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About Michael McComas

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Michael McComas' Albums

RIC pics
Peter McGoldrick's Album
Sam Snider
Sam's Snider
EIC Musket Pics
Johnny Yuma Pics
Pictures from the gunslinger himself
Discussion Pics
Pictures for discussion
Cwo4uscgret's pics
Peabody Martini pics from CWO4USCGret
IMA Guns
Mystery Rifles
Mystery Rifle Folder
Capt Graves Pics
Easton VRPM 2013
Easton VRPM 2013
Snider Variations
Variant Snider actions
Albini-Braendlin Pics
Tabby Pics
Tabatiere Pictures
Pukka's Pics
Photos from Pukka Bundook
Mark C's Peabody
Mark C's Peabody-Martini
Michael's Pics
Auction Pics
Pics from auctions
Auction Pics 2
577 pictures
pictures from Stu
bashelor pictures
the squirrel with silicone implants is back
Incurable Collector pictures
AkMike's Pics
Alberta 2007 shoot
Alternate Snider-Enfield sights
The object is getting the Snider to shoot close to point of aim, without making permanent alterations!
Anubis70 pictures
Bert Barrel's pictures
Bob W's Pics
Bullet Mould Order
Pics for the Coyote mould order
Dantforth's pictures
Pictures from Dave
Daryl pictures
Des Donneley's Pics
Enfield rifle-musket from A'stan
Exblaster pictures
pix from Steve M
fireonethree pictures
For Sale Pics
Forum picture posting thread
Gazza pictures
Gunga Doug's Pics
Ian G's Pics
Idaho-Huff pictures
Open ISSO match, title on the line, 2007
Jalapeno Jake's pictures
Kymm W's Pics
Lord Carbine pictures
martinirick pictures
Mike H
Mike H and his Martini
Misc Pics
MIshooter's Pics
peterb632 pictures
Rogues Gallery
A photo gallery of fake vs. real Martini-Henry rifles
Rosswoop's Pics
Rotchie's Pics
Sebedeus Pics
The mysterious 12-groove Snider
Slowpoke Slim pictures
Steve499 pictures
RichardWV's Tabatiere
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TH pictures
Tikkathree pictures
Webley auto pictures
Zulu1202's Pics
My iPhone Pictures