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About Deborah Bender

My Photos

Welcome to Deborah Bender's Pictures

Welcome to Photography by DJ Bender! I have had my photo business since 1996! I enjoy shooting just about anything. However, my favorite subject would have to be my family! They have put up with me and my camera over the years! From Apple Blossom Parades to The Winchester Medical Center ER and beyond - look for me out and about Winchester, Virginia. I'm the short one with the big camera (I prefer Canon!). Look for me, I'll be looking for you so smile! Debbie

Deborah Bender's Albums

Lawson - proofs 5/16/2020
VH Excellence in Performance Awards Banquet 10/29/2019
Barham proofs . 10/26/2019
Vollmer Family proofs 10/13/2019
Reagan Newhouse proofs 10/13/2019
Frye proofs 9/8/2019
James Wood High School Class of 1959 - Group Photo on 7/20/2019
Mason Beall proofs - 5/17/2019
ABF 2019 Grand Feature Parade May 4, 2019
Informal Dinner at Terrebonne/Square Dance/Farewell to Queen
ABF 2019 Weekend In the Park
Grand Marshal's Reception/Court Luncheon
ABF 2019 Queen's Ball - Friday, May 3rd
ABF 2019 Firefighters' Parade 5/3/2019
Glen Burnie/Firefighters' Parade/Formal Dinner at home Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith, Jr.
ABF 2019 Coronation and Royal Command Performance
Horticulture Luncheon/Queen's Lunch/JHHS for Coronation and Royal Command Performance
ABF 2019 Queen & Court-Friday, May 3rd
ABF 2019 Queen's Civic Dinner
Motown Dance Party/Informal Party at George Washington Hotel
ABF 2019 Welcome Queen Shenandoah XCII-Thursday May 2nd
Breakfast Walk/Meet the Maids/ABF Office/Young at Heart Luncheon/Marker Miller Orchards-Apple Pie/Queen's & Childrens' Luncheon/JHHS Coronation Practice
Senior Photo Shoot at Blandy-proofs-4/28/2019
Sarah Schellhammer proofs 4/20/2019
Pink Ribbon Luncheon 4/11/2019
Pink Ribbon Photo Booth 4/10/2019
Pink Ribbon Dinner 4/10/2019
VH Service Awards Banquet 4/4/2019
VH Service Awards Banquet-Portraits-4/4/2019
Valley Health Excellence in Performance Awards 10/23/2018
Taste of The Town - Sept. 6, 2018
Taste of The Town - Photo Booth - Sept. 6, 2018
James Wood High School Class of 1958
ABF 2018- Grand Feature Parade-Saturday, May 5th
Informal Dinner-Terrebonne/ Square Dance/ Farewell
ABF 2018-Weekend in the Park-Saturday, May 5th
Grand Marshal's Reception/ Court Luncheon at George Washington Hotel
ABF 2018-Formal Dinner at Fair Mount/ Queen's Ball - May 4th
ABF 2018 Glen Burnie Gardens-May 4th, 2018
Queen & Family/ Firefighters' Parade
ABF 2018 Coronation - May 4, 2018
Horticulture Luncheon/ Queen's Luncheon George Washington Hotel/ Royal Command Performance
ABF 2018 Queen and Court - Friday May 4th
Glen Burnie
ABF 2018 Queen's Civic Dinner-Thursday May 3rd
Informal Party at Terrebonne Home of Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Brown
ABF 2018 Meet the Queen- Thursday, May 3rd
Breakfast Walk/Meet the Maids/ABF Office/ Young at Heart/Apple Pie at Marker Miller/ Children's Luncheon at Stonehenge/ Coronation Practice
ABF 2017 Grand Feature Parade
Informal Dinner-Price Home/Square Dance/Farewell
ABF 2017 Weekend in The Park/Grand Marshal's Reception
Court Luncheon-GWH
ABF 2017 Firefighters' Parade
Formal Dinner at Scully Home/80's Event/ Queen's Ball
ABF 2017 Queen's Coronation
Horticulture Luncheon/Queen's Luncheon-GWH/ Royal Command Performance/Glen Burnie
ABF 2017 Official Photos Queen & Court
ABF 2017 Queen's Civic Dinner
Night in Havana/Informal Party at the George Washington Hotel
ABF 2016 Grand Feature Parade
Informal Dinner-Brown Home/ Square Dance/ Farewell to Queen
ABF 2016 Weekend in The Park/Grand Marshal's Reception
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Coffman/ Court Luncheon-George Washington Hotel
ABF 2016Museum at Shenandoah Valley/Glen Burnie Tour
Firefighters' Parade/ Formal Dinner-Geroge Washington Hotel/ Queen's Ball
ABF 2016 Horticulture Luncheon at Lee Jackson
Queen's Luncheon-George Washington Hotel with Veach Family/ John Handley HIgh School Coronation and Royal Command Performance
ABF 2016 Official Photos Queen & Court
ABF 2016 Queen's Civic Dinner
Thursday Night Fever/ Informal Party Millwood Station
ABF 2015 Official SAB Photos Queen & Court
Glen Burnie
Photographs taken of birds in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida
Beach Photographs
Scenic photographs from the beach.