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Welcome to Andy Jones' Pictures

Welcome to Andy Jones's pictures. Albums are shown below (or listed down the left of the window). Click on an album to see the pictures (or sub-abums). Feel free to explore any and all of them!

Andy Jones' Albums

Japan 2018
November 2108 trip to see fall colours and areas of Japan new to us.
Canadian Rockies, Rocky Mountaineer, Vancouver Island Seattle.
Collected from other albums
Eurasia 2017 TCS
Private Jet Tour with TCS - Cultures and Kingdoms of Eurasia
From a Natural Habitat trip to Churchill to see the polar bears. Charter flight from Winnipeg and stay in the "Tundra Lodge" - a hotel on wheels. (There is a small caption under each picture ...)
Namibia and Botswana 2106
A Natural Habitats Epic adventure. Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia, Damaraland Camp and Ongava Camp and Etosha NP. Then to Botswana Okavango Delta -Xigera, Chitabe then Savuti Camps. Thanks to our guides Franco and Francis and our travelling companions MaryAnn and Craig May, whose company we greatly enjoyed. There is a bit of information below each picture (bird i.d. etc) and clicking on any picture brings up a separate window with bigger size (considerably downsized from the original)
Pacific NW 2016
A gardens and craft brewery trip. More to come...
Photos from an Apex Tours trip led by Mark Brazil, with Mayumi Brazil and Chieko Sakihana . The trip was wonderful and we were lucky with the weather and fortunate in the extreme in finding the wildlife we were hoping to find. A fight between a white-tailed eagle and a Steller's sea eagle and an exceptional visit with a Blakiston's fish-owl in broad daylight are a couple of highlights. Oh, and, of course, snow monkeys and cranes galore! (There are captions below each picture)
This is a beach near Point Arena California where boulders from the cliff get rolled around by wave action but are kept in place by "racks" made from slanted sedimentary rock formations. This smooths and shapes them. Mike K and I have visted a few times and this time we got a sunset:)
A visit to Chile (and Argentina) with my sister Amelia. Guided tour through Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. That part was a guided tour arranged through (highly recommended) Far South Expeditions Then to San Pedro de Atacama.
Yet another fabulous trip with Fiona Reid (More details to be added later)
We finally made it back to Japan for the first time since 1993! Timed to coincide with peak Cherry Blossom, we were fortunate with the weather - the only rain at night or while driving between destinations. First image is a map of Kyushu with most places on the trip identified. Some of the captions have links in. Our first stop was Yakushima, and then a clockwise roundtrip from Kagoshima through Kumamoto/Aso, Saga/Arita, Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima. The background music is from the CD of Beatles played by a Koto ensemble (see image 77) Depending on your browser, keyboard arrow keys might move you to next or previous image...t
Chizu Sanso
Welcome to the album tracking the construction of our dreamhouse! The name comes from Michele's mother's name "chizu" (thousand cranes) and "sanso" (mountain retreat). (Please ignore Fototime's exhortations to buy prints from them - this photosharing website is easier than creating my own!)
Large Format Prints
PLEASE IGNORE the Fototime solicitations to have them make prints for you - it's not me selling them (and I don't get anything from the sale) - I use Fototime as a photo sharing service. However, if the caption starts "4x5" these are images I can make 300ppi fine art archival prints at 24x30 inches - the details in these withstand examination with a loupe! If you'd like to purchase one, please let me know by email at
California Misc
Various trips around CA
Trip with Mike K. For the first two days Phil Kuglin, Tim O'Neill and Don Hall joined us and Phil drove us to the falls in Columbia River Gorge. We saw no sun at sunrise or sunset for the whole trip, so most shots are from waterfalls and forests, with the odd afternoon sunbeam occasionally.
Brazil 2008
Another wonderful trip led by Fiona Reid Locations were Pantanal (Fazenda San Francisco and Caiman Lodge) , Caraša, Caratinga and Santa Teresa
Another great trip organized and led by Fiona Reid! Main album is organized chronologically, sub albums as indicated focus on subsets. As usual for trip albums, some images are for "record" purposes only, but there are quite a few "good" images.. I'll tidy this up but didn't want to delay too long. I have no pictures from Nosy Mangabe or Masoala peninsular but will add pix from the zoo we visited as we stayed in Tana to recuperate a bit!
Looking for fall color with Mike K.
Trip to Coyote Buttes et al with Mike K, Tim O'Neill, Randy and Lance (who got the permits - thanks!)
Mike K and I visited Pebble Beach - the one in Bean Hollow State Park between Pigeon Point and Pescadero State Park on Hwy 1. Weird rock formations and a beach with almost gem-quality polished tumbled pebbles about 1/4 inch. Came back for sunset but the fog rolled in.
Mostly bristlecones...
PRBO trips
These are from several trips with PRBO
A few pix after the Iceland trip. Some 4x5 and some digital
AZ/UT 2004
Includes Provia100 4x5 shots with an Ebony45s, and Canon 10D images On a trip around Page AZguided by Jackson Bridges, a local photo guide, with Mike, Tim , Chuck and "Chinhman". Then S. Utah with Mike
There are three groups of pictures in this album - use the left hand frame to see various subsets of pix. These are all from a trip led by Fiona Reid in Feb 2004...
Miscellaneous images for discussion groups
SW March 2010
Another trip Mike K and I took. We hooked up with Tim O'Neill, Don Hall, Henry Wakefield and Chris Croce in Monument Valley and shot with them for a few days.