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About Michael LeMelle

My Photos
LocationVirginia, United States

Welcome to Michael Lemelle's Pictures

With an eye firmly planted on all of life's most sacred moments. LeMelleMade Photography zooms into your world recording time with a commitment to document your life always in it's best light.

Specialties: Athletic Events, Live Performances, Dance Recitals, Family Reunions, Sorority/Fraternity Events, CD Covers, Head shots, Movie Set Stills and much more.

Michael LeMelle's Albums

Dreams In Motion
Troupe Pictures
Jayla, Nia, Corey & Jeremiah
Pre Prom pics for 2017
Studio TBA
ODU recital
Bryauna's Grad Pics
Turner School
The first school graduation!
M&M Cedano
Those Cedano twins cuttin' up!
Taylor BTW
Taylors band years...
Tariq's 1st Shoot
These are the edits from Tariq's first shoot.
Price Family Gathering
Posters and Screenshots
BTW 2015 Homecoming
Garden Of Children
Bryant Wedding
Nique and Naialah
2015-02-09 Deep Creek
A Lonely Place Against The Sky...
Dathan Kane's exhibit reception at The Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center.
12/05/2014 Maury vs BTW
Marching Bookers Band Scrapbook

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