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About JoEl Vogt

I live in the Kansas City area and paint and do fabric art at our nature preserve in the Missouri Ozarks. Many of the paintings shown are for sale. You may contact me via this site's "E-Mail comments" tool. For more user tips, see the last album, "The Fine Print."

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JoEl Vogt's Albums

A recent series using unstretched raw canvas...
A series about plasma, earth, water and fire...
Forest Walks
In each season, walks in the woods yield absorbing beauty.
Many days end with a flourish, especially by the ocean.
Colorful acrylic paintings on unstretched raw canvas...
Field Views
Spring and summer views looking across fields toward forested hills.
Hay Bales
The summertime ritual of baling hay recasts some of the landscape each year.
Scenic Roads
Country roads bring views of light playing on fields and hills.
Autumn Color
Trees getting ready for winter put on a glorious show.
Creeks & Streams
The sparkling waters of small rivers provide magic and reflection.
Light Force
The workings of light and energy are all around us, there to be seen.
Colorful impressions of scenes in the Ozarks bring out the land's misty moods.
Lands Alive
Through much of the year, the landscape is bursting with life and color.
The Sea
The ocean's moods and movement are an ever-changing canvas.
Art Quilts
Bed Quilts
The Fine Print
Helpful tips for viewing art on this website.