Uploading with the WindowsXP Publishing Wizard

Learn how to use the XP Publishing Wizard

Windows XP comes with a feature that allows you to easily publish content from your computer directly to a web service. Follow the instructions below to enable this service on your Windows XP system.

Step 1 - Configuring the Wizard

Download the configuration file below using right-click 'Save Target As...' Save the file to your Desktop. Once the file has been downloaded, right click on this file and choose the Merge option from the menu. It will ask you if you want to import these values into your registry. Click 'OK'. It will tell you that the files were imported successfully. Click 'OK' again.

Download Configuration File - webwizard.reg

Step 2 - Select the Photos to Upload in Explorer

Open Windows Explorer and browse to a folder containing the images you want to publish. Select the pictures you want to upload by clicking on the thumbnail or filename of that picture. You can select multiple photos by holding down the control key when clicking on the thumbnail.

Step 3 - Starting the Publishing Wizard

Once you have the photos selected, you need to use the "Web Publishing Wizard" to copy the files to the web. You will notice that the explorer window is divided into two "panes". On the right hand side of the window is a pane that you have been using to select thumbnails. On the left hand side, you will be using options under the "File and Folder Tasks" section as shown below:

If the left hand side of your window doesn't show the picture tasks pane, simply do the following:

  • Use the "View" menu in explorer, and choose "View->Explorer Bar".
  • If any of the items are checked in the "Explorer Bar" menu, simply select the item that is checked.
  • This will turn off that item from showing at the left, and show the default "Pictures Tasks" pane.

Find the second section at the left labeled "File and Folder Tasks". Within that section there will either be a "Publish this file to the Web" option (if you have selected only a single file to upload) or a "Publish the selected items to the Web" option (if you have selected multiple files to upload). Click the "Publish..." option to start the web publishing wizard.

Step 4 - Uploading Photos and Videos

Follow through the steps on the Web Publishing Wizard by clicking the "Next" button. Be sure to choose "FotoTime" from the list of Service Providers when prompted. Once you complete the Wizard, you photos will be uploaded to your FotoTime account.