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About James (CHRIS) Wade

Article written in Toyota Connections: The term “car guy” certainly applies, but for Chris Wade, three other words more accurately describe his automotive passion: Toyota Land Cruiser. It all started decades ago with a very different sort of machine. “As a kid I took apart lawn mowers,” says the 59-year-old Newnan, Georgia, resident. “I liked to see how things work.” Clearly, he learned plenty along the way. Mostly self-taught, Wade’s specialty is restoring vintage Land Cruisers-Toyota’s legendary sport-utility vehicle which first arrived on the American market in 1958. Using only original parts and equipment, and working to meticulous standards, Wade does all of the labor himself except painting, which he has a specialist handle (stock colors only, he insists). “ I always loved cars, especially ’50s-era trucks and convertibles,” Wade explains. 15 years ago, I saw a Land Cruiser and bought it and it has continued from there.

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James (CHRIS) Wade's Albums

(FOR SALE) FJ40 Parts
(UNDER RESTORATION) 1981 Beige TX, Woodstock GA
1966 Dune Beige Atlanta
1982 Beige AZ, TN
1979 Camo Las Cruces NM
1983 Olive Georgia
1974 HJ45LP LWB Truck
1983 Beige St Simons, GA
Glock Photo Shoot
Toyoto Photo Shoot
(sold) 1981 Nordic Blue
(sold) 1982 Red Sacramento, CA
(sold) 1982 White CA, MT, IL
(sold) 1982 Beige Nevada, Georgia
(sold) 1979 Mustard California
(sold) 1980 Dune Beige Houston TX
(sold) 1980 Mustard California Georgia
(sold) 1979 Olive, TX
(sold) 1979 Rustic Green Atlanta
(sold) 1982 Beige Washington State / Erie, PA
(sold) 1982 Beige California, GA
(sold) 1981 Beige Boston, Mass
(sold) 1972 Red Atlanta, GA
(sold) 1981 Beige South Dakota
(sold) 1975 Beige Decatur, GA
(sold) 1983 White Tucson AZ
(sold) 1981 Nordic Blue Virginia
(repair) 1979 Rustic Green Chattanooga TN
(sold) 1982 White California
(sold) 1980 Dune Beige New Mexico
(sold) 1971 FJ40 Cameo Cream
(sold) 1979 Mustard Washington State
(sold) 1978 Rustic Green Ohio
(sold) 1983 Beige Tennessee
(sold) 1979 White Chattanooga, TN
(sold) 1981 Mustard
(sold) 1980 Mustard Atlanta GA
(sold) 1980 Red
(sold) 1981 Beige
(sold) 1980 White Billings, MT
(sold) 1980 Dune Beige, CA
(sold) 1965 FJ45 LWB Pickup
(sold) 1980 Red chrome
(sold) 1973 Red Fayetteville, GA
(sold) 1982 Green (Richmond, TX)
(sold) 1981 Nordic Blue TX
(sold) 1983 Gold California
(sold) 1978 FJ40 Atlanta
(sold) 1979 Blue
(sold) 1979 Olive WA / CA
(sold) 1980 Blue Tennessee
(sold) 1989 FJ62 Champagne
(sold) 1977 Dune Beige CA
(sold) 1969 FJ45 LWB Pickup California
(sold) 1980 Green
(sold) 1969 FJ40
(sold) 1983 Fresno, CA
(sold) 1977 Mustard
(sold) 1980 Green Woodland Hills CA
(sold) 1978 Mustard
(sold) 1981 Beige Gaffney, SC
(sold) Pete's 1976 San Francisco CA
(sold) 1973 Blue Fayetteville, GA
(sold) 1982 Blue Milton FL
(sold) 1976 Green Boise ID
(sold) 1981 Blue Raleigh NC
(sold) 1982 Green Alexander City AL
(sold) 1979 Mustard Albuquerque NM
(sold) 1979 Blue Tucson AZ
(sold) 1977 Mustard Phoenix AZ
(sold) 1976 Red Boise ID
(sold) 1978 Blue Tucson AZ
(sold) 1977 Mustard Goodyear AZ
(sold) 1977 Red Ft. Collins CO
(sold) 1978 Blue
(sold) 1978 Red Jacksonville FL
(sold) 1977 Red Cincinnati OH
(sold) 1972 Red Fayetteville GA
(sold) 1976 Red Fayetteville GA
(sold) 1977 Red Knoxville TN
(sold) 1974 Green Boulder CO
(sold) 1972 Green Norcross GA
(sold) 1976 Mustard Macon GA
(sold) 1967 Blue Atlanta GA
(sold) 1982 Beige New Mexico, Indiana
(sold) 1980 Blue Atlanta
(sold) 1973 Green Georgia
(sold) 1976 Dune Beige Arizona
(repaired) 1983 Nordic Blue IL
(sold) 1985 Pickup SR5 LWB
(sold) 1976 FJ40 Villa Rica Georgia
(sold) 1980 Blue Georgia
(sold) 1966 FJ40 Black Atlanta GA
(sold) Parts Vehicles
(sold) Jeep CJ7's
(sold) 1950's Trucks
John & Chris Silver Comet 2018