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About Kevin Felster

My name is Kevin Michael Felster and I live in rural southeast Michigan. I am an artist specializing in pyrography. My interest in outdoor photography began around 2007. I love capturing beauty in rural places.

My Photos

Welcome to Kevin Felster's Pictures

Welcome to my Purely Michigan home. From the waters of the Great Lakes to the farms and fields of mid-Michigan and the forests of upper Michigan. You will find beautiful artistry, breathtaking scenery and stunning close-ups. All in prints suitable for your home, office or business. Browse through my albums, I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

To order an item, click on the image. Then, from the menu on the left, to order canvas wrap prints, click Buy Gifts then click Canvas Wrap Prints. And for prints, click Buy Prints, and you'll be guided through your order.

Not all images print well when enlarged. When you click on an image to order it, it will tell you the sizes it can be printed in. This is generic for all albums and not necessarily true for all images. In the caption of each image is the maximum size that image will print well at, such as #100 11x14. Keep this in mind when ordering.

Canvas wrap-arounds are ready to hang out of the box. While any frame is better than no frame, I recommend having your prints professionally mounted and framed. Unfortunately framing services are not available on this site, sorry.

I would love to read your comments if you are so inclined.

Kevin Felster's Albums

Black & White
Wild things
Mother natures pallette
Something different
On the farm
On the trail
On the water

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