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About Mary Winston

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Welcome to Mary Winston's Pictures

Welcome to "Talkin' Old Guns" Photo Pages -- the official photo albums of the "British Militaria Forums", hosted by Mommoté. Enjoy perusing the pics placed here, and tell me what you think! If you would like an album too, please e-mail me at Thank you for viewing!

Mary Winston's Albums

A. Booths' Pics
Pictures from A Booth.
Adrians Pics
AKMike's Pics
The pictures from Mike brooks in Alaska.
Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto
The men, the battles, the arms, and the stories of "The War for Texas."
Alexander Henry Rifles...
...from all over the Internet.
Allen Balcom's Pics
Pictures from Allen Balcom in New York.
Pics from ALNWT.
Alra195's Pics
The pictures of Joseph Bertolini.
Andrew "Rowdy" Moran's Pics
Pictures from Andrew "Rowdy" Moran.
Andrew in N.Z.'s Pics
Pictures from Andrew in New Zealand.
Andrew Zink's Pics
The pictures of Andrew Zink of Switzerland
Art Herman's Pics
Pictures from Art Herman.
Arthur Thorpe's Pics
Pictures from Arthur Thorpe in Australia.
Baker Rifle Pics...
...from all over the Internet.
Ballard Pics...
...from all over the Internet.
Barry Iacoppi's Pics
Pictures from Barry Iacoppi in New Zealand.
Beenie Boy's Pics
Pictures from Mike Orwan.
Bertbarrel's Pics
The Pictures of Bert Vanderput
Bill Fine's Pics
Pictures from Bill Fine.
Bill Friend of Bigfoot's Pics
Pictures from Bill Friend of Bigfoot.
Bill in Oregon's Pics
Pictures from Bill Powell in Medford, Oregon.
Bill-45's Pics
Pictures from Bill-45.
Billy Bob's Pics
Bisley's Pics
Pictures from Doug Fraser of Canada.
Blacksmith's Pics
The photos of Ross Hughes
Bob Lorenz's Pics
Pictures from Bob Lorenz.
BPE Steve's Pics
Pictures from BPE Steve.
Brez's Pics
Pictures from Brez's web site, published with permission.
Brian the Brit's Pics
Pictures from Brian Thronton.
Brock Descendant
Broke Collectors Pics
The pictures of James Broadus
Bud Ledoux's Pics
Bud's Pics
Pictures from Bud Steigerwald in Ohio.
Bulletproof's Pics
Pictures from Brett Walker.
Buzzard's Pics
Pictures from Buzzard.
Byron Harris' Pics
Pictures from Byron Harris in Oregon.
Captain Morgans Pics
The photos of J. Nielsen
Carignan's Pics
Pictures from Ryan Carignan of Canada.
Carl Schulz's Pics
Pictures from Carl Schulz.
Cartridge Pics
Pictures of cartridges and cartridge related stuff, from all over the Internet.
Castleford Tiger's Pics
Pictures from Mick Speed in the U.K.
Christopher Scott's Pics
Pictures from Christopher Scott.
Cigar Man's Pics
The pictures of Garth Wetherall
Clint338's Pics
The pictures of Meretta Pater
Clyde in Deep East Texas' Pics
Pictures from Clyde W. Howard in Texas.
Coggansfield's Pics
The photo's of Doug Munro
Colin In Canada's Pics
Pictures from Colin In Canada.
Comblain Rifle Pics
Pictures of Comblains, from all over the Internet.
Constitution, Laws, & historical papers
Cornish Rifle... A Resurrection...
A pictorial exploration of the rifle's design by Luc de Vos... and an on-going construction By Coyote.
Coyote's 'Smithin' Tip Pics
Gunsmithing tips from Coyote.
Coyote's Astro-Photography Pics
Astro-Photography pictures by Coyoté, of What Cheer, Colorado.
Coyote's Personal Pics
Pictures from Coyoté
Coyote's What Cheer II
More pics from What Cheer Colorado
Coyote's What Cheer Pics
Pictures from Coyoté in What Cheer, Colorado.
Coyote's Arborist Goodies
Things having to do with forestry Chainsaws, axes and other tools and many other aspects of forestry
Coyoté's Reloading Corner
Reloading Goodies, and Tips
Crusty's Pics
Pictures from Steve Tregoweth of NSW, Australia.
D.K. 38 Cal's Pics
Pictures from David Kaiser.
Dantforth's Pics
The pictures of Dave Hurlbut in Canada
Daryl Miller's Pics
Pictures from Daryl Miller.
Dave In TN's Pics
Pictures from Dave in TN.
Dave Z's Pics
Pictures from Dave Zollinger.
David Blair's Pics
David Minshall's Pics
Pictures from David Minshall of "Research Press" in the U.K.
David Southall's Pics
Dennis Pentons Pics
DGW's Pics
Pictures from DGW.
Dietmann's Pics
Pictures from Jon (Dietmann) Hurst.
Don't Mess With Me Club Pics
For the Ladies and Children to show off their stuff!
Double D's Pics
Pictures from Douglas Dickens of Montana.
Double Snider's Pics
The pictures of Martin in South Africa.
Doug Henry's Pics
Dreyse Needle Guns...
...from around the Internet.
Drifter Mike's Pics
Pictures from Michael Gibbins.
Dutch Beaumont Rifles
Photoes of the rare and unique early bolt action Beaumont Arms from around the world.
Dwight's Pics
Pictures from Dwight Mehring.
Ed Bullard's Pics
Pictures from Ed Bullard.
Ed Flanagan's Pics
Pictures from Ed Flanagan in New York.
Ed Reid In NZ's Pics
Pictures from Ed Reid In New Zealand.
Elsevillano's Pics
English Mike's Pics.
The photos of Mike Moore
Fatcattara's Pics
Fazer's Pics
Pictures from Fazer in Australia.
FlightRN's Pics
Pictures from Michael Earl of Charleston, South Carolina.
Flint's Pics
Pics from Bill Flintoft of N.Y.
Flintlock Pics...
...from all over the Internet.
Flyboy's Pics
Fox815's Pics
The pictures of Luc de Vos of Belgium
Freddos Pic's
The pictures of Colin Clark.
Fritz W.'s Pics
The pictures of Fred Wise of Oklahoma.
FTSTech's Pics
Pictures from FTSTech his Non-Khyber, Khyber Rifles
Garry 'AlexHenry' Croker's Pics
The pictures from Garry Crocker in Australia
Garry James' Pics
Gary Aardahls Pics
Gary Osborne's Pics
Glenn in Florida's Pics
Pictures from Glenn in Florida.
Glenn in Newfoundland's Pics
Pictures from Glenn Banfield in Newfoundland, Canada.
Glowy's Pics
Pictures from Darby Kruger of Tacoma, Washington.
Grampa Barns Pics
Photos from A.J.
Grant Rombough's Pics
Pictures from Grant Rombough in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
Greene Carbine Pics...
...from all over the Internet.
Greg Krauth's Pics
Pictures from Greg Krauth.
Gregg Sakala's Pics
Pictures from Gregg Sakala of Florida.
Gun Doc's Pics
Pictures of Myron Boyd
Gunboat's Pics
Pictures from Thomas Parker.
Gympy's Pics
Pictures from George Keady of Maryland, (when he's not in his truck driving cross country!)
Harry's Pics
HarryMac's Pics
Pictures from Chris McEvoy in the U.K.
Hazras's Pics
Howdah Pistol and Rifle Pics
Pictures of Howdah Pistols and Rifles from all over the Internet.
Husk's Pic's
Pictures from K. Huskey.
Ian's Pics
Pictures from Ian Scott in Canada.
Incurable Collectors Pics
The pictures of Branko in Canada.
Iron Maidens Pics
The pictures of Mike Jordon
ISSO "Open" Target Pics
Targets from International Snider Shoot Off Open Matches.
ISSO Challenge Target Pics
Targets from the International Snider Shoot Off "Title Challenge" matches.
Jack Claudio's Pics
Pictures from Jack Claudio in New York.
Jack Colin's Pics
Pictures from Jack Collin in New Jersey.
Jacobs Rifles
Pictures of Jacobs Rifles from around the Internet.
Jaguar's Pics
Jalapeno Jakes Pics
The pictures of Jeff Bikle
James Paris Lee's Rifles
Some of James Paris Lee's Inventions , Patents, and Fine Rifles
Jan Williart's Pics
Pictures from Jan Williart.
Jean in Canada's Pics
Pictures from Jean Plamondon, published with permission.
Jeff in Houston's Pics
Pictures from Jeff in Houston, Texas.
Jeppesens Pics
The pictures of Alain Charlannes of France.
Jim Bullock's Pics
Pictures from Jim Bullock of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Jim Gammon's Pics
John Belknap, Master Gunsmith
Pictures and files on the artistry of John Belknap, 19th Century Vermont Rifle Maker.
John Sukey's Pics
Pictures from John Sukey in Arizona.
John Thorne's Pics
Pictures from John Thorne of Texas.
John Wallace's Pics
Pictures from John Wallace.
Johnny B. Goode's Pics
The pictures of John Baranoski
Jos van Helden's Pics
Pictures from Jos van Helden of Holland.
Keith Doyon's Pics
Pictures from Keith Doyon in Colorado.
Ken Chaffer's Pics
Pictures from Ken Chaffer of Jemtrek in Australia.
Ken Hurst's Pics
Pictures of engravings by Ken Hurst in North Carolina.
Kentucky Style Rifles
Images of Kentucky and Pennsylvania style rifles and gear
Kerry's Pics
Kerry's Pics from the forum archives.
Kevin Huff's Pics
Kevin McAdams' Pics
Khyber Guns
Kosie's Pics
Pictures from Kosie in South Africa.
Krag-Jorgensen Rifles
The Pictures, Patents, and History of this late Guilded Age Design.
Kraut's Pics
Pictures from Lars Boettcher across the pond.
Kudublaster's Pics
The pictures of Geoff Gill
Leo's Pics
Pictures from Leo Mertens in Holland.
Little Francotte's Pics
Pictures from Amber Winston of What Cheer, Colorado.
Longlever's Pics
Pictures from Jason Atkin in California.
Madbadger's Pics
The photos of Lafe Bailey in Kansas
Maggie Drawers' Pics
The fotos of Hugh T. Harrington
Major Anderson's Pics
Pictures from Major J.E.M. Anderson.
Marion Hall's Pics
Pictures from Marion Hall, via Wiley Harris.
Mark In Hamilton's Pics
Pictures from Mark in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Mark in Maryland's pics
The pictures from M. A. P. in Maryland
Mark Stoner's Pics
Pictures from Mark Stoner in Washington.
MarkMan's Pics
Pictures from MarkMan of the forum.
Mars Rover Pics
Pictures from Nasa and around the web on the exploration of Mars by the two Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity .
Marshgurl's Pics
Pictures from John Meeker.
Martin Dalton's Pics
Pictures from Martin Dalton in the U.K.
Martin Higham's Pics
Pictures from Martin Higham in the U.K.
Martini Pics...
...from all over the Internet.
Martinibelgian's Pics
Pictures from Gert Claes in Belgium.
Matt Considine's Pics
The Pictures of Matt Considine
Matt Weinstein's Pics
Mauser Pics
Pictures of Mausers from all over the Internet.
mheintzman's pics
Pictures from ...
Michael Carrick's Pics
Pictures from Michael Carrick in Oregon.
Michael McComas' Pics
Pictures from Michael McComas in New Hampshire.
Mick Burmeister's Pics
Pics from Mick Burmeister of the U.K.
Mick Montgomery's Pics
Pictures from Michael O'Dea Montgomery in Arizona.
Mike D.'s Pics
Pictures from Mike D., via Vulch, and the Forum.
Mike Elia's Pics
Pictures from Mike Elia in Oregon.
Mike in Iowa's Pics
Pictures from Mike Roberts.
Mike in Ohio's Pics
Pictures from Mike in Ohio.
Mike in Savannah's Pics
Pictures from Mike in Savannah.
Mike in Toronto's Pics
Pictures from Mike Slater in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Mike's Pics
The photo's of Robert Sterling
Milbank-Amsler Swiss Rifles
MK VII's Pics
Pictures from James "MK VII" West.
MKVI's Pics
Pictures from Andy Moe.
Molly Dodger's Pics
Pictures from Dennis St. Clair.
Moon's Pics
Pictures from Moon in Texas.
Mr. Dash's Pics
Pictures from "Mr. (-)" from the forum.
Muley Gil's Pics
The photos of Gil Tercenio
Muzzleloading and Enfield Rifle Pics
Pictures of British Muzzleloaders and Enfields, from all over.
Neil in Germany's Pics
Pictures from Neil & Petra in Germany.
Nelly & Valster's Pics
Pictures from Neil and Valerie of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
Nevada Flash's Pics
The pictures of John Kohot
News-Historical Articles and Pics
Scans, pictures, and related material to news and historic events.
Nigel Greenaway's Pics
Pictures from Nigel Greenaway.
Odessa Straight's pics
Pictures from Barton Lee.
Oklahoma Man's Pics
Pictures from Russell Smith of Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Territory Arms Company Pics
Pictures from the Oklahoma Territory Arms Company.
Oldguns Pics
The pictures of Dennis Birran
Ossies' Pics
The Photos of Oswald VAN MOER
Otter1's Pics
Pictures from Mike Pendergrass.
Otto in Patagonia's Pics
Oxen's Pics
Pictures from Matthew Elsholtz of MN.
Paul Bonham's Pics
Paul of Guelph Pics
Pictures from Paul of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Paul in Briz's Pics
The pictures of Paul Heiser
Peabody Pics
Pictures of Peabodys from all over.
Peter Dyson's Pics
Pictures from Peter Dyson in the U.K.
Phil Davis' Pics
Pictures from Phil Davis.
Pierre's Pics
Pictures from Pierre Corbeil.
Pinky's Pics
The pictures of Ped in the Faulklands
Piper394's Pics
Political Articles and Pictures
Scans of articles that are worth reading!
Providence Tool Company
Pictures from "The Providence Tool Company Military Arms", by Edward Hull.
Pukka Bundook's Pics
Randy C. Davis' Pics
Pictures from Randy's web site, published with permission.
Randy Rick's Pics
Pictures from Randy Rick's web site @
Randy Shoker's Pics
Pictures from Randy Shoker.
Rare Bolt Action Rifles Pics
Pictures of rare Bolt Action rifles from all over.
Rare Single Shot Rifles
RedHawk's Pics
Pics from RedHawk.
RedManWalking's Pics
Rhodie 100's Pics
Rich in Vancouver's Pics
Pictures from Rich in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Rich with Peabody
Pictures from Rich who has a Peabody!
Richard Loweth's Pics
Pictures from Richard Loweth from the Lee-Enfield Forum at, displayed with permission.
Rick in PA's Pics
Pictures from Rick in Pennsylvania.
Rob In Tacoma's Pics
Pictures from Rob In Tacoma, Washington.
Robert van Dijk's Pics
Pictures from Robert van Dijk in Holland.
Robert Verkest's Pics
Pictures from Robert Verkest.
Roebuck's Pics
Rolling Block Rifle Pics
Pictures of Rolling Block Rifles, from all over.
Ron Paul
Ross Clarks Pics
Ross in Darkest Kalifornia's Pics
Pictures from Ross Glascock.
Rossguy's Pics
Pictures from Barry DeLong.
Rosswoop's Pics
Pictures from Ross Hewett.
Rotchies Pics
The Pictures of William f. Wilder
Pictures from RSMLE UK from the forum.
Savage Arms Co.
The Arms and history of The Savage Arms Company
S.G. '1816 Flintlocks' Pics
The pictures of Stephen Gresko.
Schutzen Pics
Pictures of Schutzen rifles from all over.
Sharps Pics
Pictures of Sharps Rifles from all over.
Shirley in Oregon's Pics
We're trying to identify this rare Schutzen rifle, and determine it's value. If you have any information that you would like to share, please e-mail Shirley at in the summer, and in the winter.
Sighted's Pics
The pictures of Robbert-Jan Knoppers
SMLE-man's Pics
Pictures from Karl Vogeley of California.
Snider Pics
Pictures of Sniders from all over.
Son's Pics
Pictures from "Son" in New South Wales, (NSW), Oz.
Southern Armourer's Pics
Pictures from Robbie Tiffen in New Zealand's web site, published with permission.
Southernfi's Pics
Southpaw's Pics
Pictures from Ernie Taft in Montana.
Spencer Pics
Pictures of Spencer rifles, from all over.
Springfield Pics
Pictures of Springfields from all over.
Stephan's Pics
Stephan's pics from the forum archives.
Steve M's Pics
Steve M's Pics from the forum archives.
Steyr M's Pics
Pictures from Rob Kelly of Ontario, Canada.
Strangely Brown's Pics
Pictures from Mick Kelly in the U.K.
Stu-577's Pics
Pictures from Stuart.
Stuart Ransley's Pics
Pictures from Stuart Ransley's web site.
SwartzDK's Pics
Photos from Dennis Swartz.
Swisshater's Pics
The pictures of Mark Oijen of Canada.
TD Lefty's Pics
Pictures from T.D. Clevenger.
Terry Brown's Pics
Pictures from Terry Brown.
Terry in Victoria's Pics
Pictures from Terry in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Terry Johnston's Pics
Pictures from Terry Johnston.
Terry Syd's Pics
Pictures from Terry Shulze in Sydney, Australia.
Tom Haigler's Pics
Pictures from TL Haigler.
The Alberta Shoot 7-9-2005
Pukka hosts, and Grant chronicles the July 9, 2005 Alberta shoot...
Tim C's Pics
Pictures from Tim C on the Forum.
Tommy's Pics
Pics from Tommy in Pennsylvania.
Trapdoor Rifle and Carbines.
U.S.Springfield Trapdoor Rifles and variants
Triage's Pics
Pictures from Triage on the forum.
TulsaMal's Pics
Pictures from Gregg in Oklahoma.
Valerie's Pics
Pictures from Valerie.
Various Patent Drawings & Articles
Actual Patent Drawings of Your Favorite Old Guns
Vendors Alley and Yard Sale
VicLav's Pics
Pictures from Victor Lavenstein.
Victor's Pics
Pictures from Victor from the forums.
Virginia Rebel's Pics
The photo's of John Wenchel
VSSF's Pics
Pictures from Ray Smith.
Vulch's Pics
Pictures from Lewis Maynard.
Wa5aw's Pics
The pictures of Steve Fuller
Ward-Burton Rifles, Carbines, & pistols
War Between The States Rifles
Warren in Canada's Pics
Pictures from Warren Wheatfield of Canada.
Warren's Pics
Pictures from Warren on the Lee-Enfield Site.
Watyrrell's Pics
Pics from Bill Tyrrell.
Wayne Mitchell's Pics
Pictures from Wayne Mitchell in Canada.
WeeJimmy100's Pics
The pictures from James Hurst of California
Werndl Pics
Pictures of Werndls, from all over.
Westley Richards
Wheelchair Bandit
Pics from...
Whitworth's Pics
Pirctures from Rick Tunell.
Wiley's Pics
Pictures from Wiley Harris of Michigan.
Wiley's Virtual Gun Show
Tips on "What's For Sale" at various auction sites and classified sites, sent to us by our friend, Wiley of Michigan! (No liability assumed whatsoever.) "Wish List Pics" is the sister album.
Winchester 1887-1901 Lever Gun Pics
Photos from around the web of the J.M. Browning designed and William Mason perfected lever action that were chambered for the 12 and 10 gauge shotgun rounds. The design was strong enough to handle the .70/150/900 African big game rifle cartridge.
Winchester Pics
Pictures of Winchesters, from all over.
Wish List Pics
Pictures of old rifles we wish we owned, and had brass to fire in them!
Wolfert Conovers Pics
Woodman's Pics
Pictures from Woodman in Missouri.
Yorky1's Pics
z1r's Pics
ZZ_A. Jones
zz_WTC ...atal

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