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About Jeff Luckey

I must give God the glory and thank my wife Sarah for putting up with all the time I spend away from her folllowing my many interest for without her understanding this would not be possible. I have been doing motor sports photo work for 25 years and have a vast collection of tractor, truck pulling, monster trucks, and mud racing in and around New York State. I have been the official photo guy for Western New York Tractor Pullers, Empire State Pullers, Mr Mud, North American mud racing as well as SCORR and Monster Jam. I am also a fire chief of the Short Tract Fire CO and the Fire Chaplin for Allegany County. I have many shots of local fire trucks in and around Allegany, Wyoming, and Livingston Counties.

My Photos
LocationFillmore New York, United States
Personal Website
Interestsmotor sports, firefighter,ems

Jeff Luckey's Albums

Alma Pond Ice Drags 2021
old school
Bloomsburg 20 Mod Tuff Trucks
Bloomsburg 20 Stock Tuff Trucks
Smoke & Speed BPM June Gas 4 X 4
Smoke & Speed BMP June Diesel 4 X 4
Smoke & Speed BMP June Tractors & TWD
Smoke & Speed BPM June Semi
Smoke & Speed BMP May 4x4 trucks up to 1:30 am
Smoke & Speed BMP May Semi , Tractors classes
Bloom 19 Black Jeep
Indy19 Dakota
Alma Pond Ice Drags 19
Langford Dave L
Alexander Steam Show Mini Mods
WNY Pro Pulling Club Pull Strawberry fields Stock
Poags Hole Hill Climb Run 2 18
Poags Hole Hill climb run 1 18
Poags Hole moto X king of Hill 18
Empire Dragway NY Diesel Shootout part 2 2018
Empire Dragway NY Diesel Shootout part 1 2018
Lima 18 4 wheel Jamboree Tug 5500 & 8500
STORM Bath 17
Cornfield 500 ATV 17
Cornfield 500 Mega Trucks
WNY Pro Pulling Stock 4x4 Strawberry Field 17
WNY Pro Pulling/ King of Hill Strawberry Fields 17
WNY Pro Pulling Wattsburg 17
WNY Pro Pulling North Java 17
ESP Cambria 17
WNY Pro Pulling Cambria 17
Poags Hole 2 climb, Finals of X and King of Hill
Poags Hole Hill Climb Run 1
Eire Co Fair PPL and ESP Friday night 2017
Pike Garden Tractor Pull
NYS Steam ESP 17
Langford Fans and Stars 2017
Langford Limited Light SS 17
Langford ESP 17
Little Valley Limted Light SS, Local Diesel 4x4
Little Valley Semi's Outlaw , Big Rig Series
Langford NTPA Session 2 17
Langford NTPA session 1 2017
Cat co Fair WNY Pro Pulling Tuesday 17
Bloomsburg 17 Sunday Mud Bog
Bloomsburg 17 Sat Tuff and Stock trucks
Bloomsburg 17 sat Mud bog , Mud Drags
Bloomsburg 17 Fri Stock, Tuff Truks
Bloomsburg 17 Fri Mud Drags and Mud Bog
Merilla WNYPPS and 4X4 17
Alexander Steam ESP 17
Dansville ESP 17
Outlaw Pull Dansville 17
Outlaw Pull Bath NY
Lima 17 Tuff Trucks
Lima 17 Jamboree Mud Bogs
KRS Endless MT 4 wheelers 17
Swain Hill Climb Race 16
Swain Hill Climb Pits nd Warm up.
Bath NY Kid Demo and Tuff Trucks
Pro Pulling Strawberry Fields 16
Rushford Garden Tractor Pull 16
North Java VFD WNY Pro Pulling
Pike ESP 16
Poggs Hole Hill Climb 16
Poggs Hole X Climb 16
Lucas Oil PPL Hamburg 2016 Friday
Lucas Oil PPL Hamburg 2016 Thursday
WNY Garden Pike 16
WNY Pro Pulling Churchville 16
NYS Steam ESP 16
NYS Steam year of Oliver
Langford 16 LT SS, 4x4, Shootout
Langford 16 Pro Pulling LLSS NATIONAL TOUR CLASS
Langford 16 NYTPA/ESP SF, TWD, SS, Mod
Cat Co Little Valley, Outlaw , light Pro, Semi
WNY Pro Holly 16
WNY Pro East Concord
WNY Pro Little Valley July 2016
Pro Pulling Allegany co 2016
101 Allentown Waterball
101 Allentown Parade
101 st Allentown Firematics competion
Bloom 16 Sun Tuff Truck Finals
Bloom 16 Sat Night Tuff Trucks
Bloom 16 Sat Tuff Trucks
Bloom 16 Fri Tuff Trucks
Bloomsburg Blue ATV
Alexander Steam ESP 16
Dansville ESP 16
Outlaw Semi Dansville 16
Bath Tuff Truck & Monsters
Cornfield 500 Mega Trucks Mud Bog
Cornfield 500 Mega Trucks Drags
North Java Pro Farm
PPL Eire CO Fair Saterday 15
PPL Eire CO Fair Friday 15
Poags Hole 15 X Hill Climb Round 2
Poags Hole 15 X, Hill Climb Round 1
NY Steam Show
NY Steam ESP 15
Cat Co WNY Pro Farm 15
Langford NYTPA Joe Eder
Langford Shootout ESP profarm
Pro Farm Cuba 15
Pro Farm East Concord 15
Hemlock MT and Tuff Trucks
Holly 15 ESP
Holly 15 pro farm
Allegany CO fair WNY Pro Farm 15
Lima 15 Tuff Trucks
Indy 14 Tuff Trucks
Lima Tuff Turucks
Alexander Steam Fun night
Alexander Steam Mini's Steamers
Alexander ESP
WNY Pro Farm caledonia
WNY Pro Farm Hamburg Fir 14
Cambria Fire WNY Pro Farm
Poags Hole Round 2 moto x Hillclimb 14
Poags Hole first run 14
Poags Hole Moto X first run 14
PPL Hamburg Sat 14
PPL Hamburg Fir 2014
NYS Steam Pagent Pro Farm 14
Langford Fan Page 14
Langford ESP 14
WNY Pro Farm Little Valley Sat 14
Langford NYTPA 14
Little Valley MT Tuff Trucks 14
Cat Co Little Valley Pro Farm Tuesday show
East Concord pro farm 14
Marv and Mods 1995
ESP Holly 14
WNY Pro Farm Holley 14
Allegany CO Fair MT
Genesee CO Fair MT and 4 wheelers
Allegany CO fair 14 WNY PRO
Smithport Full Pull 14
Merilla 14 WNY Pro Farm
Bradford Speedway
ESP Dansville 14
1991 GN NTPA Hanburg
4x4 Class 1991 Season
SS Class 1991
Mod Class 1991
TWD Class 1991
Marella VFD Pro Farm 13
Marella VFD Pro Farm Stock and 4x4 trucks
Alexander Steam Pro Farm, Eagle GT, ESP
Cornfield 500 Auto cross
Cornfield 500 Mega trucks, Bikes , and Jeeps
Rushford eagle pull round 2
Rushford Eagle garden tractor 1 run
North Java VFD Pro Farm 13
PPL WNY Hamburg Fri and Saterday
Poags Hole Round 2 2013
Poags Hole Pro Round one
Poags Hole FX Hillclimb
PPL Hamburg Saterday
PPL Hamburg Fri 13
Pike WNY Garden Tractors 13
WNY Pro Farm Steam Pagent 2013
Allis Chalmers at NYS Steam Pagent 2013
Waren Co ESP Full Pull NW PA Minis
ESP Langford 13
Wny Pro Farm Langford 13
NYTPA Langford
Cat Co Little Valley Pro farm- Semi Pull
Cat Co Fair Little Valley Monster and 4 wheelers
Allegany Co fair 4 wheeler and FMX
ESP Holly 13
WNY Pro Farm Holly 13
WNY Garden Tractor Genesee co fair
WNY Pro Farm Batavia
WNY Pro Farm Angelica 2013
WNY Pro Farm Club Pull 2013
WNY Pro Farm Club pull Garden Tractors
Belfast FD Demo
Wainfleet WNY Pro Farm
Alexander Steam Steamers and Minis
Alexander Steam WNY/ESP
Cornfield 500 Tuff Trucks
Cornfield 500 12 endero races
PPL Hamburg WNY Pro Farm Fri
PPL Hamburg Saterday
PPL Hamburg Fri
WNY Garden Tractor Pike Run 2
WNY Garden Tractor Pike 1st Run
New York Steam Show
WNY Pro Fsrm NYS Steam Show
Cat co Monster truck show, Tuff Trucks
ESP Langford 4X4, SF, LSS, Mod
WNY Profarm Little Valley, Full Pull Semi stock 4x
WNY Pro Farm Ontario co Fair
WNY PRO Farm Holley 12
ESP Holley Stock 4x4 12
WNY FD Drill Dansville Part 2
WNY FD Drill Teams Dansville part 1
Mumford Caledonia 125 th Parade
Mumford Caledonia 125 th
Bull riding Allegany co fair 12
WNY Pro Farm Genesee co fair
WNY Garden Tractors Genesee co Fair
Angelica WNY 2012
Allegany Co Fair Horse Pull 2012
Club Pull WNYProfarm 12
Marilla WNY Pro 12
Black Rock WNY Pro Farm 12
ESP Banquet 2011
WNY Pro Farm Merilla Sept
WNY Pro Farm Hamburg
Manchester Hillclimb Mud Bog
Manchester Sand Drags
Poags Hole Hill Climb pt 2
Eire co Bus Demo
Poags Hole Hill Climb pt 1
ESP Pike Saterday
PPL Hamburg Sat Afternoon
PPL Hamburg Fri night
Eire CO Demo Trucks and Cars JM
Holly ESP 11
Holly WNY Pro Farm 11
Waren CO. ESP Big Rig
Langford ESP 11 Fan Page
Langford WNY Pro Farm 11
Langford ESP 11
Angelica WNYProFarm
Woodhall ESP
Merilla WNYPF 4X4
Merilla ESP
Alexander ESP 11
ESP Strawberry Fields 11
Belmont Mud Bog Trucks 6/11/11
Dansville ESP 11
Joe Eder new ride
East Concord ESP 11
East Concord WNY Profarm
ESP 10 Banquet
Belmont Barnyard Boggers
Belmont Bog Trucks
Belmont Bog ATV People
Dunn Tire ESP
Cornfield SCORR 10
Cornfield 500 monsters
Bad Habit WR 208'
Gainesville Eagle Pull 2
Gainesville Eagle Garden Pull
Alexander Steam ESP
Pike ESP 10
Underpressure TWD
Syracue ny 1990
Fort Recovery 2 AUG 90
Pocono PA NTPA 1990
Hamburg NTPA 1990
Fort Recovery 1 90
Cayuga ONT 90
Snow Shoe PA 90
Canfield OH 90
Toronto 90
Hamburg PPL Fri 10
Hamburg PPL 09 fri
Hamburg PPL 08
Holly ESP 10
Warren Co ESP,Full Pull
Little Valley Monsters in the rain
Horseheads NYTPA
Langford Fan Page 10
Little Valley WNY PPL Semi
Langford WNY Profam
Langford Shoot Out
Langford ESP
Penn Yan
Ontario co fair WNY
Troy ESP
WNY Pro Farm Angelica
Dansville ESP
Marilla WNY Pro Farm
Marilla ESp
Canandaigua WNY Pro Farm CNY 4x4
Canandaigua ESP
Strawberry Fields ESP Dan Bolt Memorial Pull
ESP Dunn Tire Park
Rumble Valley 10
WNYPF Black Rock
ESP Black Rock
Eagle mud race 1
Whitesville Trophies Foot Race
Whitesville ATV run 2
Whitesville Bike run 2
Whitesville ATV track 1
Whitesville Bike track 1
Whitesville Sleds
ESP Banquet 09
Eagle 10-18 Scorr
Scorr Powder Puff
SCORR Eagle 9-26
Family Events Indy Pull 2.6 Class
Family Events Indy Pull
Alekander steam 9-11
Cornfield 500 monster trucks
Corn Field 500 SCORR
NYTPA / ESP Syracuse Night
NYTPA / ESP Syracuse Day
Tribute to FF Jonathan Croom Buffalo Fire LODD
Tribute to Lt Chip McCarthy Buffalo Fire LODD
Pike Sat ESP
Holly WNY Pro Farm
Holly ESP
ESP Waren Full Pull
Househeads NYTPA
Little Valley Tuff Trucks
ESP Langford night
ESP Langford Day
Langford fan page
East Pembrook atv mud
Caladona ESP
Avoca warror mt foot race
Avoca hillclimb pro run 2
Avoca Hillclimb pro run 1
Fergus Fleets
Fergus Great lakes pullers
ESP Frrgus fri
Fergus few night shots
Fergus Truck Show
Fergus custom trucks my idea more of the show soon
Bull Riding Angelica 09
Angelica truck pull 09
Penn Yan ESP 09
ESP Alexander fri
Eagle speedwat 3 Scorr
Canandaigua ESP 09
WNY Pro Farm 09 east concord
Dansville ESP 09
ESP East Concord 09
WNY Pro Farm 08
cornfield scorr trucks
mud racing trucks
My Pictures