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LocationUnited States

Welcome to Frank Sheff's Pictures


frank sheff's Albums

(First of three albums)

The week of 09-23 through 10-01-08

San Diego to Terlingua and return,
with a three-night stopover at Lajitas resort

If you'd like a higher-resolution version of an image, for the most part I can supply one
email your requirements:
Drag racing at the Terlingua International Airport
September Team Shelby expedition 2008

If you'd like a higher-resolution version of an image, for the most part I can supply one
email your requirements:
Third and final

Mr Shelby, the Lajitas Resort, California Crew, Rio Grande

If you'd like a higher-resolution version of an image, for the most part I can supply one
email your requirements:
70-300 DO IS Canon
70-300 mm DO IS Canon

Data points for evaluating this Canon Lens

EXIF data is attached to at least one version of each image

LARGE images are un-touched after Adobe Camera Raw "auto-ed" them;
they are changed to 8-bit and Saved-As at Photoshop 6 (six) quality

One (ivykitschzeroed) is from original raw with all ACR controls zeroed ( ! )

I think this shows the lens is a pretty good all-rounder, if overpriced.
It's definitely more wieldy than its non-DO equivalents

These images are from a Canon 5D;
several from this lens (and others) on a 20D are at
_Web resources
Images linked from Web pages
April 2012 Trip Cranta Suz
San Diego to Cranta Suz, more or less.
AW 19820816
Autoweek cover date August 16,1982
Features Carroll Shelby interview

Photographed with a P&S camera. Remainder of pages to follow...eventually.
Feathered subjects

B@B 03-15-2009
A day that commenced while it was still NIGHT!

WickedStangs represented at the Breakfast

A good thing the did it while it lasted: as of 07 Nov 2009, their Web site is gone.
B@B 20090426
Breakfast At Balboa Park - April 26, 2009

Third Sunday each month,

As of November 7, 2009, their Web site is gone. Maybe someone else in the area will step into the breach?

Bash 05

Comment / Contact
BBCIII - LongShadow Ranch
Panoramas of dubious quality

Mustangers gathered at the destination
of the Black Mustang Club's
BumbleBee Cruise III
Long Shadow Ranch and Vineyard, Temecula CA
January 26, 2008

BIG ones at the end - up to 3.5 MB -are roughly original size
Zoom in and see what was going on
and who got mangled by the panorama software
Big Bear Bullitts
Great day for Bullitt heads*: 18 July 2009
I failed to get much in the way of car-portrait photos
*No matter what certain boiling-hot travelers might say

Don't hesitate to leave your comments

Frank Sheffield

BIG for Jerry
Birds 2 - Aircraft
BMC Kids
The kids at Longshadow Ranch and Vineyard

BumbleBee Cruise III

January 26, 2008

Captions indicate 1 MB pictures; others are ~190 KB

BMC St Pat's Day mobile
On-the-road photos from 15 March 2008
Black Mustang Club dot com's
St Patrick's Day Cruise
Began at Pt Fermin Park, San Pedro, went around Palos Verdes peninsula,
ended at BrewBaker's, Huntington Beach

I think I got everyone in one shot or another. Please use the comments function to identify yourself with your picture.

There is a "static" page link in the left column.
BMC St Pat's Static
Photo-op photos from 15 March 2008
Black Mustang Club dot com's
St Patrick's Day Cruise

Began at Pt Fermin Park, San Pedro, went around Palos Verdes peninsula,
ended at BrewBaker's, Huntington Beach

I think I got everyone mobile in one shot or another. Please use the comments function to identify yourself with your picture.

There is a "Mobile" page link in the left column. Near as I can tell, it's complete.
I'll add "static" images here as I finish processing them. Might take a while ...
January 19, 2008

Black Mustang and Wicked Stangs
from San Diego
and some others
at the Meguiar Car Care clinic
BMW Club 3 March 2007
Practice session at San Diego Jack Murphy Qualcomm Stadium

Where found, as found; feel free

Comment / Contact
Boxberger Scrapbook
Eleanor and Jim Boxberger kept this album of
memories while Jim was chief mechanic with the
Dolphin Engineering factory team.

Comment / Contact
A continuing saga of offer, acceptance, delivery, disappointment, adjustment, frustration and ... well, who knows what is next.
BumbleBeeIII - On the road
A Black Mustang Club function on January 26, 2008

drew 60 cars and 80 participants
on a run from Irvine, California
over the Ortega Highway to
Longshadow Ranch Winery in the Temecula Valley

Photos are roughly in chronological order

I am blown away by these great cars. I wish they were all mine; well, now they are, at least in these "action" pictures ...

I apologize to those whose passage I failed to record
because of various lapses of planning and technique

Don't hesitate to add comments and identify the cars and drivers; in fact I'd appreciate it if you would.
Canon L vs. DO IS
Photos made with a Canon 5D and
70-200 2.8L
70-200 2.8L with 2x converter
70-300 4.5 - 5.6 DO IS

All images treated the same, cropped and 'shopped to suit my standard uses,
which you are looking at: computer display of reasonable detail and appealing color.

Images are in random order; that is, no relation among content, lens, or time of day,
"names" are for identification only.

There is a small number of "ringers", images from
a lens/camera combination not named above, just for fun.

The black convertible is mine; I'm still infatuated with its appearance, can't seem to get enough of looking at it.
Canon L vs. DO IS II
Original file names with Lens Key
CAR and DRIVER 1961-08
Dolphin story from C&D August issue, 1961

Carlsbad Cars 070728
Coffee, Cars, Carlsbad

July 28, 2007

Most of these will make a decent 5x7 print.
If you want something bigger, send me a note and
I'll put up a big file for downloading and printing,
or you can order one from the big file, there

Out-takes and alternate choices in album "os Carlsbad ... "
CarlsbadSaturday 070331
Last Saturday each month
Off I-5 at Palomar A/P Road
NE of the windmill ...

This was March 31, 2007
The Last-Saturday-of-theMonth
Gathering of January 26, 2008
I-5 at Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, California

There may be a few more photos to add, later
Christmas 20061215
Kelsey and Sandy early Christmas
Speed Festival at the Navy Base

Photos are at a usual Web-viewing size, ~1028 x 685

EXCEPT the last four:

They are original-size, and although compressed to Photo Shop 61, are long downloads at around 2 megabites for 12.8 MB and 1.5 for 8 MB sensors.

The second of the pairs is detail at original size.
BIG FILES included on this page of shots fron October 2006 at Coronado
Coronado Graduation


11 June 2009

Just about everyone involved in the ceremony
appears somewhere here

Most images can be improved upon, upon request


Coronado Graduation - Kelsey

And family

11 June 2009

Kelsey or someone related is in each of these

most of which can be improved upon, upon request


Coronado Mustang Speed 2007
Festival of Speed 6, 7 October 2007

Please make comments and identifications
through the facility on each image page
Coronado Speed 2007
The event at Coronado

October 6, 7 2007
Coronado School for the Arts
COSA 836 straight, and cropped-and-"T&Sed"
Project: Tri-fold brochure Overkill

Plain ORIGinal: ACR Zeroed
ISO 100 f/7.1 @ 1/200
Canon 17-40mm 4.0L USM @ 29mm
Exp comp -0-

Altered final version ACR manipulated, PS CS2 cropped w/ "perspective"
Reduced to 1028 x and Saved-For-Web at PS 31
For Web viewing

Last pair are full-size, 1.3 - 1.6 MB files Saved-For-Web at PS 61
COSA 836, 445, 1516, 1505
Facades at 836, 445, 1516, and 1505 ...

Files with no letter designations are full-size very large images

Files with a lower case " r " ending the title are reduced-size viewables

Files with " t " suffix are thumbnails, xxx x 200 pixels

The final four are large enough for good 8 x or x 8 prints,
but a bit easier to manage
CoSA at the Art Walk 20070930
CoSA at the Art Walk 20070930

Coronado, California
COSA Home Tour
CoSA May 08
CoSA reception
"Starving Artists"

May 29, 2009
Coronado School of the Arts
Cruise Belmont
SoCal Mustangs Cruise from
Belmont Park, San Diego to
Westfield Mall, Carlsbad/Oceanside

6 December 2008

Participation by
SoCal Mustangs
Wicked Stangs
Stangpede San diego and Los Angeles
If I missed or misnamed a group, let me know:

These are all straight from the camera, reduced to 1000+ on the long side, good for a decent 4x6, if you download them or order from the menu at left.

I can improve some of the clinkers, and supply higher resolution versions if you see something you like. Tell me at .

Don't hesitate to add your comments.
Cruise Girls Sep 2009
Carnival to Ensenada

Dash Plaques
Dash Plaques presented to participants in sports car racing events
Dept 47
Feb 21-26 2007

The Plaintiff and members of her family appear
in the original right frame but are cropped out;
if you want the full frame, let me know
and I'll email it to you ...
Disc Camera pictures
Found a single disk of negatives from the 70s at Knott's Berry Farm

Made a mat from black construction paper, held it over the frame with one hand and photo'd it with a Nikon CP995 in the other, against a background of sunlit copy-paper

I don't remember which program's "reverse" function I used, but there was no effort at color correction: once I saw the content and quality I gave it up as a bad job, just as I had in using the camera a third of a century ago,
examples of 10-22 and 90mm
explorations toward a PC board project

Canon EF-S 10-22mm and Tamron 90mm macro
Hand-held, measurements approximate

Comment / Contact
Exhibits and examples
Repository for images to be viewed on line.

Comment / Contact
Pictures for family viewing

Friends of Steve McQueen 2012

At Boys Republic, Chino Hills, California
June 2, 2012

Many of the Bullitts had spent a week driving's
The Legend Lives Route 66 Tour
from Chicago to Las Vegas and then to Chino Hills
in celebration of the Mother Road's 85th anniversary.

Click a thumbnail, click the presented image to see a larger version;
click the second image to see original size.

GALA Inside
Views in the Theater

Performances, Awards, Auction, Introductions

Don't let the available print sizes fool you: it takes more than 200 pixels per inch to make a good print, ideally 300 ppi. The long sides of these images are 1028 pixels, so figure about five inches long-side would be OK, but not great.

Many of these are reduced from originals that will print well at 8x12 or 8x10. If you have a choice, send me an email and I'll try to get a suitable size posted on another album, so you can order a decent big one.

Comment / Contact
GALA Large
Large (300ppi) versions of selected images

GALA Outside
Views of the Quad with

Guests, Entertainment, Silent Auction displays

And one final glimpse of the festivities

Don't let the available print sizes fool you: it takes more than 200 pixels per inch to make a good print, ideally 300 ppi. The long sides of these images are 1028 pixels, so figure about five inches long-side would be OK, but not great.

Many of these are reduced from originals that will print well at 8x12 or 8x10. If you have a choice, send me an email and I'll try to get a suitable size posted on another album, so you can order a decent big one.
Gray Car
GT/CS Changes
Depiction of modifications to this 2009 Ford Mustang GT/CS
Guadalupe's house and Disneyland March 2007
Guadalupe's house and Disneyland March 2007
H&R Sway Bar
Identify and show defects in the H&R sway bar "kit"

Supplied by Order Number 2037
Hair 2007-09-15
First files ( "_2" through "_25") are ???x800 for Web viewing

Files without "_" prefix are 3.5 MB files and will make big prints.
Bob Munns' headshot

Elaboration of process

EXIF info should still be attached to the 2MB "OCrop..." image
Home Depot Mess
IMSA Riverside May 1975
Autoweek reports of the May 1975 RIR IMSA events

Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.
THREE slow clicks in the original spot will yield the largest, most legible version.
Jaguar Club July 2008
Jaguar Club of San Diego Concours

July 20, 2008

Spanish Landing, San Diego, California
Juvenile Hall dedication
June 21, 1954, Serra Mesa, San Diego, California

It looks to me as if these are the "out-takes" or rejects; surely there were better images in the box of slides. These are the ones that remained, and which were given to me by a man who found them when an administrative installation was dismantled and replaced. They were in the trash, so he reckoned, rightly I believe, they were his. I sent the originals to the Department PR folks several years ago.

The original images are quite large, so a click on the thumbnail will yield a large version, and a second click will expand it even farther.
Karen Marsh
Pictures of paintings by Karen Marsh

Some have been sold; she no longer owns them
Distribution is restricted
All rights reserved
© Karen Marsh
LB1975 - Lupo

Photos made by John Lupo at the
1975 Long Beach F-5000 race.

Images © John Lupo

Legends of RIR 2009

Legends of Riverside International Raceway
Film Festival and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

27-29 March 2009

Riverside International Automotive Museum

Best way to vicariously enjoy the event is at The Nostalgia Forum Legends Thread
Lindo Lake 071118
Centennial Celebration of the inaugural race at Lakeside Speedway, 1907

It was said to be the first purpose-built racetrack in the USA
Long Beach F5000 1975
36 eBay-find shots from the inaugural

Ninety-nine cents plus three dollars postage

eBay seller johnlupo (abmoz atsign mindspring dotsign com)
Long Beach Racing
Scans from ASA 400 negative film
Long Beach, California, 1985

Comment / Contact

©Frank Sheffield
Photos of Little Rock Air Force Base 1956-1957

Intallations and personnel

By Joseph Hnat
with notes

More LRAFB info at: Little Rock Air Force Base
Pictures of and by ...
Lunch with Tom
At Jimmy's, Santee 2007 01 05
M I S C Cars
Miscellaneous car and car-related pics.

Comment / Contact
MG Pics
MG Pictures.

Comment / Contact
MoonEyes 20120526
Cruise's initial meeting at the shop where Shelby
assembled the first AC Cobra automobile.

Gathering was in recognition of the passing of Carroll Shelby on 20120510.

Most of the participants went on to visit the Princeton Avenue address in Marina del Rey where the Cobra assembly line was established.
MOVIES by Filmora
MP4s from video transfers
Noise from three Mustang V6 configurations

Original recordings .MOV files from Panasonic LUMIX LX1
were pretty big (100+MB) so QuickTime reduced them, and transformed one to .AVI

The camera (and microphone) were in the exact same
location for all recordings: I neglected to zoom in for the
"OPEN" segment. If the visual bothers your hearing,
close your eyes ...

Fototime offer an option to translate and play in their video format, or to download status quo (16-20MB)

Three short videos stacked end-to-end, juSt a few seconds long.

The MP4 file (fourth in order) is manipulated so you can hear repeats without mousing.

First is the standard V6 exhaust (sounds pretty good to me)
Second is the Ford Racing Products GT muffler (right side) (duh)
I was worried that it might be too loud, but it seems to me to be
about the same as the standard one, but with a lower tone and less of a "lisp",
although that may be an artifact of recording level compression;
a road test seemed to confirm my impression.
Third is open exhaust from the muffler connection; not a long clip,
since the loudness startled me. I think it sounds best of all ...

I'm delighted with the FRPP and believe it has the best single muffled V6 sound
I've heard (can you say "cognitive dissonance"? Not!)

I trimmed the fun part: at the beginning of the FRPP segment,
starting the engine blew a fistful of styrofoam packing "peanuts"
all over the driveway!
Munns feb 3 lunch
prado, balboa park
Munnz The Greek
Bob Munns' August, 2007 appearance
on the ABC Family series "GREEK"
Mustang 5.0 Convertible 2014
Acquired September 2014
Mustang 5.0 Coupe 2013
2013 Mustang GT with Brembo option

Acquired in September 2012
Relinquished in the trade for next car, a Mustang 5.0 Convertible 2014
Mustang Monthly 8210
Mustang Monthly for October, 1982

Cover, Table of Contents, and five-page article on the
Terlingua Racing Team

Most of these will make a decent 5x7 print.
If you want something bigger, send me a note and
I'll put up a big file for downloading and printing

Out-takes and alternate choices will eventually
be available in another album "os Hardcore ... "
Ninth Dolphin at La Jolla 2007
Phil Binks' Prize-winning Dolphin at the
2007 La Jolla Motorcar Classic

Photos © Frank Sheffield
unless otherwise noted
Nürburgring 56 by Bill Bean
Nürburgring 1956 by Bill Bean
On The Road photos
from—and on—the road cars
os CarlsbadSaturday
Out-takes and mistakes, rejects for some reason.
You may prefer some over those I chose to include in the other album.
They'll make reasonable 5x7s;
if you want something larger, send me a note and
I'll upload a big file.
P R O M O 20050617
Promotion ceremony on June 17, 2005

Photos © Frank Sheffield
Unless otherwise noted

Comment / Contact
PAFB - Gleisberg
Dean Gleisberg's AF History Began at Parks
PAFB Flight 271
From 1955
photos from Larry Apodaca

PAFB Flights 137-144
PAFB Flights 137-144
PAFB Flights 286-293
Parks Air Force Base, California

"Annual" or "Memory Book"

Basic Training Flights 286 - 293

Summer, 1956

Flight photos begin at #63 of 76, below

Please feel free to comment and leave messages
through the "clicky" at the bottom of each page

Contact / email

Bulletin! 12 July 2007
USAF Basic Military Training Flight Photo Project is up and running !
See if yours is HERE
If not, and you have one, send it in...
PAFB Flights 326 - 333
Scans from Bob Brooks, of Parks AFB flight photos: 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333.

Click on a picture to see it larger; click again to display at original size.

PAFB Flights 351 - 358
Parks Air Force Base
Basic Training Flights 351 - 358

Oct 3, 1955 thru Dec 23, 1955
Palm Beaches Entry Blank
Palomar Run April 2013
MotorGen and The Mustang Source SoCal
Gathered together and went
up the mountain on a Sunday morning
Paramount Ranch 2006 Fab Fifties
Paramount Ranch 2006 Fab Fifties

Spring Fling

April 29, 2006

Concours d'Provenance: Paramount Ranch 2005
ParaRnch 2005 300dpi
native 8MP images upsampled from 240 to 300dpi.

Comment / Contact
Parks AFB Barkacs
From Lou Barkacs.
Parnelli 20040501
Hila Sweet's gathering of California racers
May 1, 2004
Parnelli Jones' Torrance shop / museum
Parnelli's 20040501
A few views of the museum's content

Some of these should be buried rather than showed

Well, they are as my Dad said,
"Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick..."
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum
One visit: 11November 2004

All images are untouched other than sizing and/or saving

All from Nikon CP5000 5MP
Various focal lengths with .68 wide angle adaptor

First seven images are reduced to 1028 x
Saved for Web at Photo Shop 30 quality

Remainder are full-size, first of each pair Saved As at quality 5, EXIF data intact
second of each pair Saved for Web at Photo Shop quality 30, loses the EXIF.

Comment / Contact
Phil's Hourglass photos
PhilsAtMonterey 2006 Big Files
Photos of the Ninth Dolphin's competition debut
at Monterey Historics 2006
PhilsAtShelby Big Files
Fabulous Fifties 2006 Fall Frolic
at Shelby's Gardena store

Highest possible JPEG quality
Reduced from original by 5% decrements
Phil's photos of Miles' Dolphin-Porsche presence

Un-processd high-quality JPEG files of about 1.2MB each

I can supply higher-quality JPEGS at up to 5 MB each, or TIFF files at about 32MB each. These would take a while.
PhilsSlidesA Private
Phil Binks' slides

Private album

Restricted access
PhilsSlidesB Public
Phil Binks' slides

Untouched original scans reduced for web display

Riverside CanAm 1968 identities are from World Sports Racing Prototypes

© Phil Binks
Restricted to educational and research purposes
If you 'borrow' or link, please credit Phil Binks
AND tell us how you've used the material

Comment / Contact
PhilsSlidesC Private
Processed images
Ponies and...
Kids on pinto ponies and a few other photos made in similar spirit.

A click on a thumbnail will produce a larger version ; a second click will open an original-size image in a new window.

Comment / Contact
Qualcomm 06-19-09

Eighth-mile drag races

Please add your Comments by clicking on the
"Comment" near the bottom of each page
Ramey AFB - Hnat
Photos from Ramey Air Force Base

Early 1950s

From Joseph Hnat

72D Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
72D Strategic Reconnaissance Wing H
Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico 12 April 1955
Side-of-the-Road non-commercial (mostly) experiences
RIAM May 08
Fab 50s day at the
Riverside International Automotive Museum

May 17, 2008
RIR McClenahan
Roy McClenahan's photos from Riverside International Raceway
And a few from Long Beach

Geezers will remember Roy's father, legendary flagman Rodger

If you link to or "borrow" them, please credit Roy McClenahan
AND let us know where we can see your uses

RIR Stuff
RIR Stuff
Riverside Racing 83
©Frank Sheffield

Riverside Racing photos may be used for
personal, educational, and research purposes.

Please leave a comment indicating where we can see your use.

More information on Riverside International Raceway, California
Riverside Racing 84
Riverside International Raceway Racing October 1984

Single-Seat Can-Am weekend

Photos © Frank Sheffield
S E B R I N G 1958
Kodachrome slide scans
San Diego High School 10-05-07
Mustang Club of San Diego at

San Diego High School 10-05-07
SCCA practice 20070303
Practice session at San Diego Jack Murphy Qualcomm Stadium

Where found, as found; feel free

Comment / Contact
SCCA Solo Div Jul 08
SCCA Solo 2 Divisional 12 July 2008
SCCA Solo Tour 2013
Unprocessed and available
SCCA Tour 2012
SCCA Solo National Tour
From a while back.
Sebring 1958 Viewables
Kodachrome slides

©Frank Sheffield
SHELBY Brake Duct Bezels and Backplate Kit
I bought these with the intention of putting them on my 2009 GT/CS, but never got around to it before selling the car.

They were snapped up by a Team Shelby member as soon as I offered them.

Photos are 4000k-pixels in long dimension - Six or seven MB each, except the closed box.
Shelby SGT Brake Duct Bezel and Backing Plates
To update or restore The front of a Shelby Mustang GT or California Special

Sold; gone on to bigger and better things
Shoot In a
For the bi-weekly 'challenge' ending 05 March 2006

Shoot In b
Fortnight ending 19 March 2006
Shoot In c
candidates for "Rough and Tough"
Shoot-In d
for the "curves" mandate, 20121120
Solo DCCSD 080810
Run Group 1 only. No others available.

These will make decent 5x7s.
If you see one you'd like at a larger size, email me
the number and I'll put a big-print size image in another album,
where you can order enlargements, coffee mugs,
t-shirts, or who knows what all.

Or download the image to print it yourself, or use it otherwise.

Images are Copyright © Frank Sheffield

Solo DCCSD Big 080810
Large-print size images from the DCCSD Solo 2 event of August 10, 2008

Run Group 1 only. No others available.
Sports Cars Illustrated Dec '60
Dolphin F-Jr in
Sports Cars Illustrated Dec '60

Events including Ferrari 166MM (250MM in the book)
Sports Car Racing In The South 1959-1960
by Willem Oosthoek

These images are for your research purposes only, and are not to be distributed nor posted to your Web site or blog in paret or in whole. To obtain permission to post them, contact Willem Oosthoek, the copyright owner.

Jim Jenné's Bialbero
in restoration since 1990
now completed
(August 2009)

Photos © Jim Jenné
Tesla pops
Scenes at a Ladera Heights location

Movie-making as you always knew it would be
The result is now on IMdB:

© Frank Sheffield
Educational and research uses are encouraged
If you 'borrow' or link, please credit Frank Sheffield
AND tell us how you've used the material

Comment / Contact
Thanksgiving 2006
At home with the turkey
THS '51 Annual
THS '52 Annual

Today is April 5, 2009
THS '53 Annual
Scanned and posted

Today is 10 May 2009
THS '54 Annual
THS '54 Annual
Scans of the old book

Choose "Original" as viewing size
or click a smaller image to see a larger one

Don't hesitate to use the "Comment" clicky
if you'd like to leave a note
THS Alumni Car Show OCT 2010
THS Alumni Car Show OCT 2010
On the campus of Torrance High School
2200 Carson
Torrance, California
Tijuana Visit 2012 Sept
Consuelo, Norma, and Margarita visited Guadalupe in Tijuana
Torrey - Put
Large (~3MB files)
For display
Photos made on 02 June 2011
VIDEO Transfers
Willard Spl 1:64
Mattel 1:87 model of the Willard Battery Special - Parnelli Jones (Seems it's more like 1:64)
Wyss at Auto/Aerobooks
On 28 April 2007, Wallace A. Wyss debuts his book
Shelby - The Man. The Cars. The Legend. at
3524 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank CA
X A N A D U 06
Snaps at the Xanadu gathering of 2006-03-04

© John Calavan
X A N A D U 07
XANADU at John Calavan's, 17 Feb 2007

Feel free to caption
Xmas 2011
2018 Mustang GT
Zoo 20090829

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