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About Roland Robitaille

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LocationMadison New Hampshire, United States
Contact MeYahoo Messenger
InterestsRiding my airheads. Building airhead restorations. Working with my customers.

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1983 R107 DV
My final Don Vesco bike has been completed. I chose to go all out on this build. I had been sitting on a Seibenrock BIG BORE KIT for some time and decided this was the bike that would receive the 1070cc long rod engine. As I typically do, the engine was dismantled for the installation of the ASYMETRICAL cam, checked the specs of the mains and went from there. The KIT came with pistons/rings, jugs, rods/rod bearings, and wrist pins. All seals on the front and rear of the engine were replaced. All chassis bearing were renewed; wheel, steering head, and swing arm. Frame parts were powder coated satin black and I used a silver on the rims. As part of the DV package I used a Slash 6 touring tank, Wixom panniers, and a Corbin Gunfighter seat. Stainless steel STAINTUNE headers and mufflers were used. I used a red smoke paint on the body work. Front Brembo brakes are handled with a 13mm handlebar mounted master cylinder and the rear suspension is a pair of OHLIN shocks. Currently the bike has 700m and has been serviced twice with oil and filter, head re-torque, and rocker adjustment at each service.
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1978 R100s For Sale I'm selling my restored `78 R100S, manufactured in 06/78, the VIN: 6067539 indicates this bike is a Euro Model. I purchased the bike in 2012 and has been in storage since the Summer of 2019 when I began the restoration process. I completed the restoration late fall of `19 and was unable to begin the break-in process until this Spring/Summer. The bike currently has 786 miles (and climbing). As part of the restoration I dismantled the entire bike including the engine. I replaced the stock 308 cam with a 324 unit sourced from Motoren-Israel, the stock crank and rods were used with new main bearings. The pistons are first over 9.5 to 1 BMW pistons with new rings running is cast iron cylinders. I installed a new timing chain with sprockets, oil pump o-ring, and all seals/gaskets front & rear. The flywheel was lightened and a new clutch assembly installed including a Luftmeister 4-fingered clutch disk. Ignition is handled with an EME electronic unit, the starter is an aftermarket, and the charging system is stock BMW except for the Thunderchild diode board. Even though the transmisson was NOS I had it dismantled and new bearings and seals installed. The drive-shaft was fitted with a new U-joint. The final drive is a 34/11. The main frame, sub frame, braced swing arm, front fork brace (inner & outer), lower tree, head light ears, fork lowers, ATE calipers, bar risers, center and side stands, crash bars, cylinders, front cover, starter cover, valve covers, 6-pack rack, and air box are all powder coated gloss black. The under tank master cylinder was replaced with a 13mm handlebar unit which greatly improves braking performance. The handle bar perch switches are both new. A pair of rebuilt WORKS shocks handle the rear suspension and the front springs have been upgraded with Progressive springs. The neck bearings, swing arm bearings, and wheel bearings have all been renewed as well as the petcocks, gas lines & filters, transmission neutral switch and oil pressure switch. Both wheels have been rebuilt using SS spokes and most of the exposed fasteners been upgraded to SS. The headers and mufflers are STAYTUNE SS. The instrument pod and clock are both NOS. The sale will include a pair of Krauser panniers with keys. The original tool kit is also part of the sale. The oil and filter have been changed twice, once at 100m and again at the 700m point. The transmission oil has also been changed. The rockers were adjusted at both oil changes as well as the heads re-torqued. The next scheduled oil change is in 3,000 miles. This bike will see additional use so the mileage will increase until purchased. $11,000. Only serious inquiries, please.