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About Sam Coles

I've been interested in photography since I was a young child, ever since my father allowed me take pictures with the family's only camera,in '60's. As I got older, my interest grew, enough to purchase my own camera. Today,I own several cameras most are in the Canon and Kodak family. I have over the years collected quite a few, including a Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter camera. I enjoy photographing everything and anything of interest from people to animals, the sky to the ground, there's no limit. My motto is "Preserve your photos of today for the future" and taking photos "stops a moment in time, which may not ever be seen again".

My Photos
LocationAugusta Georgia, United States
InterestsMy interests are Sports, Sightseeing, Traveling the USA, People, producing mine and others photos on DVDs with music.
Favorite MusicMusic has been and always will be apart of my life. Since I was a young boy, I enjoyed R&B soul, Smooth jazz , some country, and Rock'n' Roll.

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Welcome to wonderful world of photo images by Sam Coles of Slammer Productions.

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