambar Stag

Bolsters: 416 Stainless

Case is Fileworked

Even though I'm not the first owner this is in near MINT condition. I'm asking $995.00 which includes a Bill's Case. Shipping is extra nd should be about $15.00.

I can be reached at 435/635-4000 or NJedge at aol dot com

Kit Carson Knives For Sale
Here are two great example of Kit's work. One is a Hawkbill in Stellite and the other a small Model 21 in Stellite.

Contact me at 435/635-4000 or NJedge at aol dot com

W.D. Pease For Sale
Here are the knives I currently have available from Bill. The "swingers" are simply awesome!
PEAZERS - W.D. Pease Affordable Tactical
Bill Pease has done it, again. His swingers are one of the hottest knives of 2008 and now his PEAZERS!!

These are ATS34, side lock, choice of handle material. These are full customs, not Mid-Tech. These do not have liners, and weigh in at 2 oz!

W.D. Pease Gallery
As you will see I am a big fan of Bill Pease. He is renowned as one of todays best folder makers.

All the engraved knives you see were bought plain and sent to the engravers to do their magic. I am confident that some of these knives are the best Bill has done.

Scott Sawby Custom Folders
Scott is one of todays finest makers of folders. His work ranges from engraved works of art to his well known Combat Utility.

Scott uses two proprietary locks, a "buttonlock" and the famous "Sawby lock", both patented. The Sawby-Lock is a truly ambidextrous one and is really user friendly.

There are several knives in the top two rows for sale. Click the thumbnail for larger pictures and a description.

Reasonable offer will be entertained, don't be afraid to ask!!

Fixed Blade Gallery
Here are some photos of knives I own/owned. Some may be for sale at my For Sale album.
Custom Folder Gallery
This is a Gallery of knives I either own or have owned. The For Sale Gallery has available pieces.

I keep knives on order with many makers and have knives being engraved at all times.

R.W. Loveless - Classic Dropped Point
Here is an album of a great Loveless dropped pt hunter. This has all the right stuff: Stag, Red Liners, Tapered Tang, Stainless Hardware, Double Nude and a signed sheath.

This knife has been sold!

R.W. Loveless Knives and others in that style
This album features knives by Bob Loveless, John Young, Rob Brown and others done in Bob's style. The Loveless designs are timeless and I'm constantly looking for prime examples.

I don't have any of my Loveless knives for sale at this time. Please inquire about Lovett, John Young and Rob Brown knives that are available.

Chutes, just Chutes
Probably my favorite style is the Chute knife, especially ones that are true to the Loveless design. Here are some from my current collection.
Rob Brown Knives
Rob brown is a South African maker who makes some of the best knives in the Loveless style. I've been fortunate to own several of these and they were all very well done.
Bill Ankrom Small Chute
Here's a small chute by Bill Ankrom. Polished Big Horn Sheep, hand rubbed satin blade, red liners. Blade is 3 1/2", OAL is 7 1/2" Sheath by Paul Long
Bill Ankrom - Loveless Style - Fixed and Folder
Bill has been making knives for a long time and is very well known for his folders. I bought my first folder from him in 1991!

At the 2006 Las Vegas show Bill had a Chute and an Urban Bowie but both had sold immediately. I placed an order and over the year added a couple.

Bill sold out immediately at both Solvang and the Plaza Invitational in 2006. Solvang 2007 was a great show for Bill. His knives sold out in the first 1/2 hour and even more important a beautifully engraved Urban Bowie won Best of Show. This voted on by the other makers and is very prestigious.

Bill may well become one of the hottest fixed blade makers over the next year or two. His waiting list has almost doubled since last year.

Emerson Gallery
Just some history of Emersons I've been fortunate to own/owned.
Ron Newton a couple of knives
Master Smith Ron Newton is one of the most talented of the knifemakers. He does everything from your standard hunters to exotic opening automatics.

As beautiful as Ron's knives are they are still tools. Any of his knives will perform with the best there is. Forged 52100 that is properly heat treated make an outstanding knife.

Jason Knight, MS Knives
I've been lucky to be involved in a few special runs that Jason has done, design input from Joe Paranee.
Dave Murphy Knives
Dave Murphy was a custom maker from Oregon, his father was a maker that pioneered the aluminum handle knives like you see on Gerber kitchen cutlery. Dave Sr worked with Gerber when the company started.

Dave Jr went on to become a well known maker of small, usable knives. I had conversations with him and bought several of his knives, including a rare Police/Swat model. I've used one of his knives as a steak knife for years. I put together some information I scanned and photos of the Swat knife.

Gerber Loveless Guardian Set
This set is in absolute Mint Condition. I'm the original owner. I purchased this in 1984, I have the receipt and other paperwork that came with it.

This is set 262 of 1000, not sure they actually made the 1000. Set contains all the original sheaths and the steel.

Asking $1000.00 plus shipping and any fees, such as Paypal. If shipped, I will have it professionally packed.

I can be reached at 435 six35 Four000

The Tanto Style Blade
I thought I'd put my collection in one album.
Jimmy Fikes and his knives
Jimmy makes the toughest, sharpest forged knives you will ever find. His knives are so functional, todays new makers could learn alot from his style.

I'm always interested in buying Jimmmy's knives, give me a call 435/635-4000.

Knife Catalogs
Before the Internet knife makers actually had catalogs. I'm hosting some scans here and all are for sale.
Art Work - Ltd Editions For Sale - Vivi Crandall a
I have many limited edition, signed and numbered prints for sale. Please contact me at 435/635-4000 or NJedge at AOL dot COM
Happy Birthday, Tatyana
A very Happy Birthday to you! We went to visit some of your friends and then took a walk on the Parus Trail.
Nikki Stuff
My wife and I have been fortunate to have our lives enriched by young lady we nicknamed, Nikki. She's spent some time with us and I'd like to share some pictures.

Yellowstone 2002
Win, Yo Bob and Doris on another adventure.
Yellowstone - September 2011
We returned to Yellowstone NP after 9 years. What an amazing place, everyone should see it for themselves. We spent 8 days driving, hiking and viewing wildlife.
Fun Stuff
Just some misc pictures. Boats, fish, cars etc.
Guns, Cigars, Submarines etc
Just an album for some of my STUFF. You know, things that have just showed up over the years.
Dogs ours and friends!
Koko is a Border Collie and a new addition to our family. I'll try to take pictures all the time to keep a chronicle of her growing up.

Lizzy has adopted us and is a Morkie, that's a Yorkie/Maltese mix. She's terrier all the way!

House Pics
A picture is worth a few words.
Rock Collecting - Tumbling
A new hobby for us. We've collected rocks over the years but just started polishing some.
Spring 2013 Misc pictures
Border Collie Puppies
We're about to add a puppy to our family. This is a litter we just visited, one of these will be coming home with us next week.
Tractor Show
Old Pictures
Taken from slides dating back 30+ years!!
Indian Art on Metal
Samples of the images I recommend for infusing on Aluminum plates.
Koko Hi res pictures
Steve and Julie
Photography Samples
Here is a sampling of photographs I have available for sale. These can be prints on paper, canvas or Aluminum. Not all can be printed in large sizes or dimensions.

I use only professional labs for my printing. The person that purchases a print or even card from me is entitled to the best process available. Many people print from home on ink jet printers, I've chosen to go with the pros.

Corvette 2003 Couple For Sale
I'm the original owner of this 2003 Coupe. It has 32,258 miles as of my writing this (Mar 28, 2016). Equipment includes:

Automatic, Magnetic Ride, Almost new Hankook tires, HID, GHL Exhaust, Blackwing Air Intake.

Asking $25,000.00 - negotiable Call or Text me at 908 421-5336 Car is in SW Utah, St George area.

Horse Show for Grace
A few years ago we went to see the folks we got Koko from, there was a "reining" event going on.
Grace Hilliard Private Album
These are pictures from all around Utah, I'll keep adding to it.