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About george roberts

DGI is new and family oriented. Dianne and I have had a personal interest in photography for many years and want to share some of what we see with you as well as provide you with memorable photos you can enjoy and share with your family for a lifetime.

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LocationTennessee, United States

Welcome to George Roberts' Pictures

Dianne and I take pride in bringing to you enjoyable memories.
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george roberts' Albums

An afternoon visit downtown, met a friendly lady, and learned some interesting facts about the place.
Ocoee River
The Williamson trip, June 16, 2017. More photos are available, these will do for now. For more information contact Crystal. Prints can be ordered directly from the site if desired.
Edgar Evans POW WOW
Native American event at Edgar Evans State Park. Thanks to everyone, you all made the visit enjoyable, had a lot of fun, hope you enjoy these. I wanted to do more but only so much time and room on the site. Would like to see you all again.
Williamson Swat
Seige at Bridgeport 2016
The 23rd reenactment of the Civil War Battle at Bridgeport Alabama. It was an important battle for a strategic position in the confederacy, but the outnumbered Southerners couldn't sustain the defense against the larger numbers of the Unions. Had a great time being there, visiting with as many of you as I could, hearing the stories and learning about history. The events are parts of a living history that should remind us of our past and how so many of us take it for granted. The reenactors I meet are in many ways historians who know much about the war and more so about stories not usually heard. Ancestry is a large part of their lives, much the same as it is for me. Several of my ancestors served in the confederacy, before then my Cherokee ancestors were part of this land and some were removed on the trail of tears. My biggest regret is not having the time to visit with more of you. Everyone I talked to was very helpful and gave me opportunity to make some memories and try something new taking pictures. I hope you enjoy these, sometimes a picture is not the best quality, but some of them I had to put in because of the scene they depicted and how it shows how someone may have felt at that long ago time. The two units I had pleasure visiting were representing the Phillips Light Artillery attached to Cobb's Battery of Tennessee when in Confederate dress, when in Union the 36th Ohio Artillery. The other represented the Confederate 52nd Georgia of the Army of Tennessee. I want to especially thank a good natured and helpful grandmother at the registry shed , I hope you enjoy these pictures of your granddaughter at her cannon. There were many others I didn't have time to take. The anvil shoot always makes me laugh, can't help it. A very memorable part wasn't so much seen as heard, the band was most enjoyable to listen to, my compliments to them all. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable visit. Footnote, haven't used music, wanted to see how it works this time, some like it, some found it annoying as all get out, if you don't want to listen, stop it on the audio control below the picture. Get any, I don't like it, I will take it off. Thanks
South Carolina