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Jim Robertson's Albums

Gran's 90th
Pics from May 14 party and May 15 lunch
Butterflies and Fall colours etc
Carleton University Butterflies, plus Oct 9 at Mill of Kintail
Parc Omega August 14, 2004
Parc Omega, Montebello, Quebec. One hour drive from Ottawa
Westport Aug 9, 2004
One day visit to Foley Conservation Area and countryside to east of Westport
Mont Tremblant July 26
Visit to Quebec Provincial Park
Ducky Dock
Round Lake July 21,22 2004
Snow Geese Migration, Mar 30/05
Snow Geese along the Long Sault Parkway,Ontario (between Cornwall and Morrisburg along the St Lawrence River) March 30, 2005. An estimated 40,000 snow geese migrated through the area that day
Snow geese March 25 2011
Snow Geese sampling. Mar 25, 2011, Lancaster Ont and east to Quebec. Over 130,000 snow geese were in the area
Snow geese by Brian Morin March 2011
Snow geese pictures by Brian Morin March 2011
April 05 Petrie, bio-dome, egret, osprey etc
selected shots from April 2005. Reduced size/quality to accommodate dial up users
Petrie Island June 20, 2018
Selected pictures from a mid-day visit Petrie on June 20, 2018
Petrie Aug 29, 2010
Quick and dirty shots Petrie Island Aug 29, 2010
Petrie, August 7, 2009
selected pictures from visit to Petrie August 7, 2009
Petrie, April 2, 2009
Petrie, April 2, 2009 See Dispatches on Friends of Petrie Island website at:
Petrie Sept 26, 2006
Pictures by Richard Burnford see Disptaches from Petrie at:
Petrie July 10, 2006
Black billed Cuckoo see
Petrie June 25, 2006
Petrie June 17, 2006
Petrie June 6, 2006
refer to
Petrie Nov 8, 2005
See Petrie Island website:
Petrie Sept 28, 2005
Petrie Aug 18, 2005
See Disptaches from Petrie Island at
Petrie July 28, 2005
Petrie, July 4, 2005
Petrie, June 19, 2005
Petrie June 7, 2005
Petrie, June 3, 2005
Petrie May 25, 2005
Petrie May 10, 2005
Petrie, April 2nd, 2005
Petrie March 15, 2005
Petrie Feb 11, 2005
Petrie Jan 16, 2005
See Friends of Petrie Island - Dispatches at
Petrie Sept 22, 2004
see Dispatches from Petrie at
Petrie Sept 3, 2004
See "Dispatches from Petrie" at
Petrie July 24, 2004
See Friends of Petrie Island Dispatches of July 24, 2004:
Petrie July 11, 2004
See Petrie Dispatches:
Petrie June 17,2004
See Dispatch of June 17, 2004 from Petrie
June 23rd - Burnt Lands and Purdon C.A.
Midland/Bruce Peninsula/Algonquin Park
June 4-10, 2004
Woods West of Ottawa
Mushrooms plus
Mud Lake Aug 20/05 Nature outing
Maps for Mud Lake
Mud Lake, May, 2008
Sample Pictures for RA Nature group visit May 24, 2008
Mud Lake June 9, 2012
Ducks, frog, turtles and snake
Mer Bleue
Nature Outing Nov 5, 2005
RA Nature Group Torbolton Forest, Dec 3rd, 2005
Pioneer Life
Pioneer Life Print Exhibit, Dec 1-30, 2005
Maps&potential images RA Nature Group Feb 19, 2005
Nature Group Outing to Petrie Island, Saturday, Feb 19, 2005
Beaver Pond, Kanata
Map to Nature Group Outing Dec 4, 2004
Chutes of the Bonnechere, May 2004
Four of the five waterfall sites on the Bonnechere River (Fifth Chute, in Eganville, is dammed)
RA Nature Outing Feb 18, 2006
RA Nature Group Outing April 29 Cooper Marsh
Nature group Outing Petrie June 17, 2006
RA Nature Group Outing Aug 19 Morris Island
Maps and recent pictures from Morris Island
RA Nature Group Outing Sept 16/06 Monaghan Forest
RA Nature Group Monaghan Forest planned outing Sept 16, 2006 - pics and maps
Jones Falls Nature Outing July 22, 2006
Porposed RA Photo Club Nature Group Outing
RAPC Fall Challenge 2007 Sample shots
Foret-la-Blanche Ecological Reserve Photos by Mary and David Russell
Maps etc for RAPC Nature Group Outing June 9, 2007
Maps and pictures from area
RA Photo Nature Grp Jan19/08 Mill of Kintail
Sample images from Jan 2/08 for RAPC Nature Group Outing, Mill of Kintail Jan 19/08
BairdTrail Middleville Ontario
Map and description of Baird Trail near Middleville
selected shots from Florida 2006, February
170801-2 Calgary
Jared and friends Golfing and skating boarding
Larose Forest, Gwen Williams, May 10, 2001
Larose Forest May 10, 2001 Photos by Gwen Williams
Larose Forest, G Williams, J Robertson 06/08/24
Concession 9, Larose Forest Aug 24/06
Larose Forest, G Williams, J Robertson, Aug 4/05
Concession Rd 11, Larose Forest August 4, 2005
Gwen's and Jim's sent for calendar consideration
Garage Storage
Doug & Lesley Oct 28, 2006 Formal shots
Formal shots (Cropping required to suit the size you want) Download Original size for printing.
Lesley and Doug, Oct 28 Informal shots
Informal and formal shots. sized to 4x6, download original size
Parc Omega, 2007
Gwen's and Jim's pics from visit to Parc Omega, RA Nature group
Florida Bird Prints
see for background story
Upper Canada Village Print Exhibit
Pictures from summer of 2005
Montreal Bio-dome April 30, 2007
"Quick and dirty shots"
Biodome samples for RA Nature group
Taken April 2005 at the Biodome
New Zealand, Dec 2006
A very few of the many pictures taken
Wetlands - large
Wetlands - small
Monkey business
World of Birds Cape Town
Langa Township
Cape Town
John Neilson Birthday NON selects
Arelene: These are the ones I have not select for "public" posting
John Neilson Birthday
Photos from John's birthday dinner Jan 11, 2008
Lemieux Island
Sample pictures for May 24, 2008 RA Nature Group visit
Maasdam Crew Feb 27-Mar 13/2009
Maasdam Crew Feb 27-Mar 13/2009
Laura and Louis Vernon house - select
Selections from Jim and Gwen's pics of delivery of Laura & Louis's new house See next album for the other pics not selected
Laura and Louis Vernon house - Other
Other pics from delivery of Laura and Louis's new house in Vernon
110602 Ben
Ben at Oma and Pops house
120210 Ben
At Oma and Pops place
120311 Ben at Fulton's
Checking out the maple bush
121223-30 Kissimmee
Christmas in Florida
Ben July/Aug 2013
Ben in Merrickville, at Oma's, at Navan Fair, Merrickville and Puppets Up in Almonte
Ben and Lucien, Gingerbread houses Dec 7/13
A few selected photos of Ben and Lucien at Oma's house decorating gingerbread houses
140321 140406 Matt Ben Misc and Fulton's
140613 Ben and Matt
140830 Ben at Lucien's birthday
14122 Ben helps decorate the Christmas tree
150111 Ben and Matt at Mud Lake
Ben, Matt June 26, 2015
Oma and Pops' pictures. At RCMP Sunset Ceremonies. Musical Ride etc
Ben at Round Lake July 31, 2015
Ben visiting at Doug's cottage at Round Lake. Jordan and her father, Brian were there too.
Ben, Matt and friends, Val des Monts. Aug 9, 2015
Selected Oma's and Pops' pics from Sunday Aug 9, 2015 at the cottage in Val des Monts
Ben and Lucien at St Albert. August 15, 2015
Selected pics from Oma and Pops
Ben and Matt Sept 23, 2015
Ben, Matt and friends at Mountain Apple Orchard
Ben and Matt, Oct 12, 2015
A walk in the woods at the Mill of Kintail
Ben and Lucien, Nov 27, 2015
Decorating gingerbread cookies at Oma and Pops', Nov 27, 2015
Florida December, 2015
Gwen's and Jim's pictures of family, and a few other shots, from Florida visit December 2015
Lucien and Ben, Feb 12/16
PD day, kids off school, visiting Oma and Pops
Matt birthday 2016
Matt enjoying his birthday cake, Feb 21, 2016
Lucien, Ben, Matt Easter 2016
March 27, 2016 prior to the great Easter Egg Hunt
Ben, Matt April 19, 24, 2016
Oma's pictures. A few from April 19. On April 24 Ben, Matt and friends went to Mud Lake to see and feed the birds. (A couple of pictures also taken April 28)
Ben's Birthday 2016
Ben birthday party, May 8, 2016
Strawberry Picking June 25, 2016
Ben and Matt, and others, picking strawberries
Ben and Lucien at Oma and Pops' summer camp. July 11-15, 2016
Five days with Oma and Pops. Cottage at Round Lake (Killaloe ON), Mac Johnson Wildlife Area (Brockville), Aquaterium (Brockville), Little Ray's Reptiles (Ottawa), Legoland (Solera Circle, Ottawa).
160722 Ben and Matt At Mud Lake
July 22, 2016
Calabogie Cottage 2016
Oma and Pops visit the cottage August 15, 2016
Round Lake, July 2016
Ben and Lucien visit the cottage. July 11-13, 2016
Ben and Lucien At Parc Omega August 30,2016
Ben and Lucien give Oma and Pops an excuse to check out Parc Omega. August 30, 2016
Ben and Matt at Mud Lake Oct 7, 2016
Feeding the birds and running the trails
Lucien 2.5Km run Oct 15, 2016
Lucien 2.5Km run Oct 15, 2016 at Mooney's Bay.
Ben and Matt Oct 15,2016
Going for a walk at Fletcher's Garden
Ben and Matt at the Pumpkin Patch Oct 23,2016
Pumpkin Patch on Cabin Road near Osgoode.
Pumpkin Carving Oct 30, 2016
Carving the pumpkins at Ruby and Doug's
Ben and Matt PA Day Nov 18,2016
Mud Lake and Britannia Park activities
Matt and Ben at Oma's and Pops' Dec 2016
Matt spends time at Oma's and Pops' Dec 19,20,21,22 Ben there a couple of days as well after school
Matt, Ben & Lucien Dec 23
Matt, Ben and Lucien at Oma and Pops on Dec 23 for tree decorating, cookies et al
Ben and Matt Jan 3-4/17
Ben and Matt spend 2 days at Oma's and Pop's while Mom and Dad are at work.
170129 Chinese New Years
170110 Matt at Oma and Pops
PA Day Activities, Jan 30/17
Ben and Lucien at Oma's and Pop's, at the Kids Museum and Buffet des Contients for lunch
170217 Ben and Matt Mud Lake walk
Ben, Matt, Oma and Pops go for a walk. (No one was around to take a picture of Pops feeding the Downy Woodpecker 😢)
170218 Matt Birthday
Matt 3rd Birthday
170402 Ben Lucien Spring Fun
Ben and Lucien's visit to two sugar bushes and an Alpaca and Llama afrm
170423 Matt and Ben stroll the path at Mud Lake
Matt and Ben stroll and splash through the puddles on the pathway.
170507 Ben's Birthday
May 7, 2017 Ben's 7th birthday party
170624 Ben Matt Lucien at Mooney's Bay
Ben, Matt and Lucien at Mooney's Bay Playground
170630 Matt and Ben Mud Lake
Ben and Matt with Oma and Pops at Mud Lake on a dreary morning
170708 Ben Soccer Tournament
Ben playing in one game at soccer tournament at Brewer Park
170721 Lucien, Ben and Matt at Round Lake Cottage et al
A few shots before the cottage and a few shots after the cottage.
170806 Ben, Matt and cousins: Lac Simon & Lac Viceroy
QQ, YY, Ben, Matt et al first day at the cottage
170816 Ben, Matt in Smith Falls
A visit to the Railway Museum, the Rideau Canal Museum and a set of locks on the canal
170819 Saunders Farm 5K Inflatable Run
Selected shots of Ben, Lucien, Becka and Ruby in a 5K Inflatable run.
170916 Ben and Matt picking apples
Mountain Orchards, just east of Kemptville
171006 Ben, Matt, Lucien spend a few hours with Oma and Pops
Hog's Back, Mooney's Bay and Pumpkin Inferno
171015 Weekend activities Lucien, Ben, Matt
Lego etc construction, Hot Wheels at the Museum of History
2017 Christmas tree and cookie decorating
Lucien, Ben and Matt decorating the Christmas tree, gingerbread houses and cookies and Oma's and Pop's
180126 Canal skate
180203 Parliament Hill skate Ben, Matt et al
180401 Portraits
180408 Ben and Matt at the sugar bushes
Visit to Red Dog Farm, Fortune Farms and the ice scream shop
180505 Ben Birthday Party
Soccer game et al at Ben's 8th birthday
180512 At Dow's Lake
Tulip time at Dow's Lake on Mother's Day
180608 Skywood Eco Adventures
Oma's and Pops' pics of Lucien and Ben at the Discovery Adventure course.
180710-13 Lucien, Ben, Matt
Lucien, Ben and Matt hang out with Oma and Pops and hit the Rideau River canoeing, Granby Amazoo and the Science and Tech Museum in Ottawa
180716-18 Ben and Matt
Ben and Matt's extended visit to Oma and Pop's.
180805 Ben, Matt and friends at cottage
July 5/18 at Lac Hughes
180820 Ben&Matt squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, chickadee,
Mud Lake, Andy Haydon Park
180916 Mud Lake
Ben and chickadee
181007 Family Photos
Selected Williams Family pics taken at Oma's and Pop's
181118 Mooney's Bay Tobaggan
Matt, Ben and friends at Mooney's Bay for early winter fun and games
181123 Matt, Lucien and Ben on a PD day
Lucien, Matt and Ben spend the day at Oma and Pop's.
181220 Ben School concert
181223, 24 Ben and Matt at Oma and Pops
181225 Ben Matt
Christmas morning at Iona Street
190101 & 25 Ben and Matt activities at Oma and Pops
190217 Matt's birthday cake etc
190727 Lucien Norcan Lake
Selected pics from a week at the cottage with Oma and Pops
190727 Ben and Matt Norcan Lake
Selected pics from activities at Cottage, 2019
190805 Petit Lac Hughes
Action at the cottage in Otter Lake
190908 Ben Matt Soccer
First game of soccer at Sept 8 tournament at Letrim Field
191011 Matt and Ben Playground and Mud Lake
191027 Annual Pumpkin Carving at Ben and Matt's
200124 Mud Lake PD Day
Ben and Matt with Oma and Pops. Two plus hours at Mud Lake
200629 Ben, Matt Parc Omega
Ben and Matt spend a day at Park Omega with Oma and Pops
200704 Mud Lake and home
Chipmunks, ducks, lego
200720 Ben and Matt at Round Lake Cottage
JUly 20-24 at Round Lake with Oma and Pops
200802 Ben & Matt at cottage
Ben, Matt et al at Lake Wood Cottage, Petit Lac Hughes, Otter Lake
200820 Lac Ste Marie Cottage
A few pics from a week at the Lac Ste Marie cottage.
Solera Golf Ann
Ann, shots from Solera Golf Day, June 26,2010
Solera Golf Kathleen
Kathleen, Pictures from Solera Golf day, June 26, 2010
Solera Golf Kam
Kam, Solera Golf Day, June 26, 2010
Canada Day 2010
Ottawa, July 1st, 2010
Round Lake, July 12, 2010
Heard Family gathering at the cottage. July 12, 2010
Benefit Concert Aug 27, 2010
Benefit Concert Aug 27, 2010
South African Birds in the Wild
Photos of wild birds taken while in South Africa July-Sept 2007. Some pictures are not tack sharp, but have been retained as "record" shots.
South African Captive Birds
South African Captive Birds photographed mainly at World of Birds in Capetown
East African birds
Photographed in Tanzania in Feb 2007. Not all pictures are tack sharp, but have been included for record purposes
East Africa Mammals
Selected pictures from Feb, 2007 safari in Tanzania
South African Mammals - The Cats
Slected pictures of some of the "cats" in South Africa
South African Mammals - Lion Kills
Some pictures taken of lions and their kills. A few might be considered graphic
South African Mammals - Jackals and Hyenas
Selected shots of hyenas and jackals
South African Mammals - antelopes, Giraffe etc
Selected pictures of various antelope and larger mammals
South African Mammals - Elephants, hippo, rhino
Selected pictures of larger African animals
South African Mammals - monkeys
Selected pictures of monkeys in the wild of South Africa
South African Mammals - smaller and misc
Selected pictures of "other" animals
African reptiles
Reptiles photographed in Tanzania (and South Africa to come)
Costa Rican Birds
A few birds that were photographed in Costa Rica during a three week trip.
Map: (North)Eastern South America, Mar/April 2010
Map for (North)Eastern South America, 43 days on the ship Mar/April 2010. Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, back to Rio, up and back the Amazon River, through the Caribbean to Fort Lauderdale and on to New York City. An interesting cruise, but not without its issues.... In most cities we were constantly watching our backs for potential crime which we were reminded of by ship staff and others before we left home. We left our DSLRs on the ship and took our smaller "point and shoot" cameras, but even then police and citizens stopped us and told us to put our cameras away because of the risk. Unlike all other countries we have cruised to, Brazil made a point of demonstrating their "power" and delayed us getting off the ship in many of their ports.
Another Dirty City, Mar/April 2010
Another dirty city. Mar/April 2010. (North)eastern South America Cruise. While it might not be fair, the large cities, particularly in Brazil, struck us as being quite dirty. In many locations we were constantly watching our backs for potential crime which we were constantly reminded of by ship staff and others before we left home.
But not all were dirty,NE South America 03/04 2010
But not all were dirty, NE South America 03/04 2010. Some of the smaller cities, and locations within the larger cities, were quite nice.
Montevideo, Uruguay, Mar 17, 2010
Montevideo, Uruguay, Mar 17, 2010. Our research had indicated that this was a great city to visit, but when we arrived we were handed a map by the local authorities and told to STAY ON the streets as marked. The streets as marked were less than appealing. They had police stationed on every corner of the first part of the route. The return route was dismal and had no police in evidence. After being warned by locals, we quickly went back the way we came. The central part was quite nice looking. The police, carrying automatic weapons, frequently traveled in groups of 2-3 with a dog.
Buenos Aires, Mar 18-19, 2010
Buenos Aires, March 18-19, 2010. We had an overnight in Buenos Airies which gave us more time to see things in this very large busy city
Rio de Janerio, Brazil. March 11 and 17, 2010
Rio de Janerio, Brazil. March 11 and 17, 2010. We had one full day in the city before our cruise ship left and had a second day when the ship returned before it continued north. We hired different local guides for each day to see the city. Both guides were very knowledgable, but very cautious as to where they woudl take us and what cameras we could use. They much preferred we use our "point and shoots" vs the dSLRs due to the crime.
Amazon River, April 4-12, 2010
Amazon River, April 4-12, 2010. The ship sailed 700 miles up the river to Manaus. A large city with a population of over 2,000,000. Cruise ships can go up the Amazon only when the river is high and then only ships drawing less than 30 feet. The river is wide at its mouth and the narrows down somewhat. There are villages and cities along the shoreline.
Manaus, Brazil. April 9-10, 2010
Manaus, Brazil. April 9-10, 2010. This is the farthest up river the ship went. It is a large city with a population over 2,000,000. Upstream some 700 miles from the Atlantic. We opted for nature oriented excursions and did not spent time in the city (or at its world-class Opera House)
The "Meeting of the Waters". Manaus. Apr 10, 2010
The "Meeting of the Waters". Manaus. Apr 10, 2010. The confluence between the Rio Negro, a river with dark (almost black coloured) water, and the sandy-coloured Amazon River or Rio Solimões, as it is known the upper section of the Amazon in Brazil. For 6 km (3.7 mi) the river's waters run side by side without mixing. This phenomenon is due to the differences in temperature, speed and water density of the two rivers. The Rio Negro flows at near 2 km per hour at a temperature of 28°C, while the Rio Solimões flows between 4 to 6 km per hour a temperature of 22°C
Boca de Valeria, Brazil. April 8, 2010
Boca de Valeria, Brazil. April 8, 2010. A native village of about 150 being visited by a cruise ship with 1200 passengers. A few other natives from nearby drop in as well. The kids get dressed up and parade their pets for photographers (one of the few places in Barzil where we heard any English: "One dollar"). Other kids grab visitors by the hand and guide them around. (hoping for some $$ too) The men bring their boats and offer rides up the small tributary.
Crossing the equator. April 13, 2010
Crossing the equator. April 13, 2010. The ceremony of Crossing the Line is an initiation rite in the Royal Navy, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, and other navies that commemorates a sailor's first crossing of the Equator. Sailors who have already crossed the Equator are nicknamed (Trusty) Shellbacks, often referred to as Sons of Neptune; those who have not are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs. In our case, the passengers were not subjected to "indignities", but the crew is. Crew members who had not crossed the equator before (Pollywogs) were assembled by Shellbacks and had to appear before Neptune and the ship's officers. A fun time had by all
South America Misc - transport
South America Misc - transport. Various modes of more "unique" transport seen during our travels
South America Misc - Nature
South America Misc - Nature. A few pictures of "nature" that did not make the cut elsewhere in the albums. No decent pictures of the pink dolphins unfortunately. They just did not show themselves very often
South America Misc - People
South America Misc - People. Pictures that did not fit other albums
South America Misc - a very few signs
South America Misc - a very few signs. The "$$" are for Uruguay pesos, which are 20 to the Canadian $$
South America Misc - a few urban architecture pics
South America Misc - a few urban architecture pictures.
South America Misc - church interior, sculptures
South America Misc - church interior, sculptures
South America Misc - selected port cranes
South America Misc - selected port cranes. In many ports (large and small) the ship docks at a working port
South America Misc - few pics from two excursions
South America Misc - few pics from two excursions in addition to what is in the other the other albums. These were ship organized shore excursions
Devil's Island, French Guiana, April 15
Devil's Island, French Guiana, April 15. We had been at sea for two days, with little opportunity to stop elsewhere for the next few days, so we dropped anchor and tendered into Devil's Island, a French penal colony that was active until 1952.
Bridgetown, Barbados April 17, 2010
Bridgetown, Barbados April 17, 2010. A leisurely walk around town
Roseau, Dominica. April 18, 2010
Roseau, Dominica. April 18, 2010. Another leisurely stroll around town
Roadtown, Tortola, BVI. April 19, 2010
Roadtown, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. April 19, 2010. Again another relaxed stroll around the town.
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. April 21, 2010
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. April 21, 2010. Holland America's private Island. This was our second visit. (Well someone has to go!!!)
Fort Lauderdale, April 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, April 22, 2010. A walk around a few areas in town
New York, New York. April 22, 2010
New York, New York. April 22, 2010 Arriving in the rain. We walked off the ship shortly after it docked, took a cab to the airport and were sitting in our home in Ottawa by 2pm
Georgetown, Cayman Islands Dec, 2010
Georgetown, Cayman Islands Dec, 2010. Visit by cruise ship. The wind was too strong for ship to stop by town, so it anchored in a protected bay behind town and we took a bus to town. There was not much to see in town. Some people rented cars and drove around more of the Island.
Cartagena Colombia Dec 2010
Dec 2010 Cartagena Colombia
Colon Panama Dec 2010
Dec 2010 Colon Panama
Puerto Limon, Costa Rica Dec 2010
Dec 2010 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica in 2007 for 3+ weeks we had a fascinating encounter with a mother sloth and her infant in the wild. This one day visit saw us at the world famous SLoth Recovery Centre.
Roatan, Honduras. Dec 2010
Roatan, Honduras. Dec 2010. Our one day in port (via cruise ship) was spent at a local nature park.
Cozumel, Mexico Dec 2010
Cozumel, Mexico Dec 2010. One day visit via cruise ship. We spent the day at Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen
Singapore to Vancouver Cruise
April 11 to May 18, 2011 35 day cruise on Holland America 28 albums follow.
Singapore April 11, 2011
Chinatown, Little India: temple. markets etc
Singapore April 12, 2011 (Zoo)
Singapore April 12, 2011 (Zoo)
Singapore April 13, 2011 (Bird Park & Clark Quay)
Singapore April 13, 2011 Jurong Bird Park & Clark Quay area
Singapore April 14, 2011
Singapore April 14, 2011 Misc shots during last morning
Ko Samui, Thailand April 15, 2011
Ko Samui, Thailand April 15, 2011. An island off the coast of Thailand
Bangkok, April 17, 2011
Bangkok, April 17, 2011. Temples, temples and more temples. Their temples mean a lot to the Thais, and while our guide took us to several others places, it was hard to convince her we didn't want to see more temples. Central Bangkok is 30-45 minutes from the dock
Bangkok, April 18, 2011
Bangkok, April 18, 2011. Visit to Nong Nooch Cultural Village and drive through New Year's celebration water fights
Sihanoukville, Cambodia April 19, 2011
Sihanoukville, Cambodia April 19, 2011. Motorcycles, tuk tuks, a few beaches and a very filthy market.
Nha Trang, Viet Nam, April 21, 2011
Nha Trang, Viet Nam, April 21, 2011. We had an excellent day with a private car, guide and driver. (That's why there are so many pictures)
Hong Kong April 23, 2011
Hong Kong April 23, 2011, Day one of our visit with personal guides:Ruby and her father
Hong Kong April 24, 2011
Hong Kong April 24, 2011. Visit to Kowloon Park, the Peak and a walk around the ship port area
Shanghai, April 27, 2011
Shanghai, April 27, 2011. Day 1 of 2. Visit to Suzhou, Grand Canal, People's Square and The Bund. We had a private car, driver and tour guide, but it didn't work out as well as hoped.
Shanghai, April 28, 2011
Shanghai, April 28, 2011. Day 2 of 2. A walk over to The Bund and then over to the Pudong District. Sail out at dusk
Nagasaki, April 30, 2011
Nagasaki, April 30, 2011. A walk around the central area including temples and Chinatown. The Atomic Bomb Museum and monuments were somewhat further away.
Kobe, Japan. May 2, 2011
Kobe, Japan. May 2, 2011. Our second and last Japanese port. We were to stop at 5 Japanese ports, but the tsunami, which happened about 6 weeks before we left, changed all that.
Sea of Japan, May 3, 2011
Sea of Japan, May 3, 2011, After leaving Kobe we headed to Busan South Korea through the Sea of Japan
Busan, South Korea, May 5, 2011
Busan, South Korea, May 5, 2011. This was one of the substitute ports for the cancelled Japan ports. Busan was very nice, clean and seemed very liveable.
Vladivostock, Russia May 6, 2011
Vladivostok, Russia May 6, 2011. A dull dreary day. Visits to a school for the performing arts and to a (upscale) family, plus a walk around town. There is only rail, air and ship service to the city. No roads. Population is approx 600,000
At sea, Off Russian east coast, May 7 and 8, 2011
At sea, Off Russian east coast, May 7 and 8, 2011. Stromy weather between Vladivstock and Petropavlovsk
Petropavlovsk, Russia May 10, 2011
Petropavlovsk, Russia May 10, 2011. Another dull cold day in a forlorn/decrepit place. City (population approx 200,000) has only been open to visitors for a few years as it is a submarine base. There are no roads into town. Only airport and ships.
Storm in the Bering Sea, May 11, 2011
Three day storm in the Bering Sea, May 11, 2011. Three days of cold and wind. Temperature 1°C (33°F), winds up to 110kph (70mph), wave height up to 9 metres (30 feet). We weren't allowed out on deck (as if we would want to !)
Behind the Scenes on the ship, May 13, 2011
Behind the Scenes on the ship, May 13, 2011. An "at sea day" tour behind the scenes on deck 2. (Plus a puffin)
Kodiak, Alaska May 14, 2011
Kodiak, Alaska May 14, 2011, late spring-like weather, fishing industry and bald eagles. A nice change from the two Russian ports and the days at sea.
late night Dessert Buffet, May 15
Late night Dessert Buffet, May 15. Someone has to eat it !!!
Sitka, Alaska May 16, 2011
Sitka, Alaska May 16, 2011. A visit to the Raptor Centre, the totem poles and sail-away views
Inside Passage, May 17, 2011
Inside Passage, May 17, 2011. Ship cruised between Vancouver Island and the mainland (although much of the narrower part was at night)
Vancouver, May 18, 2011
Vancouver, May 18, 2011. Arrive at sunrise, skyline shots, walk around, Chinatown. We had about 3 hours before we had to leave for our flight home
Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Map) Oct 2011
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Map) Oct 15-28.
Montreal - Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Montreal) We boarded the ship there, didn't do any walking around town as we had been there many times before.
Quebec City Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Quebec City) Rained off and on. Just strolled around old city.
Saguenay Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Saguenay) Sailed up the Saguenay River (a fijord) in the early morning hours missed the whales in the dark. The port gets 18-20 ships per year, we rec'd a great welcome.
Baie Comeau Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Baie Comeau) A small paper mill town. Just strolled around.
Gaspé Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Gaspé) A stroll around town, then sailed by Percé rock
Charlottetown Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Charlottetown) A wet walk around town in the rain and wind
Sydney NS Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Sydney) Another stroll around town
Halifax Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Halifax) A walk around town in the sunshine
Saint John Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Saint John) A walk around town on a very quiet Sunday. Very few stores etc were open.
Bar Habor Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale
Oct 2011 Montreal - Ft Lauderdale (Bar Habor, Maine) Tendered into to port. Second cruise ship in that day. Stores were closing up in two days after last cruise ship comes in.
Lantern festival, Montreal Oct 2011
Chinese Lantern festival, Montreal Botanical Gardens, Oct 2011
West coast trip 2012 - Train
selections from train trip Ottawa to Vancouver. three and a half days
West coast trip 2012 -Vancouver
A day and half visit to Vancouver. Have been there many times, so just visited Granville Island and a small portion of Stanley Park this time To view the images full screen, double click on an image and then use the arrows. Set size, bottom left, to extra large, except the first one set to original and scroll across the panorama
West coast trip 2012 -Juneau Alaska
Rainy afternoon spent in Juneau Alaska. No tours, just walked around central area in the rain
West coast trip 2012 -Skagway Alaska
A fairly sunny, but cool day, a nice change from rain. No excursions, just a walk around the small town
West coast trip 2012 - Glacier Bay Alaska
6 hour cruise into Glacier Bay. Unfortunately the clouds were down very low and it was raining and then snowed for about an hour. The US Park Ranger commented that she had never seen a day like it this far into the year.
West coast trip 2012 - Ketchikan Alaska
A rainy day in Ketchikan. Took free shuttle bus to Eagle Recovery Centre/Fish Hatchery, then Totem Heritage Centre followed by a wet walk along Creek STreet
West coast trip 2012 -Inside Passage
We did the inside passage in 2011 returning from Singapore, so far fewer pictures were taken this year. In both cases we had a sunny day with intermittent clouds.
West coast trip 2012 -Parksville area
Visits to several areas around Parksville: - World Parrot refuge ( a refuge for over 800 former parrot pets) - Morning Star Farm (farm that produces, cheese, wines) - Wildlife Recovery Centre (Mainly raptors) - Cathedral Grove Forest (a preserved old growth forest) -Little Qualicum Falls (A series of waterfalls on a river running through a small gorge)
West coast trip 2012 -Ucluelet, Tofino environs
Pictures from: Ucluelet - where we stayed Tofino - the town at the other end of Pacific Rim Park Pacific Rim Park - A National Park Reserve, not officially a park yet as Native land claims still under negotiation.
West coast trip 2012 -Broken Island boat cruise
6 hour trip on a 53 foot cruiser through the Broken Island Group off shore from Ucluelet. We had a beautiful sunny day, saw two types of sea lions, seals, a hint of a whale, a few birds, but not much else. We had hoped for some bears as well, plus breaching whales.
West coast trip 2012 -Chemainus Murals
Chemainus, a small town not far from Nanaimo, has over 40 murals painted on the sides of various buildings in the downtown area.
West coast trip 2012 -Butchart Gardens, Victoria
Located in a former limestone quarry, the Butchart Gardens, started in 1908, cover 55 acres just outside Victoria. Each year over 1,000,000 bedding plants in some 700 varieties are used throughout the Gardens to ensure uninterrupted bloom from March through October. Close to a million people visit each year, enjoying not only the floral beauty, but the entertainment and lighting displays presented each summer and Christmas.
West coast trip 2012 -Port Renfrew
Port Renfrew is a small "village" on the west coast of Vancouver Island, about a 2 hour drive from Victoria We were heading to Botanical Beach to see what we could find in the tidal pools.
West coast trip 2012 -Victoria
The last day we spent in Victoria itself - Chinatown - Beacon Hill Park, and shoreline - Abkhazi Gradens
Fall Trip 2012, Bob Zentz Chincoteague Island
Oct 4, 2012. Road Scholar Session videos and pictures from concert
Fall Trip 2012, Montreal Lantern festival, Sept 23
Annual Lantern Festival at Botanical Gardens. Sept 23, 2012
Fall Trip 2012, Killington Vermont, Sept 24
Killington Vermont is a major ski area. The "animals" etc are hay bales sculptures that were competing in a local competition.
Fall Trip 2012, Killington to Woodstock, Sept 25
Day tripping in Vermont. Killington to Woodstock Sept 25, 2012
Fall Trip 2012, SW Vermont, Sept 26
Driving the scenic route south to Pennsylvania. Pictures are in Arlington area
Fall Trip 2012, Longwood Grdns, PA Sept 27
Pics and a video from Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, Pennsylvania Sept 27, 2012
Fall Trip 2012, Winterthur Gardens, DE, Sept 28
Really a museum of American decorative arts. Runs from china sets to entire rooms and their walls. Sept 28, 2012 Henry Francis du Pont, a cousin of Pierre Dupont (see Longwood Gardens) enlarged his home (and moved out) to 175 rooms to display his collections. ( )
Fall Trip 2012, Amish Country Sept 29
A day touring the Amish country around Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Horse and buggies all over the place.
Fall Trip 2012, Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, 30/9
Blackwater Wildlife Refuge on Delmarva Peninsula. A few shots as we drove through on our way to Chincoteague. Delmarva is made of small land portions of DELaware, MARyland and VirginiA
Fall Trip 2012, Misc, Chincoteague VA, 30/9 - 5/10
The main reason for the trip was to attend a 5 day Road Scholar session on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. The following pictures are a few miscellaneous shots around town.
Fall Trip 2012, Road Scholar, Chincoteague VA,
Sept 30-Oct 5. We attended a Road Scholar 5 day session on Chincoteague Island. Topics included speakers on Pirates, Lighthouses, War of 1812, Decoy carving, painting, sea faring songs, fishing industry, birds in the Wildlife refuge, a visit to NASA's Wallop Island, and the Chincoteague ponies. An eclectic mix.
Fall Trip 2012, Chincoteague Ponies
The Chincoteague ponies date back to the 1830's. Currently 150 are allowed to remain on Assateague Island. New foals, beyond those needed to keep the number at 150, are sold off at auction each year. The money raised is used to look after the ponies and the balance to help fund the local Fire Dept. For further details, see:
Fall Trip 2012, Safari Park, Virginia, Oct 6
We spent the morning driving through Safari Park. elk, eland, llamas, deer, zebra etc are roaming free within the drive through area. (And act as toll collectors by standing in front of the car until you stop, then they approach you for a handout.) There is also a walk through section with caged animals.
Fall Trip 2012, New River Gorge, Oct 7
New River Gorge area. NE of Beckley, West Virginia
Fall Trip 2012, Monongahela National Forest, Oct 8
Scenic drive through the hills of West Virginia in Monongahela National Forest
Fall Trip 2012, Canaan Vly & Blackwater Pk, Oct 9
Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls are both West Virginia STate Parks in the NW section of the State
Fall Trip 2012, Hershey Factory and School Oct 10
There is no city legally called Hershey, but the urban area is still called Hershey. The Visitor Centre offers free simulated factory tours, and then for $$ has many other activities one can participate in. Hershey is now owned by a Trust, the purpose of which is to provide an education for underprivileged children (Jr Kindergarten to final year of high school.) The school is on some 10,000 park-like acres.
Fall Trip 2012, Corning Glass Museum, Oct 11
A visit to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning New York. Several demonstrations explaining many aspects of glass and it use. Plus a gift shop (of course)
Fall Trip 2012, Watkins Glen, NY, Oct 12
Watkins Glen is a 2 mile long deep gorge full or waterfalls. It is a New York State Park where race car races are held annually.
A few bird shots from Florida visit 12/12-13/01
We spend a few hours on three days photographing birds at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, and Shark Valley, Miami. Plus a few shots from Kissimmee and Jekyll Island
St Augustine Alligator Park (zoo)
A few quick picks from visits to St Augustine Alligator Park
Maplepalooza, 2013
Maplepalooza, Red Dog Farm, March 17, 2013
Maplepalooza 2014
A few images from Red Dog's Farm Maplepalooza celebrations, March 30, 2014
Maplepalooza, 2015
Maplepalooza at Red Dog Farm, Lanark Highlands, April 5, 2015
Maple Family AV
Pictures from the Maple Family AV show
year in the life of a forest
Pictures from the AV show of Fortune's forest
Fortune Farms Mar 29, 2013
Selected pics from Mar 29/13 People, Sherry's bush, Maple Butter etc
Fortune Farms April 2, 2006 (plus)
Customers, family and assistants on April 2, 2006, plus six other pictures
Fortune Family sugar bush ops, 1999-2000
Scans from slides. Fortune Family sugar bush ops, 1999-2000
Mike Hooper
2013 Mosiaculture, Montreal Botanical Gardens
A display of Mosiaculture at the Montreal Botanical gardens in 2013
Galapagos, June, 2013
A brief overview, maps and the boat we were on. See other albums for pictures of the islands and their inhabitants etc.
Galapagos Birds
Selected shots of some of the birds on the Galapagos
Galapagos Sea Lions
These guys seemed to be all over: on the beaches, on benches in urban centres, checking out the zodiacs and swimming with us as we snorkeled in several spots.
Galapagos Turtles and Tortoises
Green sea turtles are not bothered by your swimming with them, but they don't seek you out like the sea lions. We saw many from the zodiacs. To see the tortoises, we visited a research station where they are being raised for release and also went into to the highlands on Santa Cruz to see ones in the wild.
Galapagos Iguanas and Lizards
Marine iguanas were on several islands, while we only saw land iguanas in one area of Santa Cruz. The smaller lava lizards were common on several of the islands.
Galapagos fish
While snorkeling there are lots of fish swimming by, including some white tipped reef sharks.
Galapagos Misc (crabs, locust, Man-of-war)
The brightly coloured sally lightfoot crab is everywhere. There are also ghost and hermit crabs. There weren't many insects around except horse flies that take junks out of you. We did see a few colourful locust though On one beach we found two portguese man-of-war. These are tiny jellyfish-like animals that have very painful stingers.
Galapagos land and seascapes
A few pictures of the varying landscapes throughout the islands
Galapagos cactus
Some of the islands were desert-like with tall cacti growing
Galapagos Post Office Bay
On Floreana Island there is a site of an old whaling station. For more than 150 years there has been an old barrel used as a "post office". Whalers and sailors would leave letters in the barrel to be picked up by passing ships. Today visitors leave post cards in the (newly replaced) barrel and check to see if there are post cards there addressed to someone in a city they will be going home to. If so they are asked to hand deliver the card. We found one for Ottawa (and several more for not too far away from home)
Galapagos trails, terrain and animal encroachments
There was a wide variety of terrain on the trails. Some were easy smooth flat walking, others were walking on 12-15" boulder strewn paths. While we were supposed to stay on the trails and 6' away from the animals, that was not always possible.
Galapagos urban centres
25,000 people live on the Galapagos Islands, some 20,000 of them live on Santa Cruz Island, in Puerto Ayora. There is a much smaller town on San Cristobel. There are a few other much smaller scattered settlements/farms
Galapagos boats
All landings are done by zodiacs. Boats for tourists have licenses for sport fishing, scuba diving or island tours. There are no overlapping licenses. All licenses are strictly controlled and in limited numbers. Tour boats are typically 16 passenger, but there are five 100 passenger ships (e.g.National Geographic, Silver Seas, Celebrity)
Ecuador Oct 17, 2013 Quito
We spent a day in Quito prior to our leaving for the week on the Galapagos. We walked around the old town with our Road Scholar guide
Ecuador Oct 26, 2013 Antisana and Papallacta
After a week in the Galapagos, we flew back to Quito and then 5 of us with a guide and driver drove to the highlands north and east of Quito. This day had us going to a Nature Reserve high in the highlands, Unfortunately to get there we had to drive a long time (up and and back) on an EXTREMELY rough road. Many of the highways in Ecuador are in rough shape, but they are re-building many of them. We ended the day on another rough road taking us into the Hot Pools from which we would operate the next two days.
Ecuador Oct 27, 2013 Guango and Papallacta
After a week in the Galapagos, we flew back to Quito and then 5 of us with a guide and driver drove to the highlands north and east of Quito. Today was a rainy day during which we visited a local nature centre/hotel. We saw hummingbirds and took a hike in the showers. We returned to the Hot Pools and took another hike. The rain had stopped by the trail was slippery in spots.
Ecuador Oct 28, 2013 El Quinche and Cayambe
After a week in the Galapagos, we flew back to Quito and then 5 of us with a guide and driver drove to the highlands north and east of Quito. Today we left the Hot Pools and visited a local market, an expansive cut flower greenhouse facility that supplies the USA, Russia and other countries. We stopped in a few other small towns along the way. The day ended with a longer, rough ride into the Hacienda where we would be staying for the next two nights.
Ecuador Oct 29, 2013 Otavalo
After a week in the Galapagos, we flew back to Quito and then 5 of us with a guide and driver drove to the highlands north and east of Quito. We started out early to get to Otavalo in time for the full action at the market. There is an animal market, a vegetable market and a textile (tourist) market. These markets are well known and draw many locals as well as tourists. We also stopped in some other small towns including a town known for its wood products (furniture and carvings).
Ecuador Oct 30, 2013 Cotacachi and Quito
After a week in the Galapagos, we flew back to Quito and then 5 of us with a guide and driver drove to the highlands north and east of Quito. This was our last day before heading home. We drove a rough road up to get an overlook at a lake, however the clouds were lower than the overlook and we had to settle for a view from lakeside. Also visited was a small town for leather workings and indigenous textiles. While we were there the end of the summer solstice celebration was taking place with a brief "parade"/"mob". From there is was a 90 minute drive back to Quito.
2013 South American Cruise - map
The route and ports visited on the 30 day trip, Oct 17 to Nov 17. We circled Cape Horn at the very bottom of South America. This is some 600 miles from the tip of Antarctica. In 2010 we had cruised from Ft Lauderdale to Buenos Aires, including up and back the Amazon River, so we can now say we have circumnavigated South America. Pictures from the 2010 trip are also available on this site.
2013 South American Cruise - birds, sea lions etc
Selected images of various birds seen during the 30 day trip
2013 South American Cruise - shipboard activities
A few shipboard activities: Halloween, crossing the equator, Indonesian crew show
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 21 Aruba
Submarine excursion. We wanted to do this on an earlier visit to Aruba, but the tours were booked.
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 23 Panama Canal
We approached the canal in the early morning around 5am and completed the passage about 3pm.
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 25 Manta, Ecuador
Our only stop in Ecuador. Visits to Tagua nut and Panama Hat workshops as well as a fishing village
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 27 Salaverry Peru
Port town was Salaverry but there was nothing much there other than sand and port facilities. We took a shuttle into Trujillo, about 20 minutes away
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 29 Lima, Peru
An overnight stay in Lima. The port was very large and busy. We took a taxi to a downtown artisan market area.
2013 South American Cruise - Oct 30 Paracus, Peru
Most of the coast of Peru is a desert and Paracus is no different. It felt like the ship docked in the sand dunes. The local town was 25 minutes away with no way to get there. We took an excursion to Paracus National Reserve. The description sounded good, but....
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 1 Arica Chile
The town was closed up tight for All Saints Day, so we just walked around the town. The main square was very clean, and kept that way by wet mopping on the ceramic tile covered ground.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 3 Coquimbo Chile
Another busy large port. The town was built on a hill, with steep slopes having zig-zag stairs. Their fish market attracted very large sea lions.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 4 Valparaiso, Chi
Valpariso is a large city much of which is built on a hill. There are a number of funiculars to assist people in getting up the hills to their homes. Downtown was busy, with a large modern shopping centre. The cleanliness could have been better though.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 6 Puerto Montt
A very wet day, with a few pockets of sunshine. There was a largish artisan market that stretched along one end of the main street. At the same end was a fish market. A number of other smaller market type areas were located along the street as we walked towards "downtown". An outdoor vegetable market was "downtown" along with a good sized grocery store.
2013 South American Cruise -Nov 7 Puerto Chacabuco
A very small town set in surroundings mountains. The cruise ships used to visit a larger town further up the channel, but earthquakes have caused the silting of the channel to such an extent that ships have to dock at this port.
2013 South American Cruise -Nov 10 Punta Arenas
A 2 hour somewhat rockin' & rollin' ride took us to an island with Megallanic penguins. It was incubation time so there were not a lot of penguins to be seen, but enough to get a few decent pics.
2013 South American Cruise -Nov 8,9,11 cruising
On a number of days we did not go into any port, but cruised various channels passing hills, snow topped mountains and several glaciers
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 11 Ushuaia
Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world, is bordered by magnificent mountains. The day we were there, it was sunny and no wind, so it was quite warm. It is the "take-off" point for most of the trips to the Antarctica.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 12 Cape Horn
In anticipation of the winds and waves around Cape Horn, the captain had all the outside furniture tied down. We arrived at Cape Horn around 6am when the wind was not too bad. We circled the island that is the "Horn" and found it relatively calm on the leeward side. In the meantime we had had some mildly rough seas plus a hail/snow storm on the windward side.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 14 Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is a very nice smallish port. A good number of condos, nice shopping.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 16 Montevideo
This was our second visit to Montevideo, Uruguay. We had heard good things about it, but came away with less than positive feelings in 2010. This time we hired a private guide and driver and were given a much different, and better, view of the city. Thus the overwhelming number of pictures in this album.
2013 South American Cruise - Nov 17 Buenos Aires
We left the ship in Buenos Aires. A 3-4 hour bus tour took us through the city and on to the airport. We had been in Buenos Aires in 2010
2014 Montreal Botanical Gardens
Visit Sept 18 to Montreal Botanical Gardens for Chinese Lantern Festival. Japanese Gardens were also floodlit
Family pics - Phyl/Mum/Gran Pre 1940
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Phyl/Mum/Gran up to 1940. 1940 and afterwards are in next album.
Family pics - Phyl/Mum/Gran Post 1940
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Phyl/Mum/Gran 1940 and afterwards. Pre 1940 are in the previous album.
Family pics - Phyl's parents etc
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Phyl's parents and grandmothers
Family pics - Dick/Dad/Gramps Pre 1940
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Dick/Dad/Gramps up to 1940. 1940 and afterwards are in next album.
Family pics - Dick/Dad/Gramps Post 1940
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Dick/Dad/Gramps 1940 and afterwards. Prior to 1940 is in the previous album
Family pics - Mary Robertson/Heard Pre 1964
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of my sister Mary up to 1964. 1964 and afterwards are in next album.
Family pics - Mary Robertson/Heard Post 1964
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Mary from 1964 and afterwords. Prior to 1964 is in the previous album.
Family pics - Doug Heard
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Doug Heard
Family pics - Steve Heard
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Steve Heard
Family pics - Kristie
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Kristie Heard
Family pics - Gord Heard
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Gord Heard.
Family pics - D-J Heard
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of D-J Heard.
Family pics - D-J's Parents
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. A few pictures D-J's parents.
Family pics - Brian Heard
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Brian Heard.
Family pics - Joanne Olson
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Joanne Olson.
Family pics - Dave Robertson Pre 1966
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Dave Robertson up to 1966. 1966 and afterwards are in next album.
Family pics - Dave Robertson Post 1966
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Dave Robertson after 1966. Prior to 1996 is in previous album.
Family Pics - Diane Robertson
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Diane Robertson.
Family Pics - Lynne Currie
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Lynne Currie.
Family Pics - Tammy Majander
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Tammy Majander.
Family Pics - Melanie Verkler
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Melanie Verkler.
Family Pics - Marla Bratsch
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Marla Bratsch
Family Pics - Kiimberly Shirley
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Kimberly Shirley.
Family pics - Jim Robertson Pre 1971
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Jim Robertson up to 1971. 1971 and afterwards are in next album.
Family pics - Jim Robertson Post 1971
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Jim Robertson 1971 and afterwards. Previous to 1971 are in the previous album.
Family Pics - Ann Elliott
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Ann Elliott.
Family Pics - Ann Elliott's parents, grandparents
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the parents and grandparents of Ann Elliott.
Family Pics - Geoffrey Robertson
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Geoffrey Robertson.
Family Pics - Michael Robertson
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Michael Robertson
Family pics - The Hoopers
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Hooper Family. (Ann Elliott's sister Florian's family)
Family pics - The Herrmanns
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Hermann Family. (Ann Elliott's sister Jane's family)
Family pics - The Smiths
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Murri Smith. (Ann Elliott's sister)
Family Pics - Aunt Mary (a.k.a. "Great")
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Aunt Mary Robertson and Uncle Ralph. (Dick/Dad/Gramps' sister)
Family pics - Douglas Robertson and family
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Douglas Robertson and his family. (Dick/Dad/Gramps' brother)
Family pics - Charles Robertson and family
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Charles Robertson and family, son of Douglas Robertson.
Family pics - Uncle Jim and family
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Uncle Jim and family. (Dick/Dad/Gramps' brother)
Family pics - Other UK relatives
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of other UK relatives. Many of these pictures are in the Family Tree Book.
Family pics - The Daubs
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Daubs. Sister of Doug Heard
Family pics - The McKelvies
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the McKelvies. Neighbours in St Albert in mid 70"s
Family Pics - The Crones
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of the Crone family. Good friend of Phyl/Mum/Gran
Family pics - David, Carl and Simone
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. A very few pictures of a few friends in the earlier Toronto days of Geoff and Mike.
Family pics - Other St Albert and Toronto Friends
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Pictures of Geoff and Mike's friends in St Albert and the high school years in Toronto
Family pics - Homes
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. Fredericton and McLeod St, Sunnyside and Fentiman Aves in Ottawa.
Family pics - Jenny
Thumbnails of pictures from Dad's, Mum's and my pictures over the years. A few pictures of Jenny, the family dog
Las Vegas, December 2014
"Record shots" of some Las Vegas scenes taken in Dec, 2014
Fortune Family (Plus) pics March 2015
Selected Fortune Family (plus) pics March 2015
Fortune Farms Flow chart possibles
March 2015 pics for Flow chart considerations
Fortune Misc March 2015
Misc pictures from Fortune Farms March 2015
Fortune Farm Activities Mar 2015
Pictures from Fortune Farms Activities March 2015
screech owl Mud Lake
Map of approximate location
Jordan At Round Lake July 31, 2015
Jordan and her Dad visit Papa. Uncle Jim, Gwen and Ben appear too.
Kricklewood Aug 23, 2015
Selected pictures from visit
Kricklewood Sunflower Festival, August 7, 2016
Annual sunflower festival, Frankville, Ontario
Parliament Hill Dec 5, 2015
Sound and Light show on Parliament Hill, 13 minutes long Dec 5, 2015
Australia Oct/Nov 2015
A few selected shots from cruise around Australia 2015
Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
A few pictures taken Dec 21, 2015 at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in St Petersburg, Florida
Stockholm for Steve
Quick picks from Stockholm visit June 2009
Niagara Falls, June 2015
"As Is" selected pictures of 1) Canadian Falls, 2) US Falls, 3) White Water Walk, 4) Butterflies 5) Bird Kingdom, 6) Clifton Hill
Ashley First pick pics Ringette Nov 24
Top pics of Ashley playing Ringette Nov 28, 2014
Ashley second pick pics Ringette Nov 24
Second pick of pictures from Nov 24 2pm game
Ashley Ringette Game (other than Ashley) 14/11/28
Selected pictures without Ashley
Ringette game Nov 29 Saturday noon
Meagan and Ashley playing in a tournament in Ottawa. Jessica (and Mom and Dad) came along to cheer.
Meagan Nepean Ringette Tournament Nov 18-19/16
Selected pics from Meagan's game against Whitby, Nov 18 and one from Nov 19/16 against Gloucester-Cumberland
171019 Montreal Chinese lanterns
Chinese Lantern Festival at The Botanical Gardens. Also Floodlit Japanese gardens
171026 Pumpkin Inferno
Selected displays from Upper Canada's Village Pumpkin Inferno
171231 New Year's Eve 2017
NAC and City Hall on New Year's Eve 2017
180110 Short-eared owl
Breckenridge, Quebec
Temples restaurant
Temples Sugar Bush ops
Temples Nature
Nature type images from the Nature Trail as well as other areas in the bush.
Temple store
Temple's Festivals
Selected pictures from Temple's Sugar Bush sales at local festivals. Confederation Park and City Hall Plaza - Feb 8/18 Perth Ribfest - July 29/18
Temples Miscellanous
Some Hooper memories
Pictures I had from the 1960's to 2006
Australian birds
A few Australian birds seen in various cities during circumnavigation cruise of Australia
Wind storm Sept 21, 2018
Pics from Sept 21, 22, 23
181004 Pumpkin Inferno
Selected pics from Upper Canada Village Pumpkin Inferno,2018. Morrisburg Ontario
RCMP Stables
Pictures from a quick tour of the RCMP Musical ride stables at N Division.
2019 Australia for Marissa
A very few pics from our trip in March and April to South East Asia
Fortunes Plantation/Orchard
pics from 1999/2000/2012/2015/2018 and 2019
CR Creatures - Glenn Bartley's pics
200229 Fortune Farms Plantation
Selected pictures from the First tapping of the Plantation
Florida 2020
Selected pictures from our 3 week stay in Florida. Feb, Mar 2020

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