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Learn more about new features in FotoAlbum 6.0

  • SQLite3 Database

    All album, picture and settings are now saved in SQLite3 databases immediately as changes are made. No longer are changes batched and saved in a proprietary format. This new method is more secure, flexible, fast and extensible than prior FotoAlbum versions. In addition, this allows true multi-user capabilities and better performance for NAS environments. The number of images that can be effectively managed has been dramatically increased due to this change as well.

  • GeoTagging

    FotoAlbum makes it easy to geo tag your photos with integrated Google Mapping support. Mapping changes are safely writting into the EXIF headers of your photos for easy integration with other mapping software.

  • Multiple watch folder support

    No longer must your pictures or videos be contained within a single location ! You can specify unlimited number of Watch Folders that FotoAlbum will manage as a single repository. This allows better use of remote drives, network drives and multiple local drives. A recursive folder view is also provided on the main view to quickly locate images based upon their location. Entire watch folders can be either "online" or "offline" without affecting the usage of FotoAlbum. Images on watch folders that are offline automatically appear once the device is re-attached.

  • Skinnable themes

    New skinnable themes provide customizable look to FotoAlbum. With a provided set of skins, you can customize FotoAlbum to match your desired style. In the future, a skin editor will be provided allowing you to create your own skins for FotoAlbum.

  • New layout with a flexible album tree

    The layout of albums, smart albums, dates, ratings, etc has been enhanced to provide faster access to your images. In addition, the layout is completely configurable and controlled by data within the SQLite database.

  • Import batches

    Every image added to FotoAlbum is now automatically associated with an import batch and easily located based upon the date of import and/or type of device it was added from.

  • Improved Import process

    The overhauled import wizard speeds up the process of importing pictures and assigning tags quickly. In addition, auto rotation, advanced file naming rules are easily applied during the import.

  • Quick Edit Panels

    New quick change panels provide instant access to view or change properties of images without wasting screen real-estate. These panels located at the top of FotoAlbum appear only as necessary to allow quick assigning of tags such as keywords, albums, ratings, etc.

  • Improved thumbnail sizing capabilities

    You now can control the size thumbnails are created within the database and quickly change the size thumbnails are displayed as well. You now decide between the trade off of thumbnail database size vs the quality of larger display sizes.

  • Camera Make and Model

    Added support for camera make and model. Now you can quickly locate images based upon the type of camera that created the picture. For large image collections, this makes locating images that much easier.

  • Enhanced Quick Search

    Improved quick filter with ability to customize the fields searched. Fields that can be used in the quick search include: Caption, comment, keywords (partial or exact), filename (with or without path), author, copyright, camera make, camera model.

  • Hidden image support

    Images can be marked as "hidden" allowing you to easily filter out undesirable images without forcing you to delete them.